LG Optimus G Nexus described as “Galaxy Nexus meets iPhone 3G,” could come in November


  • Sean

    Frankly in the past the major problem with LG devices has been the software and their support for them. If this is a Nexus with the same specs as the Optimus G it would be really great.

    • LJK

      my thoughts exactly!

  • LOL

    For everyone’s sake, can LG just STOP producing phones? These guys just don’t give up.

    • tech

      well lg phones arent that bad(specs wise), shape wise they look almost like samsung phone except with sharp edges. like htc looks totally different but samsung and lg have some similarities. i never owned one so i dont know about updates but i hear alot people complain about it. Not sure if being nexus would help it with speeding up the time of updates. i think google is purposely helping lg because by giving it this year’s nexus phone project, since lg does not make enough sales. it all depends on how it looks. GNex looked awesome when it came out. hoping google helps lg with design.

  • rk.

    i like LG and Nexus coming together. LG is making great hardware at the moment. Pair that with stock android and updates straight from google?

  • Dalex

    Wow keep that thing away sheesh…

    I really hope we will have more than 1 Nexus, if only to avoid this thing… even another plasticky Galaxy Nexus 2… Or better yet, HTC, please step up with another awesomely built phone!

    If they release just this LG Optimus Nexus, I might just get a Lumia 920!

  • ns.dev

    I think Google needs to retain more control over the name. It’s suppose to be a Google phone, but I think Samsung over branded it. It should be something simple like LG Nexus p11l (phone 11, K being the 11th letter), Samsung Nexus p11s, HTC Nexus p11h…

  • Kozbit

    I remember Optimus 2X marketed as the first dual core smartphone on the market and the hype was about at the same level as Optimus G. My friend who bought it on a contract sent the phone in for repair numerous times (probably more than 10?) and ended up ditching it. The whole experience according to my friend, not so pleasant ;p

  • deltatux

    If it’s going to be LG, I might just have to suck it up and get the SGS III or the ASUS Padfone. LG is not worth it if this is indeed true.

  • Ron Mexico

    S4 Pro quad core with pure Google? LG or not I would buy it.

  • Cole

    I want a Sony Xperia Nexus.

  • dubs

    I worked at an electronics store a few years back and we started to carry lg flat screen tv’s. We put 3 on display in various sizes. Within about a month or maybe 6 weeks all 3 were having issues. Didn’t leave a good impression on me.

  • Plazmic Flame

    LG Optimus G… by 50 Cent lol

  • Mike

    Umm I don’t want my nexus to look like the iphone 3G lol….

  • Nick the Rat

    This could be great. I have had a crappy 200$ LG phone on METRO PCD for the past 2 years now and it still works like new (which is pretty crappy)!. OMG it is bad, but for 200$ and no contract, i can say, it has served as at least a decent news reader and phone. Better hardware and software you do not have to #ROOT (to make usable without metro pcs shitty ads all over) #POI would be amazing on one of these devices if cheap enough. Also, the METRO PCS TMOBILE merger and this could make at least more than ten dollars. OOOOOH YEAhhhhh. What happens to my non real METRO PCS account now? do i get tmobile bills now? (shudder)

  • Bri

    Battery is the issue… they need to work on their batteries ….

  • roman20

    It may work, but only if Google is tasked with the whole software experience, including updates.

  • Jebus

    My friend has a LG lcd tv and it freezes…. I have never seen a tv freeze before.

  • Aiden

    My LG LCD monitors have been the most reliable, and colour accurate screen that I’ve owned thus far for my computers. They have lasted me much longer than other brands, so I’d put their screen technology right up there with the best. Their hardware looks amazing on this phone too, and hopefully, just hopefully their software is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

  • kroms

    Im sorry but i dont like the look of this LG either.
    Also they had better BUMP up the specs if they expect to SELL this phone. Based on looks alone this is Terrible and will be a DISASTER for LG if this is just another G nexus with mediocre specs.

    • rk.

      are you kidding me? do you even know the specs of the LG Optimus G? It’ll be the best phone in terms of specs by the time comes out.

  • Gstar

    LG always made phones with competitive specs and their designs were actually good. Their only problem was updating them. Since this will be pure Google phone I wouldn’t be concerned about updates. I’m looking forwarding to retiring my HTC Sensation 🙂

  • jack

    get ready to get sued LG, lol

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Them LG fools copying our old stuff. lmao


  • new_tradition

    I actually don’t mind the way it looks, but I’ve had two LG phones (not smart phones) that had issues (battery life, lags with button presses), and I’ve heard so many horror stories on the web…I really don’t know what to think about this one.

  • Jeremy

    Drop the “if you ask me” (twice in a paragraph) and “sounds a bit fishy to me”.

    Makes the writing look very amateur.

    • ehoustoun

      I completely agree with you Jeremy. I read this article and that was the first thing that came to mind.

      I can only speak for myself but I read this site as a source of information for mobile tech related news, not for opinion pieces and editorials. If you want to stand on a soapbox and speak your mind fine, just don’t masquerade it as actual journalism.

      Even if this is a blog this article completely lacks professionalism and I was not impressed.

  • Mark

    LG may not be a top producer at the moment, but neither was HTC before the Nexus One. For that matter, Samsung wasn’t the dominant Android user before their relationship with Google either. Don’t discount the knowledge and experience this is obtained by working closely with Google to produce and maintain a Nexus. It usually signals BIG movements in quality and in turn sales.

    Also, the specs on this phone look really good. Previously the Nexus has always been a mid-range phone in terms of hardware. The Galaxy Nexus was barely up to par with the Galaxy S2 which was released months earlier. This would be the first high-end Nexus. High-end specs + latest Android = killer device.

    • monsterduc1000

      “Previously the Nexus has always been a mid-range phone in terms of hardware.”

      Nope. The Nexus one was cutting edge at the time. The first droid with a 1ghz processor, Amoled screen and 512 of RAM. All the very best at the time of its release..

  • Kevy

    Perfect, now we’re gonna see fragmentation of the pure vanilla Google Nexus… I really wish Google would have picked just one OEM (oh, maybe Motorola) and develop the ultimate mobile device. I love my android phone, but I feel sorry for the average consumer who goes into a store to buy a new phone – in one corner you have the Apple iPhone…simple choice cuz they only really offer one phone. Now over in the other corner you have about 30 different android phones. It’s an overload for the average person. Not everyone knows (or cares I guess) what version of OS is on each phone or what version it may get updated to. Now, after you pick your android good luck finding accesories for it locally. Just too many handsets to keep up with. It’s no wonder Apple accesories are so abundant – it’s easy to make things for one or two models but with our androids its impossible to keep up. I love my android but it is getting a bit frustrating lately.

  • TheBoze

    This interviewee has apparently never held or looked at an iPhone 3G. or the picture above is wrong.

  • 45

    LG, eh? Yepppppppp, definitely going to wait a while. My Galaxy Nexus runs flawlessly anyway.

  • Not a bear

    This solves LG’s problem of lack of OS updates. This could be a killer phone, maybe it’ll receive chocolate-like status.

  • r.dot

    LG?! Damn.. I was hoping for another Samsung Nexus device 🙁