Bell Motorola MOTOLUXE owners to receive a software update “Early November” to fix texting and data issues


  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Rofl, so much for moto-lux’ury’, This garbage Motorola phone should be renamed to the moto-peasant. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Knock knock! Whose there? Hello Moto! Rolf.

  • Dick-in-a-box

    Motoluxe is one laggy device! Watch any review on YouTube, and you’ll see it.

    Why did you even buy it, you lsilly goose?

    • cody

      to fix your wifi goto settings>wireless & networks>wifi settings>turn on wifi>click the menu button and click scan

      the menu button is the key on the left hand corner beside the home button.

  • Xenomorph5

    This update killed my wifi. How can I fix it?

  • Serge

    That update also kill my wi-fi. It connnect to my router with excwllwnt signal, but no wi-fi going througt. Damn it ! I replaced a good BB with that s**t. Never again Motorala.

  • Quinton

    Killed my wifi too. Have no idea how to fix it. Any ideas besides the obvious?

  • Brent

    Don’t upgrade if you haven’t already done so. I called Motorola and the engineers are working on a fix for the bug that has killed Wi-Fi on the Motoluxe phones. No ETA on the fix but I suspect something by early next week.

    • Kim Krueger

      I got the same line from Motorola. I have yet t see a update or a fix.

  • Jess

    called motorola and they said that the new update deleted all data or something along those lines and so you have to make sure your data is enabled to be able to use the wifi.

  • Lesley

    What if you don’t have a data plan? If I activate Data, I’ll get charged for it. And if I do it once, will my Wi-Fi remain functioning afterwards, even after phone goes into sleep mode or is turned off and back on?