iPhone 5 teardown scores high in repairability, confirms higher-capacity battery


  • Hofo


    • Prowd Candadian

      O yeah, take that tham thung!
      Get rid of the Asean crap and throug it out!

    • nathen

      @Prowd Candadian

      Asean ? LOL wtf it is ASIAN you nerd.
      Also ” Get rid of the Asean crap and throug it out!”

      Did you even check ? Elpida = Asian

      L M A O, Jesus, you should stay in school.

  • AppleStockHolder

    Up up and away!! It’s going to hit $800 in no time woo!

    Please continue to line up and buy all weekend 😀

  • Bobdole

    Blackberry 10?


    Love this phone

  • TestMe

    iSheep in pieces, that the way it should be.

  • Average Joe

    There are only marginal improvements between an IPhone4 and an Iphone 5. Is it really worth another $800?

    I am perplexed.

  • imrangr1

    1440maH and that’s a better battery. Most smartphone have moved on to 1800mah+

    • lukeipihone

      It is because the OS is very light and has a very good memory management. The 1440 battery performs better than even 2200MAH batteries out there.

  • Apple4Life

    Wow, engineering marval right there. 1440maH battery and it lasts longer than almost every andorid phones.


  • andy c

    1440mAh battery.

    if anyone wanted to know why apples does not have widgets or live tiles you now have your answer.

  • Benz

    I feel $800 richer today!

  • lukeiphone is right

    lukeiphone is right

    Quadcore means nothing. Look at the benchmark tests. Iphone5 beats all including the S3.

    The processor is optimized to extend battery life.

    • sp

      benchmark tests leaked show the SGS3 running Jellybean beats the iPhone 5 and iOS6. so please dont say it beats all…

      cause my SGS3 runs Jellybean. thanks.

  • monsterduc1000

    1440mah battery is all you need for a 4″ screen, no widgets, no live tiles and lesser processing power 🙂

  • gurtej08

    I didn’t line up. Enough said

  • Android4Ever

    1440mAh battery will last long for sure with crappy plain Maps, No widgets, No NFC…

  • shadyguy

    I guess they just could not figure out how Motorola literally more than doubled the battery life of the iphone 5 with the Razr Maxx with 3300mAh.

  • Miknitro

    Cool plan, pay less labor, charge higher part price.
    Very smart, less blue collar pay, more stock benefit like the totally new plug, profit first.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Wow, I think the iPhone 5 looks better this way!

  • OgtheDim

    So there is less stuff but it costs the same as the more stuff from before……..I’m confused.

    Great that its less cost for Apple to repair (not sure that will be passed onto the consumer).

  • Unexpecta

    So the iPhone 5 is easy to repair. Woopty dochey doo, who cares? It’s still the same old damn phone for years, but with minor changes in the ‘newer’ generations. I still can’t understand to this day how blind people are with the Apple brand, it’s almost as if they’ve stepped into an abyss of no return.

    iFeel good that I’ve never bought an iPoop.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    didn’t people complain the s3 was hard to repair cuz the screen was stuck to the glass…? Now apple does basically the same thing and people are saying it’s easier to fix?

  • sp

    so the price of the iPhone to make for Apple was about $162.50.

    prices of each model is 699/799/899 outright + taxes. 29/39 for the connector for your existing cables… it probably costs them what?…. 75cents-1.25 to make?

    ….does anyone else here kinda feel ripped off after seeing that?

  • sp

    they can…sort of…after they jailbreak it and download things that come standard with Android OS.

    go figure that a lot of people do jailbreak it for customizations…kinda sad that they cant see that it comes so naturally to Android OS

  • Astralmind

    The phone is so lack luster that they have to consider “easy to repair” as a ground breaking feature ? Sad… and.. how easy exactly ? That whole screen deal was said to make things more complicated when it came to android phones using the same tech ?

  • iPhonerules

    Androids suck!

  • iPhonerules

    It’s so funny how you fandroids constantly flame iPhone posts, even on Apple websites. You will always have the lesser device, while we iPhone holders have the supreme device; the real cream of the crop. Have fun using your Android devices that will be dead in two months and need to be replaced. “Well it has NFC, and HDMI output!” Big flip! Only 3% of people actually use that crap. Have fun with your piece of trash!

  • Treatz

    I don’t understand how a battery at 1440 is substantially better then the original battery at 1400.

    All wars aside for a second, I think it would have made a lot more sense to keep the iphone as thick as the original and pack those extra mm with more battery..

    Nobody asked for a skinnier iPhone.. this is just getting ridiculous.

    maybe if they kept the same thickness we could all have used our MicroSIM’s and Dock connectors…

    I’m not satisfied with the iPhone 5 personally.