LG Optimus G heading to SaskTel


  • iphoneee

    Hopefully it comes with iOS7

    • rk.

      have you been using apple maps? cause i don’t think you know where you are

  • gnote

    Looks like a Samsung phone…

  • jay

    Inside is all the same. Only the outside is different

  • Oink

    People live in Saskatchewan?

    • phreezerburn

      And in a condo in Playa as well. It’s good to turn 6 figures every 365.

  • Q

    Sasktel blows. Good luck paying 1k getting out of your contract.

    • MovieMan87

      its a max of $600 you i***t

  • NexusVSLG

    Why would anybody get the LG Optimus G with Zero/late upgrades fromLG at $600; when you can get the new $400 Nexus with the fastest upgrades and a way higher re-selling value!

    LG has to learn that Soft-grades are very important if they don’t want customers to jump away.

    • Aiden

      They would be really stupid if they dont upgrade their flagship this time. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes in the past cuz the specs and designs of this phone really appeals to me 🙂

  • MBP

    Will this phone be compatible with Wind?

  • mandaswaggie

    ughhhh kill sasktel 2. sasktel very expensive and they do nothing good. they take ur money. also they suck cuz they sell blackberys