Samsung’s latest ad compares the Galaxy S III to the iPhone 5: “It doesn’t take a genius.”


  • Shensmobile

    Well, Apple would have you believe that the Galaxy S3 is the most amazing iPhone yet.

    • SAM

      O SAMMIE!!!!

    • S3 is plastic & cheap

      S3 uses a year old version of Android LMAO

    • BB

      it doesn’t take a genius to understand my desktop is the same price as both phones with alot more power and a way bigger screen. It even makes a tablet look like junk, but i guess most people on this forum must be doing there work from there 4 inch screens and keyboard….what are we fighting about again. my phone takes up more room in my pocket then yours!

    • Yeria

      It doesn’t take a genius to know you’re comparing apples to oranges when comparing a desktop PC to mobile devices. Congratulations, you have just failed trolling at nothing.

    • Marc

      I am neither an Android fan nor an Apple fan… but I will never recommend the iPhone for a better phone or affordability.

  • theinvisiblehand

    It’s of course a very basic comparison but it’s very ballsy. I like it.



    • Allan

      Injected plastic compare to CNC machined aluminum hahaha

    • Joe

      If that’s all you can come up with then your just showing how featureless the iPhone 5 really is. I have a piece of medal if you want, doesn’t do much but neither does the iPhone 5

    • Tom

      I thought ‘plastic’ sounded bad, but now that I’ve played with it I think it is beautifu, and am very impressed at how Samsung’s phones always have the best screen real-estate compared to size and weight (which is key, IMO).

      Besides, everyone seems to put their phones in rubber-ish cases these days, so why use a material that makes the phone heavier and disrupts reception?

    • Joe

      Absolutely, once a tech competitors does a comparison from product to product, they’ve lost. Sad really.

  • Cody

    iSheep don’t care, they’ll still line up for hours.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    They forgot how it’s tech from 2 years ago

  • Michael

    When will people realize it’s not about the hardware?

    • Dana

      You’re right, it’s not ALL about hardware. But hardware does play a large part. There is no denying that 2GB of ram is better than 1GB for example. Not to mention Android is already better at multitasking, having double the ram just adds to the superiority.

    • Call_It_Like_It_Is

      Using just the example you gave, 2Gb of RAM is only better IF the applications you’re running require 2Gb due to high software requirements (usually due to inefficient coding). Remember, we’re talking about a phone here, not a desktop computer, why does an App need that much RAM? Multi-tasking is only as good as how the OS manages the apps, and Windows Phone and iOS are lightyears better at handling background apps & tasks than Android, which justs lets apps use resources even if they’re not needed (I’ve used all 3 platforms and Android is the only one that slows down due to this issue). The only saving grace for Android devices is their use of quad-core CPUs which hides this resource issue.

      Because Apple is a closed ecosystem (for the most part) they’re able to control the user experience. Microsoft isn’t the closed ecosystem that Apple is due to the fact they only control the OS, not the hardware, but WP7’s performance on what many nay sayers call old and slow hardware is, quite frankly, outstanding. Android has been able to slide because their hardware OEMs use the latest and greatest CPUs to hide it’s significant performance issues (much like desktop Windows’ performance prior to W7).

    • Carlo S

      @ Michael, And yet the hardware tweaks was exactly what Apple was pushing this time around. Guess you didn’t get the memo for the mothership. Time for you to go back for a refresher brainscrub and reprogramming. :-p

    • Dewey

      It’s not about the software either apparently because the Android user experience is way better than iOS. I want to pitch the iPad 3 out the window purely on the insanity of its software/UI sometimes but can’t because it’s the corporate device we settled on.

  • ELNY

    The Galaxy S3 is a no brainer, really. isheep will tell you otherwise tho!

  • Victor

    I laughed way too hard on the “A totally different plug” part.

    • Sam

      Apple could have just used microUsb that htc, nokia, samsung, blackberry, lg and all the other brands are using but apple just want people money so they didnt, iphone5 is same product just made with nothing new just to take peoples money. appple doesnt believe in customers benefit anymore all it sees is money. where on other hand samsung, htc, lg and even blackberry are trying to do their best to make customer happy rather than steal their money.

    • bazinga

      I thought they already tried a totally different plug?

  • i dont get it

    i keep seeing ”iPhone 5” everywhere but all i keep seeing is a iPhone 4s with a different charging port, so confused……

    • Dustin

      Funny you should say that because I kept seeing iPhone4S everywhere and all I saw was an iPhone4…. with the same plug.

  • What is this Madness?

    A totally different plug lolol.

  • Tom Zolnierczyk

    Very cool. Bite in the Apple’s… well, apple.

  • JCLG

    Either innovation is taking a backseat to litigation, or some companies are reluctant to venture into the realm of new technologies until the other one does so first.

    One could argue that both the iPhone 5 and GSIII are more “evolutionary” than “revolutionary.” Both devices have bumped-up hardware specs compared to their previous gen’s, new software features, are bigger, lighter, etc. But I wouldn’t say either device has particularly stand-out features compared to my Galaxy Nexus.

    Despite poor judgement in their marketing scheme, what seems to have caused the most buzz in the mobile tech industry as of late was Nokia’s PureView camera tech, which could set the new bar for (mobile) camera quality. While a Windows Phone doesn’t yet appeal to me (mostly because I’m quite embroiled in the Google ecosystem), I’d consider something like PureView to be more worthy of bragging rights than a bigger screen, doubling the RAM, etc.

    I’m almost getting the feeling from Samsung that they’re simply anticipating what Apple’s going to be putting into their next iPhone, and designing their Galaxy flagship to be /just/ better. Most of the “advantages” their ad listed? Product of Touchwiz. S Voice vs Siri? I’d rather stick with Google Now.

    I think/hope Motorola’s poised to make a comeback with their phones, since Google will be pushing them to strive for better. Great for competition, better for consumers.

    • Isaac.

      S Voice is replaced by Google Now on the JB update which will be arriving shortly fyi.

  • Sam

    It dose. Because you are dealing with sheeps they need to understand the technology

  • Kylee

    Funny story, I have an iPhone 4, planned on upgrading to the 5. HOWEVER, once i read up on some things, my mind was changed and I ended up upgrading yesterday to the Galaxy S3… So not all of us are iSheep 🙂

    • johnny knox

      Smart decision. 🙂

    • Rob


      If this is true, you will sleep better at night, enjoy extra money in your pocket, and you should have some good karma coming your way!
      Cheers, and wait till you get jelly beaned- it’ll knock your socks off if you’re used to iphone4

    • Livingproof

      Way to go!

    • Kroms

      How do you like the S3 ? Really though going from the Iphone4 to S3 is a HUGE jump. I think the 4S IS better simply because the dual core but no ware near the specs of the S3.

      The Iphone5 is just not enough of a JUMP from the 4S to bother.

      I have a Galaxy Nexus S and I’m tempted with the S3 it such a beautiful phone. But I think i will wait a FEW more months and see what MARCH brings.

      Congrats on the S3 though, It’s a gorgeous awesome Phone.

    • Dustin

      I own an S3 and had 2 friends that loved my phone but were waiting for the iPhone5. The both texted me the day iPhone5 was announced saying they bought S3’s, the iPhone5 was a disappointment.

      Man would I ever laugh if the numbers come out and Samsung sales spiked after the “andriod killer’s” release.

  • TheMoreYouKnow!

    That samsung ad is bogus. I can’t get 11hrs of talk time on my SIII haha.

    • joe

      Get a life isheep…no one cares about your lame comments. Even the co-founder of apple Steve Wozniak thinks that the iphone 5 is only a catch-up device.

  • Mr.Jizac

    Samsungs hardware is also a piece of crap!

    • steve

      @mr.jizac…. samsungs hardwares crap eh? so that means your iphone is crap… since samsung supplies tons of parts to your wonderful device…

  • Kelly

    LMAO at ” A totally different plug”! Go Samsung!!!

  • Allan

    Injected plastic vs CNC machines aluminum. Hehehe

  • Adam

    Wanna know why Apple doesn’t bother upgrading their components with the “latest”? ‘Cause they don’t have too. Simple as that. Apple designs both Hardware and Software from the ground-up! That’s the only way android manufacturers actually CAN compete, by throwing in unnecessarily large and powerful processors to haul innefficient software. This new phablet thing is a joke.

  • StupidDroidUsers

    This site is so Android bias. The point is that Apple’s software is a joy to use and is very seemless. The users love it because it works. It’s all specs for you under educated Android users.

    • JS9872

      The truth is, if you need the phone to “just work” without ANY thinking and let Apple decide what’s the best for you, then I think you are not capable of receiving higher education.

    • mukrenol

      @StupidDroidUsers then you should go to PA instead, they are more iPA and well known for it =]

    • RkROXX

      The other things is people who care about specs at least know a thing or two about technology. How can you say Android users are uneducated when Apple fanboys are the ones that don’t know or care about the insides of their phones?

    • bulletwithbatwings

      I wouldn’t accuse mobilesyrup of being biased. The website’s readers are mostly Android fans though. You can’t really blame them. The one advantage Apple had over Android was fluidity. Anyone who’s used a GSIII or any Jellybean device knows Apple lost that advantage. You also can’t blame consumers for wanting choice. I personally don’t want another 4 inch device and am looking at getting a Note 2. My friend wants a smaller screen on a classy looking device with a great camera so he’s getting an LG optimus G. Apple used to tell its users that 3.5 inch screens are the best so all Apple fans agreed. Now it tells you that 4 inch is the best and you agree again. I don’t agree. Mobile syrup users don’t agree.

  • Adrian

    The more you know, to be honest with u I get 10 and a half from a full charge to my phone shutting down.


    Like crApples lies their supporter websites I’ve looked at about the iPhone 5 all lie to their Damn followers also about the comparison. The last MAC something or other Site claimed that spec wise the new iPhone 5 beat the Galaxy S3 lol what a joke. Most ppl that buy iPhone don’t know anything about specs so if crApple pays these websites to say that the iPhone 5 has better specs the stupid a*s isheep will listen. He’ll if they would think about it they might wonder why crApple doesn’t say ANY specifics about the processor in their Device. Hummmm I wonder why maybe because it would reveal that their so called high end device is what Android fans see as a mid range device or a device with last year ls technology. Ya know what I’ve tried to open eyes of isheep that they are getting ripped off, overpaying for outdated technology but they don’t listen if they haven’t switched already or those who are not waiting for the Galaxy Note 2. Which their are alot waiting for the greatest device ever built in the Galaxy Note 2. I’m done wasting my breath on these name buyers who don’t care what’s in the device but the name on the back that all the Hollywood types that don’t know a thing about tech, they just see other celebs with the piece of crApples that is the iPhone. – KID ANDROID ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)

    • StupidDroidUsers

      Lol, this guy makes me laugh. What a goof!

    • Blaise Petric

      You are a bigger fanboy than your description of Apple fanboys

  • justfox87

    I’m not a fanboy of either platform as I switch phones constantly and jump around from one platform to the next, but to the average consumer loads and loads of features aren’t everything. Even as a geek I may think many of the S3 features are cool and all but its not like they are all useful.

  • Tom

    When Samsung doesn’t take forever to update their phones then they can say they are the best.

    • larry

      in response to Tom its not samsung that takes long its the carriers that take long for the updates so they can test there blotware and compatibility

  • Cellphone Salesmen

    Everything from NFC down on the samsung galaxy side is just features.. sure they are there but a lot of people dont give a s**t about those. If this was an unbiased ad they could also post iCloud, Facetime, iMessage and a bunch of other useless s**t that other people dont care about as well..

    • BB

      so funny i’m on a different team all together. I only want a phone now for emails and work related things. I play with phones and computers all day and hoping blackberry will come out with the next best work toy. Just want time to do other things then to stare at a screen. Theres more to life.

  • Budi

    It doesn’t take a genius to copy someone’s work and get caught doing it. Pay up Samsung.

    • OgtheDim

      I saw your comment in every other Iphone5 thread……by somebody else.

  • To be honest

    To be honest, the iPhone 5 is nothing special. It’s nothing new and nothing eye-opening. Same design, same features, same everything.

    To me, the iPhone 5 is new only because of the “5” and a higher price tag. I’m proud to be not brainwashed and my wallet is happy for not abusing it.

  • Allan

    You also need to buy a 2nd battery and charger on a droid. It takes forever to charge compare to iphones fast LiOn charging cystem.

  • sml

    samsung phone looks like a big fat piece of cheap plastic…

    • steve

      sorry but after several years of your wonderful iphone plugs, you are going to have to buy 4 new chargers ar $30 each just to supply enough juice to get you through the day… nuff said.

  • foneguy

    Just wait for RIM to release their BB10. It will kick everybody’s but. Blackberry will be back.

  • Joe

    I’m not an Android fan but they show how lack luster the iPhone 5 is compared to devices already out never mind devices coming out this Christmas. Their once big gimmick Retina is now slowly becoming associated with low resolution…and no NFC support…

  • PK

    Actually we cant say Iphone5 is most amazing phone…..s3 is there, I never thought of upgrading to an s3 ….i waited almost 4 months for the Iphone 5 after the lauch….not impressed with it. So 2 hours back upgraded to S3 …..finally saying bye to Apple …..No an apple phone lover anymore….

  • darren

    This is spot on “When Samsung doesn’t take forever to update their phones then they can say they are the best.”
    Updating is still a gong show with Android, and I like my S2x…

  • ActivesiN

    the only thing apple changed is charging port and made a new micro sim. what a great innovation this really changed everything for isheeps.

  • SC

    If it was called Apple Galaxy S3 they would buy it.

  • Brandon S

    All i can say, is Awesome.

  • russ

    who cares what the phone is made of? if you drop them they break(unless you are lucky) and everyone puts a case on anyway so you could make it out if adamantium an it still looks the same in the case

  • Peacenik

    I have an iPhone and have played with the Galaxy S3 extensively. In fact I have one right beside me last month. I am still going back to my iPhone. People should stop calling people fandroid and Isheep. It’s all a matter of preference. For most people the iPhone works and works well. Which is probably the reason why Apple doesn’t want to change a good thing too much.

  • eshizzi

    Sometimes I wonder if the corporate slogan for Apple is: “There’s a sucker born every minute”…

    They sure seem to be able to market products that way!

    • Joe

      I think that the corporate slogan is “Android for the tech people and the poor. Apple for everyone else.”

    • Carlo S

      More likely their slogan is “We build products for people too stupid to be able to operate more than ONE button”

  • boojay

    I am almost positive that is an iPhone 4 or 4S on the left…..right?

    • Ken

      Wrong, this is the brand new and innovative iPhone 7, 3 inches longer than its predecessor!

  • MattyMattMatt

    I cannot believe that Samsung used the Retina Display name. They could have put it on their side too as it only refers to ppi and not the actual tech used.

    • Ken

      Samsung seems like it does not want to associate itself with iPhone-related tech. It’s a good marketing strategy!

  • Thomas Cole

    Nice, Lawsuit it’s the smack that smacks you back. Apple needs to get knocked around again.

  • KS

    Go BlackBerry. Not switching to any of this. I am gonna wait till BlackBerry 10.

  • jess

    it is quite funny for samsung to do this. they need to show apple because of a lawsuit doesnt mean they are better or the market is going to suddenly drop all samsungs together. i for one think this comparrison is hilarious where it says
    “a totally different plug”. Mockery at apples great

  • Sean

    I’m an iPhone user, and I love my phone. Not enough to justify an upgrade to the 5, but either way. Simply put, the Samsung GS3 is a superior phone and there is no beating around the bush. I use my iPhone and love the iPhone for it’s simplicity. I text and use social networking. If I want to do ANYTHING else though, Android has iOS beat.

  • Nya

    I’m a big Android fan and own a sg2 but this is crap. First a lot of the additional features is shitty TouchWiz add-ons which you can match up to shitty iTunes/AirPlay features. Second, A15 > Krait and the A6 gpu CRUSHES sg3’s higher clocked Mali 400 and if the 100% sRGB claim is true the display is also much better not to mention as others have build quality. I wouldn’t take the iPhone over the sg3 cause of the OS but arguing from a techy geeky perspective which is usually androids bread and butter, the new iPhone beats the sg3.

    • Stanislav

      What a load of manure. I better shut this browser. I can smell this awful scent while attempting to read your nonsensical diatribe.

  • Allan

    Man I thought Joan Rivers is the biggest plastic ever made. Samsung for the win 😀

  • Josh L

    I work with a guy that wants to upgrade to a iphone 5. i just shake my head…

  • Sam

    Apple could have just used microsd that htc, nokia, samsung, blackberry, lg and all the other brands are using but apple just want people money so they didnt, iphone5 is same product just made with nothing new just to take peoples money. appple doesnt believe in customers benefit anymore all it sees is money. where on other hand samsung, htc, lg and even blackberry are trying to do their best to make customer happy rather than steal their money.

  • gnote

    Android FTW! More choices, more updates, more XDA development, standardized connectors, and a great community. <3 Android

  • nathan

    I think it’s awesome, and accurate.

    I’m in for windows phone, but this was really clever thanks for sharing it.\

    Well played, samsung, well played.

  • Matt

    Now if sammy could just get more than five hours of battery life they’d have a valid case.

  • Slim

    How can you compare a pretty Honda to a Corvette lol. Nice try.

  • Friko

    Samsung, you have my full support!

  • Stanislav

    Apple is now playing catch-up. The new phone did nothing to impress me. I hear a lot of whining about it not having NFC. Honestly, how many people in NA actually use NFC? I have had NFC since my Nexus S yet never use it. Until retailers and other businesses embrace NFC, its inclusion/exclusion on new devices will not a selling point.

    Furthermore, what is with the new resolution on iPhone 5? Most phones are now sporting 1280×720 and Apple still wants to use a 640 width?

  • Phil

    I’ve been on jelly bean since Google releases it on my Nexus, it’s awesome! IPhone is for the mobile tech illiterate but I’m still switching to the Lumia 920. That is truly awesome hardware! But I may switch back if Google comes out with a great new nexus device.

  • TheInformantsMom

    How can an iPhone user who just bought the iPhone 5 for $700 not turn it on, see it’s the exact same phone in a longer shell and think “gee, … It’s the same thing. I want my money back.”

    No. they get excited. Excited to spend $700 on a phone that offers an identical user experience! Nothing has changed! You place an iPhone 4s by the iPhone 5 and swipe your finger around it’s identical… Rows of icons.

    I am honestly embarrassed by anyone who buys this phone outright or sells their iPhone 4s and pays the hundreds of dollars difference.

  • Brad F

    Wow, the commenters on this site aren’t biased at all. /s

    • hmmmm

      just like yourself, always the same speech I think

    • OgtheDim

      Apple does bias……………its the whole ouvre of the marketing of the company since the 1984 ad.

      So in discussions like this we get bias from:




      Analysts looking for publicity

      Media looking for SEO

      It is almost impossible to find unbiased Apple info.

  • Hardened

    Built-In Dictionary that is updated monthly over wlan connection.

    Simply the BEST Disability Accessibility Controls (There are over 5million citizens in the USA alone affected by hearing).

    A unified security API for ALL iPhone models released running OS 3.1 or higher; Android NOTHING unified its by carrier.

    Not being locked into 1 search providers features for Maps (both win here finally)

    Applications that not only cater to consumers/business but Education in various languages: supported by multiple K12/Universities across the USA, growing in Canada, and in Europe with a plethora of high-end Univerisity courses and data that is FREE an updated each semester by the Universities themselves: iTunes U. This in incredibly HUGE!!
    (Samsung is just trying this with Galaxy Note 2 & Tab 10.1 whatever version of the 5).

    Knowing that my data (contacts/calendar/emails/tweets/location or map searches) will NOT be SOLD! Not to mention pimped out like a free w***e and NOT compensated while the PIMP Google gets richer. Google should be paying the end consumer SOMETHING.

    you cannot get ANY reception using plastics – you need something metal for the radio waves to work – just because its concealed in plastic doesn’t mean metal is NOT used to connect to the networks (cellular/wlan/bluetooth).


    Funny enough we iSheep are learning things – enjoying our experiences of using the technology and not getting caught up trying to boast about it every chance we get.
    Even though Android has more users, more global or regional sales many like you STILL mock Apple daily or at every release, why? Android has won already – why do you still need to flog a horse when its down? Pickup your mentality a lil.

    There IS denying that 2GB of RAM is better than 1GB.

    horrible analogy: If I hooked up a Cray cpu-array to your brain would you be smarter, hell YES! Does it make you more efficient/better in everything you do, no.

    Good analogy: Let’s see what you know about RISC vs CISC – do you think Intel mobile cpu’s will outperform ARM? NO they won’t because their 2 separate kinds of architectures and how they handle power and processing just the same varies. If the core OS is more efficient – like Linux breathing new life into a 13yr old Intel P3 1st gen PC, then why is is NOT so efficient in Android? hmm.

    Do I need to run 5K steps every 10mins at 5’2 to achieve the same speed/distance as 4K steps every 10mins if I’m 6’2? how much more energy would the shorter me spend than the taller me to arrive at the same distance? THAT is the key, the OS are so very much different at how they accomplish their tasks.

    Of ALL the haters of anything Apple or iOS … the majority of Android coders, the top quality application makers are shown using Mac PCs lol.

    Kid Android,
    Does SIII have Dual-Band WLAN on 2.4+5Ghz for 802.11n (G/A) ? Will you be able to tether 5 devices: Your laptop + 2 laptops + 2 tablets/1 tablet+1phone ALL while setting your laptop to 5Ghz uncontested using full bandwidth of LTE and the other devices sharing the 2.4Ghz band?! Hmmm.
    Why no Bluetooth 4.0 for low power connections yet EDR rates? It hardly costs anything (probably less than $1US per chip/device in orders of 1000). People are already complaining about the small cracks exhibited on their SGSIII – I’m not sure how careful their using their devices nor the protection (HoFo Forums, Esato Forums, even XDA). You highlight specs in your post, I hope your ego doesn’t drop a few notches when the SGSIII doesn’t compare to the next Samsung/Google Nexus smartphone.

    Someone said switching from iOS to Android would SAVE you money?! Qualify, Quantify, and prove that statement: Sure the cable adapters would increase costs IF and only IF I had speaker docks and other accessories tied to the old architecture, I don’t so where is the savings?! Both devices come with a cable, again where is the savings? Costs of apps are very much in line with one another, savings?! Propaganda I say!

    To be honest I prefer Sony Xperia Ion/TX/V to other Android devices because Sony has an TRUE ecosystem of accessories & content … THEY MAKE MOVIES AND MUSIC ARTISTS (real quality ones, not some garbage from twitters’ pop elite of here-today-gone-tomorrow).

  • KP

    Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and Samsung Galaxy S3, basically the exact same difference as the iPhone 4s and iphone 5.

    Lets see larger screen – check
    slightly newer processor – check
    more ram – check
    new version of OS – check
    Some cool new “software”- Check

    And thats about it, so lets see Apples upgrade sucks, and Samsung’s is a whole new world, or maybe you people forget that all of them are just slight upgrades, and by the way the processor in the iPhone is more then likely more powerful then the one in the S3, just so you know it is more then likely the ARM Cortex-A15which is far better then the processor in the S3 os the hardware isn’t better either

  • allan

    It cost twice as much to replace a oled screen on a samsung phine compare to a iphone. So if you drop and break a oled screen. Might as well buy a new sammy. Expensive s**t sammy phones at the end. Plus not a lot of replacement parts specially for sammy phones. But tons of replacement cheap parts for iPhone.

  • Free

    If Android manufacturers could/would guanatee timely updates to the OS then it might make the choice easier. As it stands most users are at the whim of the carrier who would much rather sell you a new device for new features

    How many Android dphones released in 2009 (like the iPhone 3GS was) are being supported by Android 4.0

  • drone

    *beep* the Galaxy S3; HTC One X is way better —aesthetically that is.

    However, besides just the appearance, the craptastic TouchWiz overlay is really, really boring and quite frankly kinda annoying; HTC Sense is a lot better and the iPhone 5 comparable.

  • kyokeun

    To be honest, we know that sg3 is better. It’s only that isheeps are just bring dumb

  • AndyOne

    All of these bad comments about Apple made me decide to buy the iPhone 5 without thinking twice about it.
    As far as everybody knows “if you can’t beat it just trash it”

  • Sergei

    Probably will be flamed for saying that but I was iPhone 3, 3Gs, 4 user then bought Galaxy Nexus used it this whole summer and will do until end of September at which point I should get iPhone 5. What did not work out for me:

    – I have 4 iTunes accounts: US, Canada, UK and Russia therefore I have access to all apps, including locale specific like MOG, etc. Getting/updating these apps is a breeze, you just switch account in iTunes/App store and download/upgrade. Google plays a smart game here, they see that my phone is in Canada and they do not let me download anything. The only alternative is grey websites where you don’t know what you are downloading, and that’s probably the source of all viruses on Android platform I read about.
    – I use my phone in a Car and stream music over Bluetooth. In iOS I have clear way to switch audio output between all three sources, on SGN I have to pray that phone starts playing in my car. Same goes for handsfree calling, sometimes it goes to the car sometimes on the phone. No way to switch. And Bluetooth icon is blue.
    – May be not an issue on S3 but SGN is very quiet. Even at loudest settings and after downloading different audio amplification apps recommended all around, it is still difficult to hear if it is in the pocket and the vibration function is next to useless as I don’t feel it there as well.
    – SGN has NFC, but so far I see it as a advertisement gimmick. No use for it. Google Wallet is not available in Canada the last time I checked.
    – While it is definitely better on S3, I expected that quality of 5mpx camera will be no worse than old iPhone 4. Frustrating. Power of the LED flash is much higher however, very nice.
    – Finally the most subjective area: quality of apps. Most apps are inferior to their iOS cousins (I think Evernote might be the only exception), may be Android platform is not to blame for this, but then something in the ecosystem is. May all those teenager pirats that don’t buy any of their apps and get them for free from the easily downloadable files all around the webs.
    – Also about quality of the screen, AMOLED screen is polarized in such a way that no matter from which position you look at it in polarized glasses you loose most of the brightness and contrast. On iPhone so long as screen in vertical orientation I get full brightness and it is easy to see when you drive.

    There is one thing that I will really miss when going back to iOS: Widgets and Google Now. Evernote and weather widgets are great, may be even calendar widget is convenient. Finally google Now is amazing when you have a meeting and it reminds you to leave based on traffic conditions on the road. What will I get back, much more reliable apps, fantastic battery life and finally great camera.

  • Fred

    Can anyone point out an android device getting updated to jelly bean that was originally released in 2009

    The hone 3GS will next week get the latest version of ios

    Anyonei know with a Sammy from 2010 is stuck at gingerbread

    • brad

      The iphone 3gs is getting a neutered version of ios6. No turn-by-turn navigation, 3D flyover and Siri are missing. The 3GS also misses out on shared photo streams, 3G FaceTime and VIP smart mailbox. And there’s no offline reading in Safari. Quite frankly, it may not be worthwhile upgrading as it will probably just slow down the phone.

    • Scott

      The 3GS will not get the best parts of IOS 6. It will be getting IOS Ultra Light. The iPhone 4 will get IOS 6 Light and the 4s (and 5) IOS 6 Full.

      But, yeah, I agree. I much prefer Apple’s method for OS updates.

  • Lito

    If you have a good enough product there’s no need to bash competition, the product should speak for itself.

  • Matt Kim

    Samsung should do mass advertising putting posters of that on front of all apple stores so that isheeps gets trolled even more from samsung.

  • TK C.

    I thought turn over to mute was originally from Nokia… why would Samsung put that feature on the list?

  • Artfuldodger416

    I’m sorry, I have to call Samsung’s bias. I think both devices are solid in in their own ways. If you’re going to make a direct comparison, at least list all if it’s specs & features equally so that consumers can make up their own minds.

    I notice a lot of people calling Apple users “sheep”. That’s adorable. Please tell me what puts you above consumerism? We’re all sheep in the very same regard as the next person.

  • Shayan

    The s3 will still have s-voice but will also have Google now (the Google voice) any ways I love my s3 and will never change to apple!

  • Eric

    Just being able to do a simple thing like changing a battery because mine is geting low is important to me and with the CRAPPLE PHONE you need to take it into their service centre to get a new battery and pay probably $60 when I can buy one for my Galaxy Nexus for about $3 and change it my self.

  • Bob

    android versus apple again lol i cant wait to see how wphone8 is
    it seems like it should be pretty kool

  • Yeria

    I actually laughed at “A totally different plug”.

  • Jesse

    If Apple pulled this, people would be demanding their heads.

    Also, I’d take an iPhone over a GSIII anyday. The Galaxy looks and feels cheap.

    • johnny knox

      Fisher price is suing apple for infringing on their toy phone operating systems which are nearly identical to ios. Just a bunch of icons on a tiny screen.

  • Scott

    who cares what phone is thinner bullcr@p , what matters is what phone has the better battery, and what phone will last longer during the day, is whats more important to me.

  • Allan

    I just hope no samsung executive gets axed for his add. Look at what happened to Yemen.

  • freestaterocker

    I’d like to see this same ad with an Ativ S, which eschews the “cheap plastic” for machined aluminum as well. I put “cheap plastic” in quotes because there is an inherent advantage to the use of these materials. Durability. A lighter phone hits the ground with less inertia and is therefore less likely to shatter the screen. Also the flexibility of the build material comes into play as well, absorbing much of the force of impact before it can be transferred to the less flexible screen. Skyscrapers are designed the same way. Those of you living in Toronto or another major city have seen the effects of 100km+ winds on a skyscraper. They sway. Engineers use highly ductile (flexible) steel girders in construction of the frame, allowing the structure some give under force. In other words, they bend instead of break. Give me “cheap plastic” any day.

  • Hank

    haha totally different plug!

  • namtab

    i like how they did their research and put “a totally different plug” for the get up to date with technology, and maybe you can steal “a totally different plug” in your next galaxy 4s. BTW that totally different plug is capable to transferring audio and video signals as well – hence allowing you to connect you iphone to a tv via hdmi.

    • Joe

      S3 owners can already output audio and video Thru micro usb. You know nothing about the s3. The greatest trick apple pulled was to convince the sheep they iintroduced everything first.

  • Dowhatt

    I’d say NFC its main use will be for mobile payments, I see that as a pretty useful feature and future-proofing the SGS3 and things like the smart stay is pretty useful and convenient, microSD storage, and having a removable battery is extremely-useful etc.

  • JP

    i can’t wait for the S4!!!

  • OGOD

    That’s y Apple sue Samsung…

    Apple designer: Tim, we can’t do better than that….that’s all our iphone can do.
    Tim: damn, I need new features…and new design!!
    Apple designer: Sir, its already a new design. But I am too old for new features, I can’t think. I supposed to be retired.
    Tim: New design??really?…-____-“damn, anyways…PLAN B
    Tim call apple’s lawer: Stop samsung selling their phone no matter what. Sue them, say they copy our iphone.
    Lawer: But they got more features….
    Tim: I don’t care, I said SUE THEM!

    In Tim’s mind: My Iphone is always NO#1 in the market, and that’s my way to do it. Only I can copy others….wahahahahaha.

  • Francis


  • Manny

    IPHONE — The Original

    Rest— Make you feel that you are using something which looks like an Iphone

  • Tony

    Istay? I didnt know what it was so I read up on it… Creepy phone!!! “I see you watching o_0.. I will watch you sleep”

  • relevant84

    To the people whining about Samsung updates… thank your carrier, not Samsung.

  • Dustin

    absent of a very important spec:
    iPhone5: 1ghz dual-core straight out of 2010
    S3: 1.5ghz dual-core (and it’s months old already)

    Can’t believe the margins they must be enjoying. And ten’s of millions of iZombies will line up to buy the worst value phone on the market. Makes me ill

  • Ted Bundy

    Oh what our world have come to…? Two companies go head to head to be no. 1 in the $600+ phone. Both phones are good, just buy both so you can get the bragging rights. And enough with this my phone is better than yours arguments. Your comments here wouldn’t change the mind of rest of 95% “other” phones users who cant afford to spend two week’s paycheck for a phone.
    There are other things to argue about, like who has bigger house / the most expensive cars on the block.

  • Nicky

    It’s a great ad. Because you’re all now avidly discussing the Samsung Galaxy SIII.