Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 heading to Virgin


  • zzZZzz

    Decent entry phone indeed, hope it won’t be more than 200

  • ToniCipriani

    Considering the S2 and the S2X are already selling at around $200 outright, this needs to undercut them by a LOT for it to sell.

    • Ace2

      First things first:
      October 2012 and releasing phones with Gingerbread:
      F A I L !!!!
      Who do you think you are?? LG, Sony??

      Now that we got that out of the way: The specs for ACE2 are better than the HTC ONE V selling at $175, which has tons of support, ICS out of the box and JB coming up soon for SURE!
      in reality this phone is snappier, a tad smaller and super cheap.

      I think that the ACE 2 at $175- No thanks! neeext!
      at $150, only if you have patience, GB is soo laggy!

      Conclusion: The Ace 2 is a great phone but coming with Gingerbread kills the phone.
      Thanks, but No Thanks!

  • lukeipihone

    Another same looking phone

  • Jimmy

    Is it me or they added a front facing camera?? I see the sensor and what’s that beside it?

  • ASH

    why, why, why? launch a new device, with an really old OS 2.3
    It just make no sense at all! Google need to put the break on such substandard!

  • gjac0m

    Android 2.3? WTF?

  • Dalex

    I love Android, but these entry level phones suck donkey balls.

    Entry level phones with WP run a lot smoother. I think people will be better served by a Nokia Lumia 710 at that price range, or a HTC Radar.

    • anona

      True. If they want to settle with a significantly smaller fraction of apps available and extremely limited options is customization.

    • Dalex

      That may be true for me that uses a HTC One X. Any customizations (launcher, widgets all the other jazz) will slow this POS Galaxy Ace to a crawl and the experience will be pathetic.

      On those old WP7 devices, the phone will remain fluid no matter what you throw at it. The number of apps might be less on WP, but this isn’t 2007-2008 anymore where the number of apps is anything more than a pissing contest. The apps available are enough for the regular user that would buy this entry level phone. They will also run smoother.

      Not a hard decision if you take off your Android goggles for a second.


    Android 2.3 wow Samsung sure knows how to keep up the with the latest and greatest.

    • anona

      The Ace 2 was announced back in Feburary. Candaa is just late to the party. And being an entry level, probably will never see an official updated but a CM10 port will appear.

  • JL

    Apple stops making 3GS…

    Samsung ready to pounce.

    Not copying anymore!

  • MattyMattMatt

    Should be ICS. Shold at the very least be dual. 800mhz single? Might as well get a Gio for less.

  • Cyrus

    How many stupid galaxy phones does this copy cat company release!!

  • ajstyle

    but when launch in india

  • ajstyle

    what is price in india men