Koodo Mobile to release the LG Optimus L3


  • Vengefulspirit99

    with last year phones going for dirt cheap outright, I don’t know why people keep making low end phones

  • Sean

    I agree last years high end make great low and medium end phones now and they would have support from Dave

  • Sean

    Sorry that was supposed to be devs

  • Nathan

    The Samsung Galaxy S2X is at 300 $ at Koodo. Why would anybody pick this one ?

  • PeeZah

    All of the above statements are dead on…

    Unless there is more to this….For face value of this story this is a HUGE thumbs down for someone’s decision for Koodo.

    I have Koodo service and love it…but surely they could have gone in a different direction here.

  • kyle

    dear Koodo:
    stop getting LG phones!

  • Noah

    Koodo needs to build on their Windows Phone Stock, rather than getting Iphones……….uggh

  • koodo

    which phone to go for? Samsung s2x or a entry level phone,,, hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Lazed

    This MUST be a mistake or at least a placeholder price. If Rogers priced the phone at $125, I’d expect Koodo to sell it at $100.

  • XR999

    Seriously, even the el cheapo Samsung Galaxy Ace prepaid phones I’ve seen on Telus prepaid match or beat this downright fail in specs and that phone was released over a year and a half ago and it costs the same or less as the Rogers price on the L3. Plus that has Cyanogenmod support, something I don’t see coming quickly to this piece of LG ****.

  • sparky

    I think Lazed hit the nail on the head – it’s almost definitely just a placeholder price.

    Koodo has aggressively priced some higher-end devices over the last two years (Nexus S $425-$450 at launch, SII X $300 compared to Telus’ $600), so it’s inconceivable that they would charge $375 outright for an entry-level Android.

    Let’s all just take a deep breath and realize that this price will be finalized closer to whenever it’s going to launch!

  • Leon

    The L5 was a piece of junk, I bought it, then returned it within 10 minutes of opening it and turning it on. The L3 will be even worse than the L5. Not even worth $49.99 outright to buy it. For $300 you can get the Galaxy S2X a way better buy.

  • Michael

    The one V has more power and is cheaper than the L3