Google adding gift card support to Play Store


  • TestMe

    In Before the “Is it BB10?” comments!

    • 1234APPLE

      hope Apple will not sue them!!!

  • Hinds2009

    It’s for the States though! North of the border will play the waiting and hoping it comes here game!

  • MattyMattMatt

    Please release in Canada. Im not giving you my credit card which is why I dont buy apps.

  • Aiden

    *cough* (like we all don’t pirate games,music and movies)

  • Steven

    Nice! I just tried to purchase an app yesterday using my new TD Visa Debit card but they don’t accept that yet , just like a lot of retailers online don’t! Until they either offer that gift card in Canada or accept Canadian Visa Debit cards, I won’t be purchasing anything via Google Play

    • OgtheDim

      You got a VISA debit card without realising that most retailers don’t want to use it?

      Research is your friend……

  • m82a1

    This is cool! I like it. Perfect if you don’t have a CC

  • Dan

    When is Google Music coming to Canada? All this is good, but just for apps and books. Anyone know what’s taking them so long?

  • Jordan Hill

    Hrmm… I smell an Apple Lawsuit. I believe they innovated this gift card idea?

    • Rhino

      I think Apple is going to sue the entire human race soon as they undoubtedly invented eating, sleeping and breathing…

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Apple has been the leaders of gift card offerings for many many years. Google see’s our success and decides to copy the idea, ho hum what’s new. Sigh.
    If you can’t beat em, copy em…


    • jPhoneUser

      Blockbuster started this idea , next was Mobi Gas, then it was Kmart. This concept has been around for almost 20 years.

    • Ron Mexico

      Hey douche, you’ve been told many times. Stop posting

    • Matt

      @jPhoneUser: Just like the touchscreen… the tablet has been around for almost as long.

    • Pept68

      Apple: If you can’t innovate, litigate

  • OgtheDim

    Coming to a Shoppers Drug Mart near you….

  • Michael

    Thanks Google!
    I was getting tired of paying for those Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards plus that $3.95 activation fee…


  • Bradley

    Kewl.. been waiting to buy music for ages.. hurry Google!!!