Public Mobile targets Mobilicity customers, offers up $199 to those who port over


  • 5Gs

    Lmfao if Public is attacking mobi. I would be ashamed of me if i am mobi 😛

  • deltatux

    Issue with Public is that they are running CDMA on the 1900MHz band. That means there’s barely any phones that will work on their network except for Kyocera and ZTE phones… That’s unlikely going to pull customers away from Mobilicity.

    Public Mobile is targetting the super budget consumer who just needs a phone for cheap and who don’t care if they have a nice branded phone. They’re excelling in that market and it’s great for them, but I fail to see how they’re able to yank a lot of Mobilicity customers seeing how Mobilicity’s pricing are about the same but supports popular phones.

    • Avro Arrow

      It’s because with Mobilicity, you’re still paying over $500 for a phone. Sure, it’s a “popular” brand but the only reason that those brands are popular is because they were the ones originally sold in this country by the big 3, not necessarily because they’re better. Sure, Samsung makes great phones but so too does ZTE. The thing is that ZTE has the same target market as PM which makes their equipment a great fit for PM. I love my ZTE N860 and it has a strong and loyal following on fandroid because of its presence with Boost Mobile in the USA. Ever heard of “Warp Cream Sandwich”?

  • Cheapest Mobilicity phone

    Don’t give them your valuable smartphone! Give them cheap feature phones! Public Androids are known to be a mixed bag. The Kyocera Rise is also available at Sprint and Virgin Mobile USA, while their other Androids are probably Public-only.

    • MobileMonkey

      The N860 (aka ZTE Warp) sold heaps under boost mobile (Sprint flanker) – arguably a successful phone as well for that company.

  • Bubbles

    I have one of my lines with Public. Recently received a text message from Mobilicity asking to port over with one of the Mobilicity dealers contact info. I dont know where they got my number… Apparently the war is happening on both sides.

  • hoo dat


    What benefit would anyone gain by switching to Public? Weak phones and plans that just aren’t anymore competitive than Moblicity’s, and often more expensive, just aren’t going to lure anyone over.

    • Roman Dunn

      A more extensive coverage in GTA is really the only appeal. But if you want more coverage, might as well look into Wind.


  • Carlos Fabregas

    Their plans are more expensive then mobility ‘s even winds on the 3g plans, I don’t see people porting over.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    **tumble-weed blows through**

  • Mike

    Why are the new entrants attacking each other lol.. They should work together and attack the big 3.

    • haxor99

      Wouldn’t that be illegal?

    • Big Ang

      Working together might be considered collusion. However working independently against the Big 3 should be perfectly fine (and make a lot more sense).

  • Mobiloyalcustomer

    Not a chance I’ll switch.

    Not giving up free calling in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa etc.

    Mobilicity will be starting 4G end of this month…zoom zoom.

    • CluelessCompanion

      Starting 4G this month at a premium price, words hinting at a steep price hike. Check out twitter.c o m/

  • Zorro!

    I was trolling Public’s blog the other day. Apparently they don’t like being called “Pubic”. They’ve changed it in my post to “Public” within 24 hours.


  • JC Fung

    With *Pubic* (on purpose), you can only use their phones because of CDMA networks. Sorry Pubic, but I’m done with CDMA phones.

  • 45

    Well, that’s awfully cute of Public Mobile.

  • Wind the crap

    Dear Wind Mobile,

    I can understand you are a very small company, trying to fight with the big guys. But that is something you already acknowledged coming into business in this industry, having said so the only way you are going to move forward is be exceptional in areas customer value the most. From my perspective you only have one area where you meet most customers needs which is your price point. Other then that one focal point, everything else about this company truly sucks. Your customer service for instance, you cannot give out employee ids which track the employee who gave you information I don’t understand how that hurts anyone other then being able to coach back your agents that don’t know how to treat customers properly, Second your agents are unable to transfer to the technical team, how is that even possible? When providing services you are going to encounter so many problems and you don’t have technical team we have to wait 24- 48 hours to have our issue resolved? Which in most times they are calling back on cell phones that don’t work and then stating the issue is resolved when you are unable to pick up. Thats just plain ridiculous. No customer should dread calling the company the have service with yet alone feel more frustrated at the end of the call then you did in the beginning. Secondly take ownership for your mistakes, if you don’t have a tower working, if you messed up with a phone number, a billing issue resolve the issue rather then blaming the customer, for these on going issues and not taking ownership, blaming the customer for this. If you haven’t realized yet a bad experience travels much faster then a pleasant one and if you want to climb that corporate ladder you better start showing what customers want to see. Do not relate yourself to other companies, and press blame on others be unique, I love how when it comes to something most times you point your fingers and say Rogers, Bell, Telus are the same, because they aren’t they are more established then you guys and you have a lot more to show. I think its about time you start seeing all the customer reviews and actually making a difference and maybe then you wont end up bankrupt but the way the company is going now with your customer service, and services and not being able to take ownership I can see it going downhill very fast.

    From a Very frustrated customer!

    • That’s Good Soup

      There are two sides to a coin.

      I have been with wind for about 2 years now, and had only a single problem in the very beginning. I got double-billed. Issue was resolved the very same day, though I did spend almost an hour on the phone, which was somewhat frustrating.

      Aside from that, I have nothing negative to say about wind in my 2 years with them.

      I don’t think that I am just being lucky. I think that the service just works.

      If you name me a Canadian cellular company that provides 100% customer satisfaction, I’ll PayPal you $5,000 in an instant. Why do you expect wind ot be perfect? Take it or leave it. Done.

    • OGOD

      I thought the topic is “Public Mobile targets Mobilicity customers”….That should send directly to Wind Mobile, isn’t it??..coz it looks like a complain letter instead of a comment.

  • aregularonhofo

    I agree with 5Gs, how pathetic can Mobilicity be if little Public Mobile is going after them and give credit to PM for knowing their niche and who to attack…in 2 markets PM are doing far better than Mobi with all their 5 flawed cities and with improved service/coverage/network. And like usual the Rocco trolls are putting down Wind Mobile with absolute lies including bluenote73 the Mobilicity wimp posting with his own hidden agenda, bottom line is Wind Mobile is the only new provider who is growing/improving/expanding with decent service and the others don’t compare or come close regardless what the assinine Fanboys claim. Wind Mobile does not need Mobilicity or Public Mobile and obviously the Boycott Mobilicity Campaign is working. Support Wind Mobile and let’s go after the Big Three.

  • gmd

    Public has CDMA at 1700 Mhz.

    Bell/Rogers/Telus have CDMA at 1900 Mhz.

    • chall2k5

      Rogers never used CDMA

    • WW

      indeed Rogers did use CDMA at one point.

      i was a Sprint/Cantel customer, even after Rogers bought them up and waited like 6mths after the buy up to change them officially to ROGERS WIRELESS. this was long before their purchase of Fido, and Chatr wasnt even a gleam in the eye of Ted Rogers!

      i kinda miss the massive competition that companies had up here, but all eventually gets bought out to ensure only the big dogs remain 🙁

  • Big Ang

    Not sure how many people Public will take away from Mobilicity, probably none.

    However, if you were already going to go to Mobilicity, I’d suggest going to Wal-mart, picking up a $50 Mobilicity To-Go package, activating it, then bringing it to Public and trading it in for their $200 Android phone.

    A little legwork will save you $150.

    • Big Ang

      Sorry should say:

      “However, if you were already going to go to PUBLIC, I’d suggest….”

    • chall2k5

      it says “up to $199” which will be based on the phone’s residual value

    • OGOD

      It didn’t say there is a minimum price for trade-in, don’t expect u buy a $50 Mobi phone and u can trade $50 back from Public. Most phone could be $0, specially crappy phones…non-smart phones.

      As my experience for fido trade-in program a yr ago, there was a minimum of $50 whatever phone u trade-in. But most phone are $50. The only phones which can trade over $100 are the $600+ smart phones.

  • STY

    What? Public is still around? What? Mobi hasn’t gone under, yet? Wait, tomorrow’s another day.

  • gmd

    I meant to say “Bell/Rogers/Telus use 1900 Mhz in Canada.”

  • disinvent

    FYI the offer also applies to Wind customers. Up to $199 is the trade in for the phone, plus you can use this with anything else in market. Overall an aggressive promo to take a stand and stab at the bottom tier of Mobi.

  • Obelisk

    It’s “UP TO $199 trade-in value”, Public may give you $5 for the trade-in Mobilicity phone.(any amount between $0 and $199)

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    This is hilarious! Public Mobile also smells blood! Even THEY know that Mobilicity is sinking!

    Turn out the lights the party’s over
    they say that all good things must end
    Let’s call it a night the party’s over
    and tomorrow starts the same old thing again!
    –Willie Nelson

    Done and schooled.

    (Drop the microphone and walk away brushing your shoulders.)

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    What this also does, quite beautifully, is that it undermines Mobilicity has a company!

    Designed to belittle or condescend Mobilicity.

    Sharks are circling, bankruptcy is imminent.

  • DL

    I kind of miss phoneguy’s comments now lol

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    I’m sorry I didnt me that, I was just joking so please dont. Down vote my comments. You see I was dropped as a child and now I have no friends. I want people to like me so I try to act as much as a tool as I can in the misguided hopes that someone will notice me.

    Again im sorry.
    I will go sit in the corner, count to ten then play with myself.

    • Mobilicity so poor, their network is on layaway

      ESL impersonator, LOL!
      You’d think an individual trying to act smart would at least get the cadence right!


  • Mobilicity so poor, their network is on layaway

    I see that someone is impersonating a dropped child. Don’t forget to leave the city for some fresh air! Oh wait, Mobilicity doesn’t have coverage there!

    Mobilicity customers love bragging about coverage in their basement. I guess, the only time they leave the basement is when their mom changes the bed sheets.

    Public Mobile is going for the number 5 wireless company in Canada! Well, at least they have Canada’s two largest cities and an entire stretch of the 401 between them.

    Go Public Mobile Go!

  • that guy

    LOL it all comes down to the phones and service which are both no where to be found at PM, the phones all have problems and will break on you within the year, they even had problems where lines were getting crossed and people were receiving pictures from someone else’s PM phone, there coverage is archaic to say the least, I dunno the ideas good but im sure there r major restrictions to when u port over to Mobi phone over mayber its for certain plans and ceertain phones

    • Avro Arrow

      You’ve obviously never been a PM customer.

      You’re an i***t.

  • Eeeek Gad

    So, let me get this straight.

    A bad network wants to merge with a horribly throttled network.

    The up side would be Montreal!

    There’s always an up side, Montreal bagels it is!

    • Avro Arrow

      I don’t know about horribly throttled. Remember, there’s GREAT, GOOD and GOOD-ENOUGH. PM is definitely good enough and the pricing is like Frosted Flakes. GRRRREEAATTT!!!!