RIM’s “BBM” is now considered a word, gets included into the Official Collins English Dictionary


  • Anonymous

    A sad day for the English language

    • ChaTrer

      Other “Words” created by RIM:

      “I’m sorry” Late NeverReady
      Later(Noun) as in the Later part of the year
      “Coming this Summer””
      Coming in February”(Leave Blank the year)
      “Leapfrog the competition” “No stone unturned”
      BBX- Oops! BB10yrs
      Rumours of RIM acquisition by (fill in the blank)
      “According to industry insiders”
      “According to people that know something, but can’t be named”

  • sky

    “…to become a brand…”. Brand’s aren’t words.

  • ActivesiN

    Hooray rim is saved

  • Kid.Canada

    HAHAHAHA suck on that Apple and Google!!

    • ASH

      “google” is already in the dictionary!

    • ni99iedoo

      Apple and Google are rolling is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      Rim is selling crappy prepaid phones to india and iran, supporting Terrorism… hmmm, who gives a shite about Blackberry…

      yea big money.. might as well get paid in sand…

    • richardd

      Since iphone, ipod, itunes, etc. are already in this dictionary, I doubt Apple is losing a lot of sleep over it!

  • superfly

    Better made moron.

    • Ramon

      Fail of a century.

  • Dave

    There are lots of words in the dictionary that aren’t used anymore…

  • HEvans

    is this bb10?

  • Sue Apple forever

    Dictionary – the ultimate patent

  • ni99iedoo


    $99 Playbook..

    RIM is failure… I will ban collins dick-tionary… fuk them thi sis iAndroid town btches

    Canada sucks

  • John

    Is RIP in the dictionary?

    Thats what RIM is.

    • ChaTrer

      The difference between RIM and RIP is:

      2 Billion dollars
      5 months
      Two or three RIM Q Reports
      $99 Playbook

      Is Lazaridis still in the Board of Directors of RIM?

  • Plan Shopper

    BBM wasn’t enough to keep my family with RIM. App selection and being able to print directly from our phones (among other reasons) has shifted our smart phone choice to SGS3 and the Note 2.

    So looking forward to getting the Note 2.

  • ni99iedoo

    Ok everyone the Playbook is selling for $99 now… they removed my post ebcause the staff at Mobilesyrup are HOARDING all the stock… little do these losers know Engadget has alerted the planet, also they are 2 days late.

  • #yoloswag

    Rip rim 2011-2012
    Never knew a company could start and die in 11 months…

  • Tom

    That’s cool!
    I’m all for expanding for a more updated language base, providing they avoid the stupid stuff like pownd and words with numbers in it lol

  • C.K. Lee

    I’m waiting for Apple to sue RIM for having 4 rounded corners on the letters ‘B’ in BBM.