Food Basics is the latest place you can buy a Mobilicity device


  • Dimitri k.

    Not to say anything bad but really? You are going that low to open up in Food Basics?.. You know people do their shopping for groceries, not for phones at a supermarket. Also Food Basics is a low end Supermarket. That shows something as well.

    • Now THAT’S smart!

      Makes more sense than a high-class grocery like Metro. Big 3 would be more fitting for Metro.

    • Non

      So what is wrong with low end? You think everyone can afford to shop at high end stores? Mobilicty targets people with low income. Why is it a bad thing?

    • OGOD

      ya, Coz BIG3 get more $$$$ from our wallets.

  • OgtheDim

    No bags….just boxes at the front.

  • Tech

    PC and some other brand tried to do this. It doesnt work.

  • Now THAT’S smart!

    Value grocery store.
    Value mobile operator.
    What a great match!

    But why limit the love to Toronto? Other cities exist too!

    • Dave

      Thanks Mobilicity for posting the positive comment. Now get busy and expand your coverage.

  • Marion

    really, this is the oddest pairing in terms of mobile service and retailer combination. Food basics is so dingy. I just want to run in and get my KD on-sale and run out, it isn’t the place I want to buy a phone.

  • TestMe

    Whats next? Pick up your phone at the fast food counter?

  • 2c

    mobilicity has more distribution channels than a decent customer base, thats indeed very smart 😀

  • LazerAndroid

    Mobilicity is just full of surprises! Another good move, and another exposure stream – can’t go wrong with that.

    From day one I was a biggest Mobilicity fanboy you would ever find, and I still remain a loyal, caring customer. For what I am paying right now, I get more than enough, and it only gets better as Mobilicity expands and buffs up its network.

    The only thing that is missing is a decent phone. My Spice is on its last breath, and I would have LOVED to get that free Panache that I begged Dave for back in the day. Please, someone at Mobilicity, give me a call, and let us finally arrange this! I love all of you, and a free Panache will only make my love stronger.



  • Army Man

    With Wind’s sugar daddy coming to evaluate future acqusitions next week, I would say that mobilicity’s days as a stand-alone company are very much numbered. Early 2013 – Windicity.

  • 5Gs

    Wow! Seriously? Well that does make sense. Where else you will be selling oranges.. lol

  • John Lee

    Perfect example of the blind leading the blind.

  • pats


  • EvanKr

    Well it’s better than their last partnership with the Brick.

  • XR999

    Hmm, you know I’ve always wanted to buy my cell phone while I shop for my groceries in a discount grocery store. Oh wait, no I haven’t, espcially when it’s a cut price provider who constantly seems to come up with strange channels to distribute from and yet continues to not expand or improve their network. At this point Mobilicty seems to intent on shoving their name anywhere possible in the hopes to gain subscribers and it’s just not going to cut it, people need network coverage and decent speeds, something Mobilicity doesn’t seem to be interested in providing or improving.

  • Adam Manhandler

    Moblicity is so garbage… If you want good garbage join Wind Mobile

  • BurntPixels

    Come on, Mobilicity. Enough of this. Expand your damn network already.

  • Bobby Destroy-her

    I thought wind was going to buy them? now they have more and more sales outlets? maybe nuke has it twisted?

    knee pad wearing transgendered glow in the dark twink

  • ace

    lol stop expanding retail chain partners and start expanding coverage!

  • Ken

    Boy first thing you know people will be critical of Mobi and Wind opening outlets in outhouses. Who cares about where they open I hope that Wind And Mobi can get to really show real growth in the years to come. We complain about the big 3 ripping us off with there large fees and charges but when there are some new faces on the block all I see are put downs.We should be encouraging them and supporting what there trying to do to give us more choice in the cell phone business. What I would really like to see is the government breaking up the big 3’s hold on this industry but only in the next world.To the naysayers go back and to the big 3 and be happy with there taking your money big time. From a very satisfied Mobilicity customer.