32GB Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus 2 coming?


  • morritz

    meh… gimme htc nexus 5 🙁

  • Tez

    WO HO time to switch from galaxy s3 to nexus 😀

  • Frank

    Great, but annoying because I would have rather had a 32GB than 16GB Nexus7.. oh well.

  • YOMO

    Please dont be made out of plastic!!!

  • news

    So these are the rest of 3 nexus device google promised us?

  • #yoloswag

    K tym 2 bi ifonw now

  • Kroms

    HTC Nexus with 5″ screen would be nice.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    more of the same design, same hardware android designs. ho hum

    ipad mini will crush the nexus 7, seven days a week and twice on sundays.



    • Derek

      And where did Apple come up with the idea for a smaller tablet again? Oh, seems to me it will have the “same design” you are complaining about.

    • G


    • Collin

      did a isheep really just make a comment about boring old designs.

      talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Nathan

    waiting for Nexus 7 with 4G LTE so I don’t have to bother with tethering from my phone

  • palm

    come out already

  • erica

    I would but a galaxy nexus 7 tablet. But not another asus google nexus. BAD Experience with there device support.Been waiting a month for refund on two of them 1 original device. the other is advanced replacement with same problem..
    next one will not asus built. n
    Maybe the acer its better device soon to be in us..

  • Rolonoa

    LG Nexus lol

  • Keith

    This android news really isn’t to exciting until I start hearing about a Google 10 inch tablet.

  • adcs

    Nexus 10 please

  • nick

    i donno i would kinda like to see an LG nexus! their hardware is always solid just their twist on the os that left a bad taste

  • Charles Brown

    LOL Crappy 1980’s Source POS System

  • Sketch

    PLEASE include a micro SD slot, thats all. Pretty pretty please..

  • Airbus

    not shamesung again!!

  • TZM

    I love my Gnex. Just would like to see 2gb ram, 1.6ghz dual core, 8mp camera, sd slot, better speaker and gorilla glass.

  • Osama

    the camera on the LG looks weak!!! Im talkin about the 13MP, review is online… pictures look so grainy, so many MP for NOTHING!!!!

    There isnt anything out or coming out in Canada, our market is a joke. We need to rally behind MobileSyrup to get some new devices here! I need a good android cameraphone!!!

    • palm

      true, canada market is very weak. other brands neeed to spread. microsoft just stepped in toronto. samsung should do that too so they can extend their brand and then rest of companies. stupid best buy and futureshop collection is terrible. i order most of things from online now.

  • Thomson

    Why always Samsung? How about going with HTC again? Maybe I don’t want a plastic phone….

    • TP

      IMO, HTC has fallen much behind Samsung in terms of innovation, marketing, market share, brand recognition, and everything else in the world. There is still a strong fanbase in North America, but still it’s weaker than Samsung, and even much weaker in the rest of the world, maybe not in Taiwan.

      Yes, HTC makes excellent phones too, but Samsung just has everything better.

  • Vengefulspirit99


    A few points… Htc’s current flagship is a “plastic phone”. No one has anywhere close to Samsung’s production. Nor does anyone have close to the amount of tech constantly being developed. So unfortunately, if HTC came with a nexus, it’d have no sd slot nor a removable battery. They don’t listen to users and just keep giving us the wrong features.

  • Volcanos

    It’s just an inventory system and the web designer adding place holders for phones that are expected. It’s not really anything to speculate about IMO. We all know nexus 2 is coming just as iPhone 5 was … Lol.

  • Antonio

    Grea. So no nexus 10 and the nexus 2 is a lame-o :p…

  • Edward Szklar

    I wonder if an LG Nexus with the G’s internals (quad-core S4 Pro) is coming. I like the idea of the 32GB Nexus7 but I want a microSD card and 3G/4G. Finally, bring out a Nexus Note.

  • Osama

    people blasting HTC, but the screen on the One X blows all the other screens out the park…. come on, no comparison to the cartoonish looking S3 side by side with the One X… unfortunately, thats about all the One X has to offer…