Dolphin Browser for iOS gets shiny new interface, better tab management and fullscreen mode

For a long time Dolphin Browser was the de facto alternative to stock on Android, but it made quite a splash when the new owners, MoboTap, ported it to iOS. While it still uses the same rendering engine as Safari, it’s always differentiated itself as a feature-filled, high-speed choice.

The latest version, to version 6.0, brings a serious overhaul to Dolphin Browser’s interface, and introduces some great tab management qualities that is sure to make Android users jealous. Tabs now show up on the ride side of the screen, and are accessible by gliding your finger gently to the left to reveal it. There are a number of new gestures and voice dictation (Sonar) options, too, which have been Dolphin’s unique claim to fame over the years.

Full-screen mode now lets you hide the address and bottom menu bar as you begin to scroll, and will intelligently reappear as you need them. This is a great feature for iPhone users as the screen real estate is at a premium.

While you can’t make an alternative iOS browser your default (without jailbreaking), Dolphin is definitely a contender in the space crowded by Opera Mobile, Chrome, Atomic Browser, Perfect Browser, Skyfire and others.

Download Dolphin Browser for iOS.

Via: CultofMac