Google Street View coming to mobile web app tomorrow, will work on iPhone and iPad


  • nik

    lol stupid iphone 5 is so useless idk y some one would buy that s**t…apple = new rim

  • Pat

    ha another insult to Apple’s Maps!

  • Nib

    Ok I’m a dedicated android fan and even I’m getting tired of apple maps jokes. They made a mistake and owned up to it, let’s move on

    • bb

      just cause they owned up to it doesn’t mean they should be left alone. Over the last 3 years of owning a blackberry and seeing the ifans break my basketballs because i wasn’t cool, its pay back. But it is good to see google shining. Hope apple doesn’t sue them for making maps.

  • Brain

    will this work on bb10?

  • Mike

    Wow apple maps was DOA… they should just dump it, no one is gunna use it. By the time they finish developing it, APPL will be in the gutters…

    • artfuldodger416

      I’m giving iOS maps the benefit of the doubt. So far I haven’t found myself at the bottom of Lake Ontario. It’ll be improved over time. Yeah, it was released prematurely but that’s already been established.

  • artfuldodger416

    I was wondering how many digs at Apple would appear in this thread as soon as it was posted. You guys need better hobbies. Your insults aren’t converting anyone and Apple is not doing worse because of your words. Besides, if Android ever became the last man standing, I’d like to see what kind of innovation would come out of one platform competing against itself.

  • hmmmm

    Why should we leave alone the most arrogant and greedy people on the planet…it’s like defending corrupt politicians, some people cry like babies when we judge corrupt politicians…some people are just against corruption, greediness and all that, live with it.

    • antihero

      You see, that’s my problem…I love technology but people on these threads debate which platform is better as if it is politics or religion. Sure, the nature of the debate shares parallels with politics and religion but at the end of the day it’s just gadgets. These brands (MS, Google, Apple, etc.) all want us to subscribe to them as they were religions but they’re not. They’re material, luxury items and I feel sorry for anybody that feels they are more than that.

    • antihero

      Then again maybe you’re right…if you really want to get into corrupt, greedy, capitalism, do you really think that any handset maker such as Samsung, Apple, and the like are somehow exempt from substandard labour practices with regard to where the products we enjoy come from? Or even the minerals that are used to make such products from computers, TVs, smartphones, etc. Don’t try to sound more ‘enlightened’ than the rest of us by equating electronics with politicians/religion.

  • hmmmm

    I am not the one mixing it with religion! I am talking about those who will cry when we are simply saying why we don’t like them as a company. They will defend like the said company is their mother or something…that’s my point. I think that Jobs’ behavior made the whole thing worse or we would not be there today talking about this. Samsung would not need to be arrogant in their ads if Apple had not been wrong in the first place. And now Nokia is playing the game too, not agains Samsung but agains Apple as well…

  • ying

    O.K. LADIES!!!
    Can’t we agree to disagree? I like elements of both platforms as well as their devices. Why are we so hung up on whose is better or who will be the last man standing? In the end they are both overpriced money gouging corporations pitting i****s against each other to fatten their own bankrolls. Are we ignorant/foolish enough to think these a**holes really care what we think? I for one wont be surprised to see all of the founders of these rival companies in bed, yakking it up while they watch both stocks soar.

  • Jon

    Yes! Street View. One thing I miss more than anything when I upgrade to iOS6.

  • W Young

    And you wonder why we can’t stop cyber bullying.

  • Thomson

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Wishes

    Lets stop fighting over Apple or Andriod products….
    Lets close the deal by loving BlackBerries instead — all of us together <3 😀