Nokia Xpress is a browser for Lumia Windows Phones that focuses on data compression


  • jack

    too bad it isnt the browser that uses the most data in our phones SADFACE NOKIA

  • Stu

    not appearing in the marketplace as of 5:30 PM PST

  • Anthony

    this could actually be great

  • daveloft

    This will be fairly useless. Last month I used 2.84GB of mobile data and only 107MB of that was from the browser. I also used 6.04GB on WiFi and only 100MB of which was used in the browser.

    If saving 90MB a month is going to make a difference to you then you should probably give up owning a smartphone.

    • Blackkey

      Some people have plans that only include 100mb of data, and only use their smartphones for browsing the Internet, they may not be power users like you.
      For these people, saving around 75% or 90mb might be amazing, well worth it.

  • Thomson

    Is this only for Nokia Windows Phone devices? If so, fail.

  • Crunch204

    Well…its better than a kick in the a$$

  • RP

    This is designed for people who actually leave their home region.
    Given that you couldn’t figure that out then this obviously isn’t for you, but it’s hardly “useless”.

    When travelling in foreign countries it can make a tremendous difference.
    100MB vs 10MB? That’s a savings of more than $500 for most canadian carriers plans (~$6/MB)

  • kris

    For everyone else download opera mini for android – I use to use it when i had 500mb plan and it legit saved 83% of data for my browsing.

  • Jeremy

    As kris pointed out, Opera Mini has been doing this multi-platform for ages. It works on iOS and blackberry as well and even old Java feature phones.

    Also Amazon has done something similar with the Kindle Fire (though that’s generally US only and also very platform specific).

    It’s a fine idea for general browsing but terrible for things where privacy is concerned such as banking or private communication.

  • pol

    I still don’t see the app in the Marketplace. I’d expect to see it in the Nokia Collection on my Lumia 800.