Bell and TELUS Samsung Galaxy Note II will be $149.99 on a 3-year


  • Ghart

    I’m hoping it’d be 699 outright

    But that’d be wishful thinking on my part

    I’m guessing 749 – 799 outright

  • jonny

    Wow, that is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.

    • al


      Nonsense. The carriers aren’t pay $600 a unit so this subsidy you speak of is just creative marketing to make it look like you’re getting a good deal.

      By the way, in other parts of the world you can get the iPhone5 on a 1 yr term, Eg Vodafone in the UK. Phone works out to be about $250 as you said. The contract is about $80/month. So over the whole contract you pay about $1210. After that you can go switch plans (plenty cheaper) or change carrier completely if you like.

      So feel free to explain how, with the supposed “subsidy” you get for a longer term, why an iphone5 here, on a 3 yr term, is $180+tax?

      To be honest I’d not be worrying about the phone costing me like $70 more but the contract being 1/3 the length of time.

  • Ricky

    But three years is kind of long D: I wonder when will Canada finally drop term contract to 1 year.

    • Brad F

      @Ricky “I wonder when will Canada finally drop term contract to 1 year.”

      When we’re okay with the price of the device going up to $249 and the monthly price going up to a $100 minimum.

      If they give you a $600 subsidy on a phone they have to make that back up over the course of the contract. $600 in 1 year comes out to $50 a month. Then they have to cover the cost of the network itself and your usage.

    • jPhoneUser

      @BrafF : ok ? so if subsidy a month is(if note2 is 750 and 149$ on 3 yr term) 17$ . will bell reduce the cost of their smartphone plan by 17$ if i bring my own device ? that would mean their 53$ plan is actually 37$ ? i am all in if they let me bring my own device if they are willing to give their 53$ plan for 37$.

    • Henry

      Need to consider making a leap of faith and get out of North America. The rest of the world is having 12 months, 16months and 24 months option for $0 dollars on the iPhone 5 and other top end Android phones at a monthly rate of about $50CAD to 70CAD

    • Brad F

      @jPhoneUser “ok ? so if subsidy a month is(if note2 is 750 and 149$ on 3 yr term) 17$ . will bell reduce the cost of their smartphone plan by 17$ if i bring my own device ?”

      Most carriers give 10% off if you bring your own device.

      Not all devices have a $600 subsidy. They won’t adjust the price of the plan for each and every device they ever carry, that would be a logistical nightmare. Instead they’ll adjust the price in such a way that it can cover the average subsidy for a phone eligible for that plan.

      But, let’s not forget: The carriers are businesses. They exist to make money.

    • Crocography

      @ Brad F: By your logic that means that if I bring my own phone to the phone company here in Canada, I should have lower monthly bills… but that doesn’t happen either. The phone companies in Canada are just ripping us off!

  • Kevin

    Surprising that it’s lower than the S3 when that came out.
    Still would be willing to pay a little more upfront for 2 year contract instead though…

  • Ron Mexico

    $149? Sold! Sold! Sold!

    • bazinga

      sorry man – 3yrs? No No No!

    • spanky

      3 Years? old old old

  • Ron Mexico

    Take… My… Money

  • Beso

    Honestly if the price will be around $650 or $699 for outright then you might as well get the international unlocked version!

    • Henry

      International Unlock do not have LTE bands
      the upcoming International LTE do not have bands that would work in North America

  • Kenny

    Will Mobilicity’s version have branding and bloatware pre-installed that the Big 3 most likely will? If not, then wouldn’t it be better to buy it from Mobilicity instead and unlock it?

    • aliwhatsit

      since you’ll be voiding your warranty either way, you might as well root it and remove the bloatware yourself

  • zzZZzz

    $150 is very decent for that device, but I find it hard to believe considering the S3 is still 160 in some places. Best Buy however has deals sometimes and they lower the outright price, but I really don’t expect providers to offer same price in their stores, nor BB to keep that up for long.

    But hey, if it’s true, it’s gonna be a winner. Price it better than the iPhone 5, make it way better than the iPhone 5 and go after that market.

  • Henry

    I swear the BestBuy site was listing it at 199.99 with a $50 dollars credit for pre-order to make it at 149.99 yesterday

  • John

    3 year plans are still cheaper than buying the phone outright in most cases.

    For my S2X, i could sign a 3 year contract, and get the phone at a cheaper price. I worked it out so even if i bought out the phone after 2 years (and paid the fees), it was still cheaper than buying it on a 2 year plan.

  • LJK

    $150 ain’t too bad. 3 years is a bit long but I can’t pass on the Note 2. Now, time to constantly call Telus for a better plan.

  • DrBadass

    Yes! I finally found the fastest way to go to jail. Sign a 3 year contract with bell (or any other 3 year contract)

  • freestaterocker

    Damn. Nokia better be aggressive with the 920 or they won’t move a single unit. Apart from the one I’ll be buying, anyways…

  • 45

    Wow, good price. I thought it’d be about $100 more.

  • BlackBerry Gangster

    You guys are wrong when it comes to 3 year contracts. Most companies (besides Bell) now use the TAB system on their phones or Economic inducment. Meaning to get out of a “contract” it will never cost you more than what the phone is worth. ie. NOTE 2 = $750 – $150 on a 3 Year = you owe them $600. 600/36 months = $16.66. Meaning your phone decreases $16.66 every month until it reaches $0 (in 3 years). If you want to cancle just pay out what the phone is worth.

    sorry if i lost you.

  • Beso


    if you or anyone do not care about LTE or dont have LTE coverage then the international version is just fine …

    besides for you to get LTE speeds with Big3 you must go on LTE specific plans!

    • Kevin

      No such thing as LTE specific plans.

    • Ron Mexico

      There sure is LTE specific plans, ask anyone with an unlimited data plan on Bell or Fido

  • Darrell Teeple

    Was going to go to Telus, but if KooDoo or Virgin get the note 2 I may go that way. I do want some kind of Tab System..
    This will be my next phone

    • some guy

      Just a heads up Darrell, it’s the same setup on Telus as Koodo. Really it comes down to where you can get the better plan from.

  • Dan

    I’m In !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Goodbye iphone!

  • mggiphone

    Still not sure of this or LG Nexus G. Coming from a iphone4s the change would be too big.

  • Kycay

    $699, that is like a down payment ona house, back in 1979.

  • GiO

    Shut up and take my money¡!!!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!¡!!!!!

  • Rylee

    I don’t know why you all moan about contracts so much. Wawa. It’s always been this way and it probably will be for a long while yet. This is the wireless industry. I just shut up and give them my money. Quit being so cheap. It’s not like you payed any less before. So just deal with it.

    • nely

      Robellus…!? is that you?

  • jayzero

    hello have(had) a galaxy s3 but screen broke??? so and for this price i am in. i do not run around with the phone. use it at work for emailing texting and here and there exel…and at home to surf online and watch a movie.

    the price is just awesome i think apple will bring a ipad mini with a 5 inch screen or????

  • outburst

    What’s the quickest way to get this in-hand? Show up at a store on Oct. 30th, or pre-order and show up at a store on Oct. 30th?
    I need this now!

    • some guy

      Or don’t be like those who bought an iPhone 5 and wait to ensure there are no crazy bugs. But to each his own.

    • Outburst

      @some guy: when is the last time you saw a crazy bug on a smartphone? Antennagate with the iPhone4? the Note 2 has been out for weeks in Europe. There are hundreds of credible reviews on the web and on YouTube – I’ve done my research and know what I’m getting myself into. Don’t assume I’m an iSheep.

  • outburst

    Also, I thought this was coming with Jelly Bean pre-installed. Best Buy’s info indicates it will be 4.0 installed…?

  • Rylee

    Definitely not. Don’t look so surprised. I’m just not brown.


    overpriced for Android.

  • Shawn McGuire

    Merry Christmas to me.

  • Gee.

    You guys complain sooo much; even if the service providers would sell $10 plans, you would still find a cheaper one in Africa or Singapore to compare it to!! Put it his way: from a business perspective, if you’re into growing pigs or sell cell phones you would still want to keep your profit margins, so don’t you don’t have to cut on jobs and keep investors happy. So as long as we live in Canada it is what it is based on the Canadian market, demographics, business reality …

  • Chuggi

    Canada has a huge territory to cover and a small population. The cost of placing those towers everywhere and supporting the massive infrastructure means we pay more for cellular service than most other countries with smaller area and denser population.
    The prices on phone and plans just reflects the higher cost of providing that service in Canada.