Apple sold 3 million iPads over the past 3 days, now “practically sold out of iPad mini”


  • Stephen

    This will be a very successful product – i was a bit sceptical until I used one, and now I’m sold…. lower weight and ease of use with one hand more than makes up for the lower resolution .. anyone want to buy my TF-201?

    • InfinitiGuy

      There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Crocography

    Apple mini sales so disappointing that they are lumping all iPad sales together now?

    • John

      Interesting point as the ipad 4 was released same day as the mini

    • Carlo

      It’s typical Apple spin, why would anyone expect it to be different for any of their devices. They reported 26.9 million iPhone sales for Q3, but conveniently didn’t break that number down to how many iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, & 5 models, all of which were for sale during Q3.

  • David

    Here goes the propaganda again…

  • oldschool

    Maybe, just maybe, people are starting to see the light. This 4th gen ipad is a slap in the face to everyone who just paid 500-900 bucks for a 3rd gen over the last 6 months. Every greedy corporation gets what’s coming to them eventually.

    • pats

      slap an apple logo on anything and its guaranteed to sell.

  • Rolonoa

    Supply shortage was the reason why iPad mini was sold out so quickly. I guess it’s worth mentioning.

  • BoXX

    Who is buying this iPad mini? Way overpriced for what one is getting.

  • Simian

    !SoldOut = iPad Mini utter failure.
    Steve Jobs rolling in grave.
    Apple Slump Continues.
    Yada yada yada.

  • Mark

    Sad to see that 3 million iSheeps will be happy these holidays with their overpriced iCrap

  • hoo dat

    To all intents and purposes the iPad Mini launch is a flop. There were very few line ups on launch day and even where there were the attendance was way down. Only ONE city bucked this trend in North America and that, surprisingly, was NYC and two others in Europe.

    It’s kinda ironic. A few months ago there were reports that Apple was secretly worried about the iPhone5 launch, knowing it was a horribly flawed product but determined to stick to schedules they went ahead anyway. The iPad Mini was conceived as a distraction, something that they could point at and say to shareholders, “See, we’re not doing that badly”. But even many pro-Apple sources are shaking their heads recentlyL The iPad was replaced way before its time, upsetting many who have just bought one; the iPhone5 was released with so many flaws, many of which Apple blamed on users, that it lost what ever reputation it once had for quality; and now the iPad Mini: A half baked “premium” product that’s not seeling half as well as they had hoped.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Wow. People say that Apple fans are out of touch with reality, and then *that*.

    • hoo dat

      Why is it, Brad, that you never proffer a complete argument, just the usual fanboy drivel you’ve been spewing for what feels like eternity.Instead of coming up with ridiculous pithy remarks that you think make you sound smart, try actually rebutting for once in your life.

    • Droid Distortion Field

      When Apple updates product line-up about once a year, they are criticized for not keeping up with specs of phones that launch in the meantime.

      When Apple updates product line-up less than a year, they “replaced way before its time”

    • hoo dat

      You picked THAT out of everything else that was said?

      Oh dear.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @hoodat Whenever I do give any sort of rebuttal it gets downvoted into oblivion because “it’s coming from a fanboy”.

      “To all intents and purposes the iPad Mini launch is a flop.”

      There is nothing about the launch that indicates it’s a flop. Pre-orders sold out within minutes/hours. People don’t feel like waiting in bitter cold.

      “A few months ago there were reports that Apple was secretly worried about the iPhone5 launch, knowing it was a horribly flawed product but determined to stick to schedules”

      The ridiculousness of that statement and everything that follows goes so far against everything that Apple is that it sounds completely made up, without a hint of credibility or verifiability.

    • hoo dat

      Bradley, Bradley, Bradley, you are entertaining aren’t you. I have a wonderfully written, beautifully cited, expertly linked, perfectly prosed & fantastically researched rebuttal for you but for some reason it didn’t post. Too big perhaps? I dunno and quite frankly, I don’t care. I’ve since come to the conclusion that you’re just not worth my time or energy any more. My one hope for you is that one day you’ll look back over your own posts here with the teeth curling embarrassment they deserve. You have to ask yourself, and I hope you do one day, “What on earth made me such a sheep? Such a follower?”. I have my own opinion but I’ll leave that for you, your mom and your shrink to figure out.

      I’ll leave you with this last thought; Look beyond your tiny Google Search world and really, truly and honestly RESEARCH. You’ll be very surprised how much bigger the world is out there, and how much more exciting.
      I’ll leave you with this

  • Max

    Baaaaah Baaaaaah iSheep to the rescue!

  • Sam

    Let’s support apple even if their product is expensive
    Thanks iSheep for supporting apple

  • phreezerburn

    Right… includes the contracted units Walmart and such HAD TO COMMIT TO in order to secure their delivery dates. Yawn.

  • Carter

    Who in their right mind would pay so much money for a tablet that couldn’t hold a candle to the other tablets in its class? Honestly.

    The Apple TAX on this one is ridiculous. Apple execs are literally laughing at their own consumer base. “Let’s make something mediocre, slap a hefty price sticker on it, and watch the zombies come!”

    This is EXACTLY what’s happening, and it disappoints me greatly that some people only look at the logo, and not the price sticker… Take a few minutes to compare the specs and the price you’re paying for then, for Christ’s sake.

    Apple simply exposes how stupid some people are.

  • Daniel Leibowitz

    I work at Bestbuy and for iPad launches we usually get 200+ ipads in. For this, we got 20 iPad Minis and 300+ iPad 4s. Its very easy to sell out when you produce such a low quantity 😛

  • Chew

    Ya know, Apple might be starting to reach a point where people foolish enough to pay Apple tax are getting milked dry.

  • Jack

    Cmon people – whether you like the iPad mini or not, you knew it was going to sell. It’s noticeably cheaper than regular iPad, has the iPad brand and has Apple’s marketing machine.

    Hope those morons in line in New York City when their neighbours were suffering get a swift kick of karma in the a*s though.

    • hoo dat

      That karma comment is spot on!

  • Joe

    funny seeing all the fandroids here jerking each other’s dicks lol. Keep on jerking guys.

    • hoo dat

      I have been critical of ALL platforms and I’m not a fandroid of any of them. I use what ever works for me no matter what OS it is. I am as critical of Apple as I am of BlackBerry, WP and Android and I will continue to be despite what childish accusations and taunts come my way. If you’re too sensitive to be able to take criticism about a type of device, may I suggest you getting a life and/or growing up?

      Besides, the fanbois’ circle jerk is probably far more action than you and Bard are likely to get anytime soon.

    • sp

      @hoo dat – no need to defend yourself to a dedicated Apple Zombie who only is closed minded to one ecosystem that they feel safe to be in.

      definitely no need to defend yourself to a person who is bending over with his pants down and getting plowed and reamed by Apple over and over again… willingly I might add.

    • youknowitall

      And what makes you such an expert on jerking? (Joe) hmmm?

  • Tester1234

    Believe it or not, tablet wise. Apple’s Ipad 4 beats the crap out of any android tablets out there. This includes the precious nexus 10.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Yeah, but clearly all those completely objective benchmarks showing the iPad was a lot faster were done by Apple fanboys, so somehow that skewed the results, or they tampered with the results, or STOP SAYING THE NEXUS IS SLOWER IT’S NOT! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! LALALALALA!

    • hoo dat

      iOS6 is score lower than pretty much every other OS in HTML5 tests. It doesn’t matter if the comparison is of computer, phone or tablet browsers.

      For Tablets:

      1st: RIM Tablet OS 2.1 Score: 411 (+9)
      5th: iOS6.0 Score: 386 (+9)

      For Mobiles:

      1st: Opera Mobile 12.10 Score: 406 (+12)
      4th: iOS6.0 Score: 385 (+9)

      For Desktops:

      1st: Maxthon 3.4.5 Score: 457 (+15)
      4th: Safari 6.0 Score: 387 (+8)

      For a company that claims to be the King Daddy of HTML5 that’s a pretty pathetic showing don’t you think?

  • Brad F(anboy)

    When Samsung sells 30 Galaxy S III devices in 6 months it’s “good job Samsung! you can do no wrong!”

    When Apple sells 3 million iPads in 3 days it’s “THERE’S A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE! APPLE IS DOOMED!!!”

    There’s so much hypocrisy in these comments.

    • Jack

      You’re asking a lot when you ask for objective comments from fanboys

    • some guy

      I believe you are failing to look at the context, friend.

      There is a positive reaction to the SGS3 as it is a clear upgrade over the SGS2.

      The negative, knee-jerk reaction to the “3 million iPads” is partially Apple’s marketing dept’s fault. People read 3 million iPads as 3 million iPad minis, which (and you can’t objectively argue this) are an overpriced, antiquated device, that Apple is using as a quick cash grab based on it’s overwhelming popularity in the current pop-culture.

      Would you pay $350+ for 2-3 year old iPad? If you answer yes to this, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

  • Tester1234

    @Brad F, it’s funny to see how many samsung lovers here are saying that people that buys Apple products are buying into it’s marketing. Are they also buying into Samsung’s marketing aswell? Especially with the samsung attack commercials.

    • some guy

      I can’t speak for all Android users, but I can say…
      We are a fickle bunch. I would just as soon jump from a Samsung device to a Motorola or HTC handset *IF* it met my requirements and/or exceeded those of the Samsung/LG/HTC/etc. current flagship device.

      It just so happens, that right now Samsung is the company that is delivering a product that more closely meets what people want.

      If HTC created a beast of a phone with removable battery and storage, chances are people would pick that up. There in-lies the beauty of Android. The better phone will succeed.

  • Mike

    Just because they say they sold that many doesn’t show proof. sold and shipped are two totally different things. I can believe they shipped 3 million Ipads. But I don’t believe they sold that many. And them saying their sold out, is just a fake low stock announcement, to make it look like its a huge selling product.

  • Tester1234


    You see Mike, this is where the problem is. When Samsung sold over 30 million Galaxy s 3, people on this forum had NO doubt that it sold that many.

    When Apple sold 3 Million, people here speculate manipulation and all that crap.

    Reason? Fandroid Attacks.

  • stricn9ne

    850 people lined up in a tattered NYC after the wrath of a hurricane to get an ipad mini and did apple show them any love or spend a red penny to give back to one of the major cities who has made them what they are today, by helping clean up or making a donation? NO. they showed more love to the people of china when foxxconn had production problems. this is why i will never support apple. wake up people.

  • stricn9ne

    on that note, (what i said above) respect to google for using their maps to map the hurricane and help with evacuation efforts. google, by the people for the people.