Here’s what happens when you show people the iPhone 4S, but say it’s the new iPhone 5


  • Rami

    Hahahahaha amazing

    • ChaTrer

      Maybe RIM should do the same with BB10??

      Show them a 9900 ( Who has one these days??) and tell them that it comes with BB10. The RIM Stock goes up and RIM gets saved…..for another 10 days!!

      The video was brilliant! Shows Planned obsolescence at its best! Considering that the 4S is almost a Galaxy S and that the iPhone 5 is almost a Galaxy S2 at three times the price.

      Funy how the nobody will know about the CPU,GPU and Battery of the phone, before they sell the first 5 milion!

  • ASH


    • vn33

      Funny, that IS the first thought I have after reading the first few lines !!! 🙂

  • TestMe


  • shadyguy

    Awwwwwesome – does not take much.

  • Sketch

    this made my day!

  • shadyguy

    I assume Jimmy is an Android fan …lol.

    • Preet

      Or you could assume Jimmy Kimmel has a brain…

    • Kroms

      Hopefully yes, this way you don’t come across like an Idiot.

      Come on , where is the grey matter here ? The Herd are like zombies.

  • jdk

    sums up apple fans in a nutshell. Put a apple logo on it and they’ll buy it.

  • Vince

    Humanity died a little with this video…

  • Peezah

    The awesome power of suggestion……….

  • Duuuuude

    I am not at all surprised. Baaaaaa….

  • Eluder

    Just shows you how clueless iSheep really are.
    And more importantly, just how little Apple changes with their devices year over year.

  • Corks

    hahahaha this is fantastic. “Definitely faster” “HD screen”

  • shadyguy

    I watched it like 3 times – every isheep did not even flinch. They really thought it was the new iPhone 5.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Rofl… 540p is hd?

  • Adrian

    Sad reality is that this same concept is starting to happen in the Android camp, too. The S III isn’t radically different from the S II, etc., etc.

    Still a funny watch, though. 🙂

    • pr0cs

      really? have you even put the S3 against the S2, they’re very different, in size, shape, screen, performance.

    • ehoustoun

      you’re not too off base. The Galaxy SII HD LTE is in many ways the same phone as the SIII and is about $100 cheaper but it doesn’t do nearly as well.

      It’s just the power of hype and marketing really, the truth is a shockingly small percentage of the public are actually savvy consumers.

    • deltatux

      Even the North American S II and S III look very different and perform very different. Are you sure you’ve actually played with both?

    • Kroms

      Really ?

      Apple just convinced a Jury that the SG2 and now 3 look like the Iphone.

      Please get your eyes checked. Then get a REAL phone.

  • shadyguy

    Apple should thank Jimmy for the advertising.

    • Josh

      perhaps, or they might sue him for 1 billion dollars

  • Mike

    Typical iPhone users. It’s sad, really.

  • Joe

    The people who also bought android phones thought it’s an iPhone.
    The ones that knew they were buying android phone are the ones that hack them lol.

    • LMAO

      Hilarious. Even the two who showed their iphone ate that up.

  • Benz

    Pure brainwashed! BB10 by CHOICE

    • Big Ang

      And I’ll be avoiding Blackberry BY CHOICE! 🙂

  • Joe

    Sorry but BB10 is DOA. Just like the Playbook. Bwahahaha.

    • BB

      bb10 is far from dead, apple on its way…will take a while but if they don’t do something fast it will be the end….nothing exciting yesterday with iphone 5….nothing

  • Josh

    Roughly 25% of mobile-syrup readers will be offended by this video.

  • Gsizzle

    LMAO F1cking Retards.

  • lmao!


  • Squint


  • ih8fanbois

    Learn psychology – you could get someone to be a “witness” to a crime just by putting a tv camera in front of them. It has been proven. The worst part about the iphone is the android fanboys.

  • Broken Arrow

    As the saying goes: “There’s one born every minute!”

  • Gary

    Did anyone else even notice that it was an iPhone 4 that he was showing them. SMH.

  • caribouroader

    A fool and his money……..(are soon parted!)

  • sp

    thats not true Josh…. its a 50-50 camp….at least 50% will be upset and mad…and 50% will be peeing their pants laughing….

  • rain55

    Just goes to show you iPhone users are blind .how can they not now It’s the same phone in his hand wow

  • #yoloswag

    The iphone 5 gives me a lady erection

  • Plazmic

    So darn saddenning, I want to slap all of them.

  • Ryan

    Kimmel is a hero.

  • troy

    i zombies really are stupid

  • blackprince

    This makes me so happy and so sad all at the same time. Sad for humanity, happy for the comedy of it all.

  • David

    sigh… that’s how Apple make their billions.

  • Blair

    this is absolutely hilarious.
    However, this video does not sum up every single iphone/apple lover out there but it show how technically uneducated the users in the video are. Perhaps that is one of apples many marketing schemes, target those who simply dont know any better. They seem to do a good job of that, $80+ billion in the bank.

  • Rew4rdz

    So many android fanboys that don’t seem to grasp how this was made. He probably had tonnes of people that picked up on how it wasn’t an iPhone 5 but only used the clips from the people that didn’t. it’s comedy TV. Stop getting all butthurt because your Android devices are obsolete. Again.

    • Jay

      @Rew4rdz: Obsolete? Are you serious? My current Android phone has more power than the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5. Don’t make me laugh, hahaha!

    • Chief

      You are a prime example of the average IQ of an isheep.

    • Rew4rdz

      Well Jay, as we’ve seen with Android you need all that power in your shitty devices to keep them running even 1/2 as smooth as an iPhone. Even after project butter Android still lags (HAHA!) behind. As a galaxy S 3 user right now, I personally can’t wait to get this superior device. The low PPI on the S3 is killing my eyes.

  • TO Boy

    Do the same show with Galaxy S2 and S3, or Note 2 and 3, same s**t. You guys really think the avg person, like in this video, would know??? Only nerds who read these blogs know.

    • OGOD

      Galaxy S1,S2,S3…and note1,note2 obviously looks different.

  • Jay

    Hahaha! Perfect study to show how stup… errr… brainwashed the iSheep are.

  • Slype

    As funny and humiliating as it is, most of us would fall prey to it. When you are put in front of a camera and asked a question in a certain way, most people will tend to want ot please the interviewer and I think most of these people were doing just that. Kind of like reality TV, you show what you want and tell the story you want. How many people were not fooled by this? We are not shown that.

    So that being said, I do feel sad for those who actually had their own iPhone 4s in their hands and made the statements.

    While the majority of iPhone users may be less tech savie than most, there are a few decent (although misguided) people out there.

  • Nathen

    Better Still they should have handed those people a Samsung SG3 and tell them it is the NEW Iphone5, after all it looks like an Iphone right ?


    • sp

      no then that would just fuel more lawsuits for Apple to make more off of Samsung.

      they should have just given them a concrete block with the Apple logo on it and said..this is the new iPhone 5

  • sp

    it should be now iLemmings… not sheep.

  • Shoey

    What’s new about this? Everyone (except Apple users) know that Apple users aren’t the most intelligence bunch out there.

  • tks

    It’s not even an iPhone 4S they’re holding, it’s an iPhone 4. Nevertheless, JKL still proved a point.

  • Zoomus

    Goes to show the power of the media, most people (especially isheep) will believe anything you tell them, sad because they could be using a better device at a much cheaper price.

  • David

    Hahaha I’m sorry Apple.. Once again you did not impress me. I’m in search for my next windows phone 8 device, just waiting till HTC to bring theirs on the table

  • SC

    Quick guys sell your 4/4S as 5 on craigslist before they notice.

  • iPhone5ish

    If it looks the same.. how would people know I updated?

  • iPhone5ish

    If it looks the same… how would people know I updated?



  • ace

    Why do sheep herders wear kilts? So the sheep don’t hear the zipper….

  • SlyGuy

    At least they’re rich…how they got to be is mystery.

  • Stuntman

    I’m waiting to see the video where they give a Samsung phone to someone and say it is an iPhone and see what people think of it.

  • Miknitro

    the masses are as smart as dinosaur, no wonder they are catered to with the iPhone.
    Worst part is having to avoid arguing with them an then proving they have less donut for more dollars.

  • Acura

    What a bunch of jabronis !!!

  • amirjitsu

    Apple is one of the most over hyped brands ever.

    I used to have an iPhone because I fell for the hype, but once I used my friends Galaxy Nexus which has Google’s Android OS it made the iPhone look like crap.

    I am especially happy that Android is open source!

    Thank you Google for providing me with great service at half the price! You don’t need to be a fan boy to appreciate a great device.

    My Nexus cost me $299 dollars + $30 shipping

    Your iPhone – $650+


  • amirjitsu

    I used to be an iSheep, but I ran far far away!

    Thank you Android for not breaking my bank and releasing free open source software updates! Jelly Bean is amazing!

  • Peter

    They should of shown an Iphone 3g and said its the new iphone 5, wouldn’t of been any different. All Apple Iphones all look the exact same LOl. and then the next Iphone 6 will still look the same and the next and the next. Apple you need to innovate with samething new and exciting, cause your products so far are boring.

  • TKG26

    LMFAO 2 even had the same phone in there hands… love it!!

  • Erwin

    Two people on the skytrain thought some person had an iphone 5 because the screen looked longer. They were looking at 4″ Samsung Galaxy S.

  • Michele

    Hey Jimmy love your show, and thank you for proving what I thought about the iPhone 5 no big difference with the 4s I guess people are really lost in that technology world