iPhone 5 teardown scores high in repairability, confirms higher-capacity battery

The iPhone 5 has been out for less than 12 hours in most parts of the world, but iFixit have managed to get their hands on a model for their annual dissection practice.

This time, a lot of the components are much easier to repair, according to the team. Because the screen assembly is all in one piece, it will be much easier to replace just that portion of the device when broken or cracked. Aside from the space saving aspect of the new in-cell technology, Apple will cut down on phone replacements this way, potentially saving millions of dollars.

iFixit have also uncovered a new higher capacity battery, made with a new manufacturing process. The 1440mAh cell is rated for 3.8V, making for 5.45Wh of total uptime. As most reviews have already found (and I have, too, in my limited time with the device) the battery life is significantly better, even over LTE.

Also something to note, Apple has notably lessened its reliance on Samsung DDR2 RAM; many of the new models come with parts from Elpida, which is expected to send nearly half its output to Apple this year.

iFixit gives the iPhone 5 a 7/10 in repairability, and say it’s the easiest to do-it-yourself since the iPhone 3GS.

Check out all the information over at iFixit.