Google adding gift card support to Play Store

Google will be adding gift card support to its newly-rebranded Play Store in the coming weeks or months. Not only have the physical cards themselves leaked to Android Central before the official announcement, but the newest leaked version of the Play Store .APK inclues support for “Wishlist” and “Redeem” functions.

This feature has been long-requested from Android users, especially as Google adds content besides apps to the market. In the U.S., there is access to music, television, movies and books, while here in Canada we’re limited to apps, books and movie rentals.

The feature will be available via the menu in Google Play, and will likely use the unique code on each gift card to redeem the value and store it in your Google account.

We’re hoping the feature is available to Canadians, but something tells me it won’t be, at least at first.

Source: Android Police, Android Central