Facebook for Android updated with better photo features, improves Android SDK


  • iphoneee

    i hope it integrated apple maps!! really needed that

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Facebook cleaned out my cumpare’s life savings. He had to take a second job at Public Mobile just to make end’s meat. He now spends an extra 25-20 hours a week slinging Zeta’s and Kyocera Bumble-bee Buzzes.

  • Collin

    UGGGH.. Just give us the native app already.. this app is terrible.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      what’s the matter friend? cant tell the world whats going on in the world of the colon?

    • Nexus

      They are working on an app with a revenue model that actually brings money!

      -That’s why is taking so long. Good for them.

  • JenJen

    What’s Facebook?

  • 7-Down

    People still use Failbo-Facebook?

  • John

    Still sucks.

  • Rich

    All the ratings are horrendous as of late for Facebook updates. Basically if your existing app works, don’t you dare try to update, lol.

  • KoalaMeatPie

    I still have Facebook 1.5 on my SII, I REFUSE to upgrade because there is no way to shut off the GPS when you log on, unless you globally disable it, or Run Cyanogen, but Cyanogen drains your battery faster than Charlie Sheen on speed.

  • ShadowVlican

    facebook app for android is poo compared to facebook app for iphone… why?

  • Mike

    I heard facebook android native app is done testing and ready to go. Anyone heard of the release date?