Upcoming Windows Phone 8X HTC specs leak online


  • lmps56

    I don’t get it…Why didn’t they try to beat Nokia? Not sure why anyone would buy this over the Lumia… Unless it’s released before the X-mas season.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Why are the specs exactly the same as the s2?

  • HerpingTheDerp

    “Windows Phone 8X HTC” is a shitty name.

  • sinkiller

    no chance against nokia or Samsung. This would have been a great wp7 device. Nothing about this phone stands out. its just okay.

  • William

    This is looking like the “The Lumia 920 won’t be available to Canada for 6-8 months and I need a new phone now so I’ll just get this if Canada gets it” phone.
    That’s my situation at least.

  • Marc

    Why is everybody pooping on the phone. This is not HTCs higher end/flagship phone. Before we criticize HTC, we can at least wait for them to announce the specs for the HTC Zenith.

    • Keith

      I was thinking the same thing. This is obviously HTC’s entry level WP model and surely they will have one or more higher end models in addition.

  • Big Daddy

    *Really* need to see some sort of summary chart with specs, pricing and avialability on these Windows Phone 8 devices. I’m rocking a Day 1 LG Optimus 7, and I’m itching to upgrade!

  • Dalex

    This is HTC’s big chance to gain somewhat of a foothold in WP. If they announce these devices on Sept 19th and release them on October 29th (which is the WP8 release if I’m not mistaken), they could beat Nokia to the punch.

    This is clearly the midrange device so its to be compared to the Nokia Lumia 820. This device seems to borrow a lot from the Droid Incredible 4G LTE on verizon with its 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon S4. The Zenith will probably be a One X (which is really a great thing, because the One X is amazing) running WP8. If HTC can release their devices first and get people excited about them, they could really go bullish on WP8 as they just claimed they will.

  • Matthew

    My LG Optimus 7 is likely now dead (mainboard issue) so I am waiting patiently for all the phone specs and launch dates to be revealed then make a decision.

  • Me

    I think some of the comments here are failing to consider that this is supposed to be a mid-range device, so we cant compare it with Lumia 920. This sounds more comparable with Lumia 820. The article specifically says “HTC is also expected to announce their flagship WP8 Zenith”. THAT would have to stand against the Lumia 920.

  • Cal

    This is very misleading to those who are deciding on the One X or this. The 8x is completely different from the One X. But to the average consumer, they’re going to think the 8x is the successor to the One X.

    Btw HTC One X. Is a horrible name if there is a successor. HTC ONE X2? Or is it HTC Two X?

    HTC! Get your act together.