Galaxy S III sales hit 10 million in 2 months


  • Apple4Life

    LAWL the original iPhone have higher sales number?


    • Reginald

      RIM SHIPPED 8MM phones last quarter lol. key word is SHIPPED How many of those phones are sitting on shelves and warehouses? lmao

    • boojay

      Correction: The device, designed for elephants…

  • Krom


    Not surprised as it is a great smartphone.
    My friend purchased it and I had a chance to play around with it for a few hours. Really Nice Smartphone.

    • 8mos

      10 million units of any phone are impressive. Sad to hear that Samsung complied with North American Operators forcing the Koreans to make an SG3 with lower power-consuming CPu’s to make up for the LTE radio which is a Battery hog, but a Cash GRAB for Operators!

      If Samsung had releases only the “International Version” of the phone, I’m sure they would have sold more.
      It’s mis July, they are catching up with demand now and if they reduce the price of the phone in September-October when the iphone comes out from $600 to $550 or even $500, they will keep on selling till the end of the year.

      I will wait for the price drop and get an “International”one, I care more about the battery and reselling value more than “LTE speeds”!

    • 2dfx

      @8mos – all new technology in its infancy will be imperfect. Poor battery life as a result of LTE radios that have not had a chance to mature will certainly hurt things in the here and now.

      However, North America is a large market and there will be demand for years to come for LTE devices. Time will allow the tech to mature and soon enough we will have fast AND power efficient LTE radios!

  • greg

    have one and its pretty cool, can see why its breaking records

  • Anna

    HOLY WOW!!! 10 million in 2 months is incredible! I have one as well, the pebble blue. Excellent smartphone! I love it. Not surprise it’s going to break the all time record sales of the S2 of 28 million. S2 i9100 is a great device too. But the S3 does a lot more. Great job Samsung!

  • Aiden

    Would have gotten it if it was quad core + lte. Sigh I’m stuck with my original Galaxy S untill those specs come out. My galaxy S is still awesome but very laggy on one core. I love Samsung though.

  • whocares

    So what? Apple sold 4 million iphone 4s in one weekend!

    • all in alain

      thats cuz their i****s that just buys a phone without even knowing what the hell they are buying just because it says iphone !!!! and the other i****s have one too they say …why not me too !!! congrats to apple with a bigger advertising market than samsung . but when samsung decides its time to advertise more and get their products more on tv and billboards watch out apple !!! apple is so behind omg ..and people are still buying Y .their always changing their crap phone with little change and still peeps are still changing lollll

  • SummersHere

    I thought it would have sold more given all the demand around it. I’m sure the supply issues resulted in less being sold.

    As a comparison, the iPhone did ~35million last quarter. That’s double the S3’s sell rate…:/

    • Justin

      As a cell phone sales rep, the sales do not reflect the device. Sgs3 out preforms….. and a lot of older people have hopped onto to iphone band wagon and the typical Iphone buyer over the last few months has been 40+ and it seems a lot of younger people are really seeing androids potential

    • Theywillbepissed

      Unfortunately, that figure you just gave is faker then online girlfriend from moscow 😛

  • nrgyzr

    I am in love with mine! We are now married for 3 years.

  • NoPanic

    Looks like a great device. Unfortunately it isn’t a Nexus.

  • kman

    I’ve got one and love it…although I still feel some guilt pangs about dumping rim.

    Looking forward to jellybean it soon.

  • TKG26

    glad to be part of the family… 🙂

  • davidm

    how’s the battery life? I’m reading the occasional complaint about it. will it last a full day of constant use without power?

    • S2556

      I’ve seen some people get 30 hours with a custom kernel on xda. and that not underclocked. I typically get 9 hours moderate use

    • alexrobot

      My battery life has been terrific (for an Android). I don’t play much in the way of games, so with the screen largely off (I do play music several hours a day) I can go from the morning one day to bedtime the next day. For a smartphone, this is pretty terrific, if you prefer not to fully charge it each night.

      (I have a T999 version, if that matters)

    • all in alain

      i had the galaxy s2 X and that battery lasted me oh a good 10 hours in a good day !! now with my s3 one day and a half …its night and day …when i hear peeps crying with the LTE draining the battery ..who cares i leave it on 4G its pretty darn fast ..and when i know i need speed ..i put it on LTE when i need it ..still faster than the 3g of iphones lolll

  • tekguy

    @davidm i hope that wasnt a serious question. No touch phone in the last four years has offered all day use battery. If you get 4 hours of use time out of any phone on market your are using a flip phone or only playing music.

  • june

    yes i am one of the 10 million.

    great job samsung. if they didnt have those shipping delays, they probably would of sold a bit more.

  • Etcetraw

    Its not one phone , s3 is a group of phones. Some are dual core some quad.

  • AK

    The number is great, but to give us an idea, anyone has a chart or number for comparable phone? to see how it’s actually doing?

  • Sukrut Daga

    Best smartphone I’ve ever owned.

  • fred

    @davidm The battery life is impressive. I get through 12-14 easily with moderate use.. screen brightness on automatic (so not all the way up). But i turned my lte off. Having running on 4g since there is no lte in my area. Plus u can always carry a spare battery.

  • fred

    12-14 hours

  • Alex Holmes

    I bought the phone on its Canadian release. Probably the most awesome cell phone experience I have ever had. I show it to friends and family and they are all jelous of the features. Even my 75 year old grandfather wants to get one thanks to the awesome camera.

    Btw, I have been Selling cell phones for 4 years now. I recently stopped celling Iphones to customers in favour of the S3. It just outperforms it in almost every way.

    As for the battery life, I get about 12-16 hours depending on use, with LTE enabled. if I turn LTE off I get around 18-20 hours. I also carry a spare battery and have a battery charger at home.

    • Fran

      18-20 hours. Lmao!

  • Walter

    I really wanted one on wind but the stupid policy kept me away. Got it 50.00 cheaper and then a 10 dollar unlock and I was all set. Got a great plan from rogers now so this baby really motors along.

  • K. S.

    “The device, which is designed for humans, runs Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich”

    As if there are other smart phone varieties designed for other species or perhaps aliens.

    This website needs to hire a real editor, or stop putting up mediocre writing.

    • Mark

      “Designed for humans” is Samsung’s current ad campaign for the SIII, you half wit.

    • Ants

      I think the point is we’d rather read articles that don’t read like Samsung press releases. Not to mention that it’s a terrible tag line to start with.

  • andy c

    Its an impressive feat considering my non techie friends know of the gs3 and are considering selling there iPhones for it.

    For me it either windows phone 8 or nexus

  • FadedSpark

    The few, the proud, the jelly bean’d

    It’s really nice with CM10. I miss some of the S features (Smart stay, mostly. and burst shot just in case. ) but getting rid of the god awful launcher and calendar was so worth it.

    Plus voice search is amazeballs now.

  • Frank

    Quick Poll: Thumbs up if you bought Pebble Blue, Thumbs Down if you bought Marble White.

    • Frank

      I got the Pebble Blue, but it looks more like a purple to me 🙁

  • Brad

    Seems popular. Wonder how long Samsung will support it.

  • Deli

    @Faded, that’s why i haven’t moved to CM9/10, Smart Stay and the camera are great features. TW is okay but i LOVE the S-planner calendar widget with its pinch-zoom capabilities and a very clean look.
    Currently using Go Launcher for more desktop space and the ‘sphere’ effect.

    • FadedSpark

      The S planner calendar was the biggest reason I moved away. I don’t use it for much (Work schedules) But it takes me a lot longer to input a weeks worth of scheduling in S planner than in regular. D:

      Oh, and LTE is broken in CM10 currently, but I don’t really mind that too much.

  • Campbell Soup FTW5555

    the icrone are out and jealous. Android FTMFW!!

  • Eddiewinslow

    Not surprised by these numbers. Since I received my phone from the Contest, its very hard to put the thing down it is so beautiful.

  • Riley

    I’m not surprised that Samsung has sold more than 10 million phones in a few months. It is a very good looking phone with specs to match. I’ve had a great time with my phone. I have the white GSIII and I can’t get over how fast it is. Some of my Dish coworkers suggested that I look at an LTE phone for my upgrade, so I tried the GSIII and love it. Once I finished downloading the Dish Remote Access app on my phone, I was able to stream a few shows through the Sling Adapter I have connected to my receiver. With how good this phone is, I can’t wait to see what Samsung comes out with in the future, such as another Galaxy Note.