New Samsung Galaxy S III colours unearthed: Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey


  • Preston


  • TheMoreYouKnow!

    I think mother nature should sue samsung for stealing her designs.

    • Harris


  • Marco Riding

    Finally some decent colours. The titanium grey and the black look awesome.

  • gezaim

    A brown phone. Yuck.

  • JR

    C’mon…. dirty pool if you ask me… not fair to those who had no option earlier….

    • razkoe

      you had the option to not buy immediately.

      Samsung did the same thing with the i9100 and Bell, and dropped the white one a few weeks after the black one.

      Wait 2 months before you buy, the price goes down, and you get color choices. It’s been like that since at least ’05 with the Moto V3, when Rogers dropped Pink, Blue and Black on us during the Christmas season.

  • ak

    Titanium Grey looks amazing! Really hoping that color comes to Canada!

    • OgtheDim

      Colors don’t come to Canada.

      Colours do.

  • Shaggyskunk

    I want to see one in apple Green, with smoothed corners ^_^

  • vn33

    Grey is the new white !! 🙂

  • ju

    Ugggh, if I had a choice between all of these (white and blue included) I would totally choose the grey. BUT I’M STUCK WITH THE BLUE BECAUSE THESE WEREN’T AVAILABLE BEFORE!


  • Mike

    That’s the kind of innovation Samsung should be pursuing…changing color.

    • tony

      That’s more innovative than Apple’s two colors of black and white.

  • Samuel

    Love the red one

  • Harris


    *Changes Colour* LOL

    • Gsizzle84

      I honestly don’t know what your referring to laggy? I have played with my family and friends S3 and my god it’s nothing less then a Beast with ICS. With JB around the corner for S3 its the best smartphone on the planet.

      If JB *Project Butter* can rejuvenate my GNex in a new phone think what it will do with a beast like the S3.

  • EddieWinslow

    I live that titanium grey, looks awesome.

  • Nicholas

    The grey is just sexy..

    Though, they better check with Benjamin Moore first and make sure they’re not stomping all over their patents on colours.
    Don’t need another lawsuit on your hands, do ya now, Samsung? 😛

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I got the blue on the day of release but if there were these 3 colours as well, I would have gotten grey one or red.

  • nrj4life

    That black one is very sexy!

  • gorn

    ZOMG!!1! They’re beautiful.

    Sympathies to the early adopters, but then yer all used to this kinda thing by now, right? ;^)

  • Senk

    This is a slap in the face to the early adopters. If you’re going to put out a black phone, why not release it Day 1?

    • VenzBenz

      there is always spray paint.

    • Jon

      If you’re going to complain about colour choices, why be an early adopter? What are you going to complain about next, that the price is lower?

  • AllanVS

    I was hoping Rogers would get the AT&T Red, but I think I like this red better. Red is an awesome colour for phones.

  • ghart

    Brown? Really?

  • MB

    would have liked it with the front black and back red or front black and back grey…

  • trev

    I like the grey. People that are bitching because they have the blue or white probably use cases anyway. DF

  • coop3422

    Early adopters who b***h about lack of colors at launch are simply stupid IMHO. If you’re on this site, you should know better than to think there’d be no new colors later on. Last year I got my black s2 in August, a few months later white comes out. It happens, and it’s the price for getting new tech early. Suck it up!

  • VenzBenz

    black is the new white!

  • VenzBenz

    is this the iphone 5?

  • JasonStatham

    Love every color! The brown one reminds me of my Nntendo DSi XL !

  • Deli

    brown looks so classy! others look great as well

  • Fartknocker

    I really like how the poo brown colour makes actual poo look good in comparison.

  • jonny

    wow, all of those are sexy!

  • darren

    I just got the Blue one a month ago… Noooooooo!!!!! 🙁 had to side with it because I didnt like white

  • AP

    Who the heck is in-charge of naming stuff at Samsung? Sapphires are inherently blue, and Amber is inherently…well Amber/Yellowish. ‘Amber Brown’ and ‘Sapphire Black’…seriously?

  • sachmo

    Can Crayola sue Samsung for using colors?

  • Tomatoes

    Funny how the GS3 went from being ugly at the announcement to this sexy looking phone.

    Amazing how the look just grows on you.

  • Another Law Suite

    Be carefulllllll. Apple invented black. 😉