Ativ Tab and Ativ S names trademarked by Samsung


  • David

    Ativ: Vita backwards. Sony’s gonna love this.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I’m not too sure about this wp8 business. What advantages do I get over android? It might not be worth the switch if they only offer the same things

    • Dalex

      The advantage might come from the better ecosystem. Both W8 and WP8 will share their Kernel, so you might see these products eclipse Android pretty quickly when it comes to apps and services. It might however tank too, but its doubtful with Microsoft bleeding money into it. Also W8 is very very fluid, something that pre Jellybean tablets (maybe ICS on some models) cannot claim.

  • Knowledge

    ATIV: Advanced Telecomunications Interface Visualizer

  • coolwin8

    Looking forward to seeing Windows8 on Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. You’ll be able to get a app from the
    Windows Store and use it across all Windows devices. Exciting times for Microsoft!!!

    • abc123

      I hope you are right.

      Personally, I have a feeling that it will be a complete failure.

      I believe the reason is that the Windows 8 experience on mobile is not that much different than what it is currently. Nothing has changed that much on the surface. How are the current crop of Windows phones doing now?

      Add to this a major shift in the desktop experience. This is a major gamble on the part of Microsoft because people are traditionally resistant to change. Businesses will have a nightmare integrating metro apps with traditional “tried and true” legacy apps. Consumers who have struggled with Windows 7 will continue to struggle with Metro because what they’ve learned for W7 is mostly useless with Metro. And the switching between metro and classic UI’s will confuse the hell out of them.

      Finally, your point about having the ability to run the same app across all windows devices hinges on the fact that you must have ALL windows devices. About 80+% of the mobile devices out there are either iOS or Android. Developers are now flocking to languages and tools that make it easy to deploy on all platforms – one such tool is called HTML5 and phonegap. It’s gaining functionality and performance with each release and soon it will rival native apps that took several times more effort to develop.

      No. People will not be lining up for Windows 8 desktop or mobile. It will be a slow start, slow enough for shareholders to take notice.