iPhone 5 is now available in Canada!


  • Fandroid

    Best phone on the market

    • Tyson

      RIP RIM

      RIP! RIP!

    • JustMeAndMe

      It’s not far the time, when Apple will follow RIM in deadly downward spiral.
      So enjoy while you can.

    • idonkey

      This guy didn’t wears his spandex today for this Special Occasion. That’s totally wrong!

    • aliwhatsit

      best phone on the market… except for all the others

  • MB

    Just saw this on tv, the losers are getting all wet, screaming in all directions just to enter the store. They will do so much more with their phone in one hour!

    • Amadeus1958

      Because you don’t like iphone doesn’t mean people are losers…..

    • bazinga

      I think I see a big jug of kool-aid at the till 🙂

  • Lexcyn

    I don’t understand how people can take a day off from work or show up late due to buying an outdated piece of tech?

  • Vince

    Apple Store sells discounted contract phones as well as full price locked ones?

  • bbb

    ^you had first comment couldnt u have used it for something positive?
    Anyways, Great(sarcasm)! this stupid phone is available now, let the stupid people waste their $200-$300.

    • bbb

      this was intended for first comment person, i guess i took too long typing.

    • Amadeus1958

      Maybe you shouldn’t have replied……

    • Chief

      It’s sad seeing all the morons lining up like sheep going nuts over a childish outdated phone (not smartphone) it’s pathetic.

  • Jim.Shorts

    I am currently sitting in line reserving a spot for my parents writing this on my S3.

  • Drew

    haha jeeee.. to follow up from yesturday comment.. I Toldaso? haha

  • steve

    2 million people cant find their way home afterwards… LOL

    “spent $700 on a phone, carries a phone book and maps of canada just in case” LOL

  • bbpb

    just watch at the end where hes herds the (i)sheep in.

  • Miknitro

    Not a bad idea,go sell paper maps near the stores doorstep.

  • Nathan

    That’s a mistake. iPhone without contract in Apple Store are sold unlocked.

    • Simon

      This year only the pre-orders that are being delivered are unlocked. All opening day phones come locked to your carrier.

  • Miknitro

    Appletology, the store staff, scared me in that video.

  • Oydevil

    I feel like throwing up….

  • Quinn

    Does this mean we can stop hearing about it too? I’m so sick of hearing “iPhone 5” everywhere I go, especially from this site!

    • mark83

      get ready for the iphone 6 rumours soon lol

  • common_sense

    I never understood why people (clearly with nothing else better or more important to do) would stand in line – FOR HOURS, sometimes DAYS, outside the Apple store for a device that will certainly be glitchy upon first realease?

    When a news outlet interviews one of these fanboys/fangirls, they seem to be intelligent folks but how smart is it to waste your time in line just to essentially be a guinea pig? – Why? just to be able to brag to their friends about being among the first to snag the iphone 5?

    It makes no sense to me but I guess it doesn’t have to make sense to me! 🙂

    • Geoff

      To be fair, some people are standing in line in order to sell their spot to someone and make a couple hundred dollars.

  • Darren

    It still is a nicer casing than my Galaxy with its peeling plastic and better implementation of updates. I give it that…

  • sak500

    Great now they’ll be happy to ogle at 3 extra rows of static icons.

  • hey hey hey


  • BB

    not hating ifans, but we understand that canada had iphones as soon as you released the article that Rogers and Bell has recieved shipments. P.S. video looks so lame and there are 50 apple employees in one store….more then the line up. P.S. they didn’t show the line up because there isn’t much of one.

  • Epgomez

    Iphone 5 = iphone 4s plus 1 row of icons

  • Nova4

    Hating on these “otherwise intelligent” people seems like more of a reflection on you than on them. They are waiting for line for hours or days because the find it fun, or they want to have a new tech device and feel it is worth their time. So it’s not worth your time, or you like Android? So that doesn’t make you a sheep or stupid, but typing down to people on Internet comments? That certainly isn’t a sign of enlightened intelligence.

    • ADR

      So true. I’m glad there’re people talking sense.

    • common_sense


      You must be in line as we speak! *I’m kidding*

      All I said was..I don’t understand it.

      Oh – You just did the same thing. You took the time to type a response to “people on the internet”. Guess we can all use some “enlightened intelligence”.

      Moving on…

    • sp

      i can understand on waiting in line for “NEW” tech, but for tech that has been said that the Apple followers have been waiting for since 2010??

      you are right we are all entitled to our opinion…thats why we voice them out. we are more than welcome here to state our opinion of die hard Apple users to be iSheep and you are more then entitled to call die hard Android followers Fandroids..

      plain and simple the iPhone 5 is outdated tech and the rest of the world doesnt understand why people would waste up to a 1000+ to adopt technology from 2010…

  • superfly

    @Nathan….. not for the iphone 5. All in store pirchases whether bought on contract or outright are still carrier locked. Only online outright purchases will score you an unlocked phone. ….i***t.

  • Black power rangers

    What’s worse?
    Standing in line for something for few hours fr something you like and want for a few hours


    Going on the Internet, bi*ching about how these people are losers, Isheep etc for days?

    • sp

      you’ve been outvoted.

      how was your wait in line last night? hope you enjoyed it…

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    This reminds me when MobileSyrup trolled RIM hard by posting pics of the “lineups” for the BB PlayBook–only problem was the lineups were of one or two people waiting outside futureshop (and were probably employees waiting for the keyholder). LMAO

  • Peter

    Time to visit apple store during lunch time.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I think the employees scare me more than the devoted fans. They are actually convinced the product is the best. They are actually convinced the wait is worth it. Theyre probably convinced their company isnt evil.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      If they dont cheer or represent Apple enthuthiasm, no more shifts. Im sure they would much rather stand around cheering in an Apple store then standing around an empty Futureshop trying to peddle extended warranties and $99 set-up fees for HP laptops on commission. LMAO

  • Collin

    wow what a loser!

  • SetZ

    Two words: IOS6 Maps.

  • Android4Ever

    Guess where is the line up….at Samsung Store…

  • David

    I’m wondering if these people will jizz in their pants once they lay their hands on it.

  • Dave

    Who saw Todd video bomb at the Eaton Center?! Laughed so hard

  • Plazmic Flame

    Motorola Razr Maxx HD > All

  • Dern

    Are the Apple employees dressed as shepherds today as they manage the line ups at their stores?

  • EmperumanV

    Look at all the iSheep bleating heh.

  • zzZZzz

    The guy was so excited! Guess waiting in line longest payed off by getting his new iPhone AND being on camera!

    As for ppl bashing the employees, remember keeping appearances! I’m sure most of you don’t particularly enjoy working where you do, but nonetheless you keep smiling to keep getting that paycheck.

  • ToniCipriani

    Hey look… they have an iPhone 101 right behind the 5. So tall.

  • mango_juice

    I love my iphone but come on people waiting in line over night just to get a phone now that is sad.

  • Porilaisten

    I was in the cab this morning and this was on the radio and the driver goes to me, “The galaxy is better, no?”


  • matt

    wow…watching these videos makes me sick to my stomach. What is the matter with these losers? come on..

  • JellyBeaner

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    i am droid-baba, i am the father of all droids that own all the apples in the market

  • Kilo

    it just hit me iSheeps dont need map or gps …they just follow each other hahaha

  • Manny

    Time to get the Iphone 5, yeah will have to wait for sometime. But guess what, Samsung has no line ups as always, whether its a new samsung phone launch or a regular day.. lol

  • J.T

    And apple developers are glaring out the window, with the shadow from the blinds across their face, laughing at every tool buying one for 700 dollars. “10 Million iphones will be purchased today, Not one will be properly guided home with gps”

  • ActivesiN

    I tried one out today at futureshop and while it is a nice phone, feels good in the hand, and has a nice camera it is not better than the galaxy s3

  • Fanboi

    baaaah baaaah samsheeps are you jealous of my phone? Yes Sir, Yes Sir, I feel so alone.

  • Peter

    Long lines of people, with one hand on their cash and one hand on their privates while they unquestioningly worship their god

  • Jm

    TELUS IS A f***ing FAIL!!!

  • Jesse

    I didn’t realize it’s okay to belittle people based on their choice of a phone…

  • Bcsc

    Hey look they have leaked an image of the ultra tall extra narrow iphone 6 in the picture above.

  • JJ

    Walmart has inventory… I just got mine there. They also have the 4S @ $58!

  • Hank

    those long a*s displays are actually the next gen iphones

  • A

    since when did Mobilesyrup became so intolerant of phones other then android

    • Porilaisten

      What are you talking about? They reported the launch and all it’s “glory” and tripe, what more do you want??

  • Dustin

    It’s so beautiful <3

  • sosa

    its funy there are no line up for samsung lol.

  • Baz

    Ian, as always well done review. Thank you

  • zelalem getachew

    Guys it’s my turn 2have it all
    You all walking while am runing bc I knew dt it will take 3-5years or more of my life time so as 2own by myown & get the most out of the most amaizing MobileSyrup devices
    But now I hope it ‘ll take me days or less to be z WINNER ,own it & 2Get amaized… RIGHT ?? Am waiting…

  • zelalem getachew

    Guys it’s my turn 2have it all
    You all walking while am runing bc I knew dt it will take 3-5years or more of my life time so as 2own by myown & get the most out of the most amaizing MobileSyrup devices
    But now I hope it ‘ll take me days or less to be z WINNER ,own it & 2Get amaized… RIGHT ?? Am waiting…