Bell launching the Samsung Galaxy Ace II on November 15th


  • Sean

    $50 more gets you a Nexus 4…

    • Mark

      Not a lot of difficulty in making that decision eh?

      2 year old specs(Ace 2 similar to Nexus S) vs best on the market.

      I think I know which way my $300 would go 😉 Hello always having the latest and greatest Android updates.

      I would wager this phone will never see Jellybean.

    • Ruter

      Memo to the ENTIRE mobile industry:

      Get ready to a barrage of:
      “For $200 less/$50 more you can get a N4”

      Before you release/price a phone ask yourself this:
      1-Does it have SD card?
      2-Does it have LTE?
      3-How much less (in most cases) or more is the N4??

    • Samsung vs LG

      Unfortunately, the Google Nexus 4 is made by LG, and LG has a horrific track record in quality & performance. The price difference is well justified for a Samsung product!

  • Is this Bb10?

    $59 more gets you an unlocked Nexus 4. Better battery, screen, Jelly Bean!

  • Is this Bb10?

    Hey Ian, where’s that Nexus 4 review. I’m curious about its battery life and HDMI interface.

    • Sean

      IS in general are not the first to publish reviews but they are one of the better ones because they wait and test it

  • Is this Bb10?

    Rumour is that the N4 has dismal battery life so it might not be the Jesus phone after all.

  • sam

    ace 2 <3


    good for those who don’t want a data plan


    people don’t know about the next nexus, and people are dumb. If you give them the choice beetween a nexus 4 for $309 or a free, lower quality phone with a $450 tab, people will get the “free” phone.

    I was a rep, and sadly it’s true.

  • Jay

    Better comparison against the current industry:

    For $200 less than the iPhone 4, you can get a bigger screen and expandable memory.

  • lelo

    Koodo is also getting this phone. This phone is like the s3 mini

  • Dav

    This phone here in Europe has been out from early spring time, so thats about 7 months now. Seems to me to be a waste of time to release it in the US. I dont understand either why the specs in the US are different. You get 1GB RAM and we only have 756MB. We get a dual core 800MHz processer you get 1GHz single core. Good thing though is that we will soon get the Jellybean update which has been officially announced by Samsung