New YouTube app for iPhone released, iPad will be available “in the coming months”


  • Kid.Canada

    Its 10x better than the dreadful outdated that we’ve using for years and I’m so happy that Apple got rid of it. So thank you Google for this awesome app! Job well done!!

    P.S: Thanks Ian!

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol I meant to say “You’re welcome Ian!”

  • sicpuppy

    Surprised there’s no upload function .

  • metoo

    …now with ads.

  • rip rim

    rip rim

    • sicpuppy

      Quick ,You’re going to be late for your finger painting class child !

  • Kid.Canada

    Funny cuz I haven’t come across a single ad yet, maybe they meant before the video begins like on the desktop version…

  • Kamil Zambrzycki

    Im not seeing it? Checked app store nothing checked updates…nothing.

  • Dadd

    Not there. Maybe us iTune US

  • Kid.Canada

    Open the source link in safari and it should automatically take u there

  • Craig

    Did anyone else notice how this is an ‘LTE’ iPhone…?

  • coop3422

    @Craig – I was going to say the same thing, ROGERS LTE. Interesting…

  • tiesto

    Rogers LTE? Hum…

  • Brad F

    Finally! Now the YouTube app has the missing feature that Google’s been dying to put in there that Apple wouldn’t allow in the native app: Ads.

    Oh, and they’ve removed the option to AirPlay the videos to other devices.