Nokia Lumia 820 details emerge before launch, has same camera as Lumia 900


  • InfinitiGuy

    Old recycled hardware.

    • Big Ang


      It’s a camera on a mid-range phone. Would you rather Nokia have taken R&D resources away from the L920 camera to build a new mid-range camera as well?

      Think before you speak next time.

  • freestaterocker

    This just fell back into contention for my dollars… My job frequently leaves me with small, sharp bits of steel embedded in my clothing and hands. My last non-touch device had the screen destroyed within a couple months by normal use, so non-hardened glass is a deal breaker. The 900 camera is still an upgrade from my HD7, but I was really hoping for a BSI sensor. Unless it comes in under $350 outright, I’ll still be buying the 920 from Rogers and promptly unlocking it for Bell.

  • Dave Davidson

    The exclusion of Gorilla Glass is definitely a let-down. My current mid-range Nokia has it, and I was hoping that 820 would have it as well.

    Still, if I were to upgrade, 820 would be my choice. I can’t seem to justify spending 500-700 on a phone, which would probably be the price range for 920. 920 would be well worth the money, but a bit too expensive for me.

    If 820 is around, or under $400, I’m all in!

  • caanda45

    Nokia are i****s if they do not launch in North America before x-mas….boggles my mind why they wait and wait and wait. If I cannot get it till the New Year, I am not buying Nokia, simple as that!!!

    • Art

      You sound like a fat kid at a cake store, when your mommy refuses to buy you a slice before dinner, as not to ruin your appetite. So much anger!

      You are a nobody, just like me, and Nokia does not care one bit about you.

    • Big Ang

      Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

      Just because Nokia hasn’t announced a release date or prices for North America (for a phone that is guaranteed not to launch for almost another month) just means they don’t want their competitors to know. If you follow this website at all you would know that HTC and Samsung will be launching phones at almost the exact same time so competition will be fierce.

      So calm down and take your ADHD medication.

    • John Marshall

      A.) Why are you censoring the word “i****s”?
      B.) They have to “wait and wait” because they’re focusing on supplying core markets, like Europe and the US, before distributing it elsewhere.
      C.) Oh you whiny little turd, Nokia doesn’t produce its product soon enough for you and you stick your lip out and say you’re not going to buy it? I’m sure Android would be much more willing to cater to petulant little dorks like you, it’ll be a lot easier to enjoy Windows Phone 8 without you pissing and moaning about it.

  • Nexzen

    How is my lumia 710 gna have gorilla glass and that won’t… and they really need to step up their release schedule for around the world at the same time. Clearly the lumia series will be the choice of handset when it comes to windows phone 8. They should be available and ready at launch in North America or this will be such a missed opportunity and a good one for the competitors HTC and Samsung. Make it Pentaband and release it on every carrier, Samsung got it right with the s3 and is gna repeat it with the note 2.

  • caanda45

    Art just a consumer that has cash to burn on a new smartphone…no anger just buying power!

  • Blas

    Not sure about anyone else, but this just became my top pick for WP8.
    The nicer camera module of the 920 has it placed in second but the expandable storage, accessible battery, and most importantly the size all check off well for the 820.

  • Simble

    No AWS band? Come on Nokia.

  • John Marshall

    I hope those rumours of it not debuting until next year don’t pan out. I’ll be willing to wait for it, but if I don’t have to, it’ll be better for me, for Nokia, and for the general public.

  • Tjinder

    “The upcoming Nokia Lumia 820 may not be the high-end product that we’d like it to be”

    Why does every MobileSyrup post have to start with a baffling, inexplicable statement before getting to the good stuff? Why would anyone want a mid-range phone being released in tandem with a high-end device to itself be high-end?