Nokia Lumia 820 details emerge before launch, has same camera as Lumia 900

The upcoming Nokia Lumia 820 may not be the high-end product that we’d like it to be, and certainly not as important to the company’s future as the PureView-powered Lumia 920, but the device is a clear upgrade over the 800 and a good candidate for desirable mid-range device.

Recently, Nokia held a question and answer period for some bloggers, and some new details emerged about the product. Perhaps most imporantly, the Lumia 820 has the same camera module as the 900, though shots should be better and the shutter should be faster due to the new Snapdragon S4 processor.

While the glass on the front of the device is not Gorilla Glass, it is impact- and scratch-resistant, according to Nokia, and should hold up quite well over time. The microSD card supports sizes up to 64GB, and the battery needs to be removed to insert it.

Battery life is supposed to be better on the Lumia 820 than the 800 or 900 due to increased efficiency in both the Windows Phone 8 kernel as well as the power-sipping Qualcomm chip. The ClearBlack OLED screen is superior to that of the Lumia 900 despite having the same size and resolution.

And as for the removable back covers, the company is looking into adding one for wireless charging, but wouldn’t comment on availability. In fact, Nokia wouldn’t comment at all on the phone’s price or availability, though we’re expecting it to debut in Europe in November, with a North American launch to follow in the new year.

Source: WMPU