Android tablet market share rises in Q3 on strong sales from Samsung and Asus


  • Is this Bb10?

    The beginning of the end of apple.

  • first


    • Porilaisten


  • Mark

    It was a good run, Apple. Android will now proceed to take the tablet market, just like it did with smartphones.

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    So we will soon seen some great tablet apps to Android ! Apple, your end is nearé

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    *near. stupid French keyboard

  • saltorio

    My wife got me a Note 10.1 as an early Christmas gift this weekend. Absolutely love it. Most of my friends and family (who admittedly are Android users) want one.

  • monsterduc1000

    I’m liking the new Nexus 7 with 32gb and 3g+ for $310 so I might be joining the growing Android tablet market (or the Nexus 4 16gb…DANG YOU GOOGLE!!!)

  • CherryCake

    Better specs and no Apple tax? Yes, please! That was a no-brainer 😉

  • PR

    But but but…. apple said android tablets were horrible for browsing


  • Brad F(anboy)


    Just like when Jobs was out in the 80s!

    Just like when the company was going under in the 90s!

    Just like when the iPod was just a fad!

    Just like when the Zune came out and it was an iPod killer!

    Just like when the Palm Pre came out and it was an iPhone killer!

    Just like when the HP Slate came out and it was an iPad killer!

  • Zeeb

    Competition is good.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Please, Android fans and anti-Apple fans, tell me how this is completely different from all the other times you said Apple was doomed.

  • ryan

    i want to know what’s in ‘other’ as it’s a non-insignificant number there.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Likely all the off-brand and cheaper Chinese Android tablets that sell for $99 running 2.3 or older with a 1024×640 screen.

    • Richard

      Probably a bunch of lesser-known brands, Playbooks and Windows tablets. Those hold insignificant amounts of sales individually but altogether still make for quite a large chunk of tablet sales.