Apple Canada will not be selling an unlocked iPhone 5 at retail stores, only carrier locked for the immediate future

Apple put the highly anticipated iPhone 5 up for pre-order yesterday. Within an hour the shipping dates slipped from 1-2 business days to 2-3 weeks – undoubtedly revealing that demand for their smartphone is still high.

Those who pre-ordered via Apple Canada will have an unlocked version of the iPhone 5 which can be taken to the carrier of their choice. Others might have gone the route of pre-order through Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin, Fido (Koodo will have the iPhone on launch day). However, if you were thinking about lining up at one of the 26 Apple Stores in Canada to score yourself an unlocked iPhone 5 you might want to reconsider.

According to their website it boldly states that Canadians can “Buy iPhone 5 with a contract at your favourite Apple Retail Store beginning at 8:00 a.m. on September 21. We can help you choose the right rate plan and get you up and running. Or visit the Apple Online Store to buy an unlocked, no-contract iPhone 5.”

So that means that Apple Canada will only be selling the iPhone 5 locked to a carrier on September 21st. Perhaps the lineups will not be as long this year. Online sales of the iPhone 5 via Apple.ca are unlocked.

Source: Apple Canada
(Thanks Jack, Mike & Cole!)