eBay redesigns its Android app with improved navigation and better My eBay integration


  • ns.dev

    Shouldn’t the new logo come before the new app? Then it could be seen as a re branding.

  • Adrian

    Released today? I had it pushed to my phone already yesterday afternoon. 🙂

  • Jack

    Nice. After I installed it, no longer able to log into my account!

    Galaxy S2X with ICS 4.0.3

  • demon

    It doesn’t work over WIFI.
    Are you kiding me?


    Great……Updated and now I can’t log on (network error, yer right).
    Why fix something that ain’t broke??????


    • cazzaellen

      Me too. How to fix?

  • Amy

    Wow how exciting! Not! I’d rather it be ugly and work than pretty and not able to use. I can’t even log into it.

  • ekotran1

    Great now it doesn’t work at all and eBay is not sharing info or updates about the problem

  • Ryan

    Yeah, it’s hilarious that they release this redesigned app the day before they redesign the logo. Bad planning? And on top of all that, as ekotran1 reports, the app is broken, constantly giving multiple FC messages. Far as I know, it’s been broken since 5:30pm.

  • Tim3tripp3r

    New version has now been yanked from the Play Store and replaced with the previous version. I guess it wasn’t ready for prime time. That always amuses me when a company with big bucks be it ebay, CNN, Globe & Mail, etc. can’t get it right in these major overhauls yet the small devs seem to pull it off on a more consistent basis. Go figure.

  • shark

    what a bunch of absolute morons who cannot even launch an app that works. i was so frustrated with old app and now they launch a improved one that i actually liked yesterday. then today it keeps giving me a msg to update. so i do. then it locks up my phone. what a bunch of losers.

  • Stevie C

    Didn’t anyone test this app before it hit the market? The joy of auto updating now means the ebay app no longer works. How hard can it really be? Who gives a hoot about the funky new logo if the update essentially makes the app null and void. So not are you screwing me for 10% sale costs and 3.4% for Paypal, but the only free thing you offer has zero value to me. NOTE TO SELF FOR EBAY MANAGEMENT – IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T MEND IT.

  • furbian

    Some ‘update’ it updated itself earlier this morning, and now simply doesn’t work. Crashes with an error as soon as I launch it.