Microsoft already testing a “Surface” phone at its Redmond campus?


  • Mike

    I would get a HTC. I just love their phones.

    • Pruowd Canadadian

      Hold the horses and get from CAnada!
      Support your cuontry and your rim!!
      Your allowed to buy canadaain.
      Go Canada and deport the traters now!!!
      And dont forgot qeubeKKK!!!

    • kUdosNokia

      It will be called:
      “ZUNE 2” if they keep the $720 price for their tablet with Keyboard!

  • OG

    It it’s better, then yes.

  • Sweet Lemonade

    I’ll stick with a Nokia (battery life, reception, etc.), but I’d like to see what Microsoft comes up with.

  • johnny

    I most certainly would! If it’s as integrated as Apple products, it will be awesome! I’d be glad to get out of the Apple universe

  • Pewz

    MS all the way

  • Swizzlerz

    Unsure. Im already holding off now on initial launch to see if telus gets a 920. now i dont like the power button location so I might hold off and use 7.8 for a little while now as my lg still works great. Ide rather have a new phone in spring to take pictures then 🙂

  • Mark

    A Microsoft surface phone really make a lot of sense to me. I would love to use this with a Surface tablet. I use a Lumia 900 and I don’t think the design language of the Surface really go well with the design of the Nokia phones even with all the different colors they have for their Touch Cover or Type Cover keyboards.

  • Keith

    They will never be able to build a phone as good as Nokia. Not having PureView alone is reason enough not to buy one.

    • Blackkey

      Tbh I thought their image stabilization was a better camera feature that the pureview sensor.

      However, I think that Microsoft or even HTC could close the gap in cameras if they put in the same r&d that Nokia did.