Humble Bundle for Android 3 brings five great games for just over $6 (or four games at PWYC)

Humble Bundle for Android is back with four great games for whatever price you want to pay. Praised for its DRM-free application of Android’s sideloading abilities, the idea is simple: the amount you spend can be split three ways, between the developers, charities, and the Humble Bundle folks themselves.

This time, four games are being offered — BIT.TRIP BEAT, Fieldrunners, SpaceChem, and Uplink! — with a fifth thrown in if you spend more than the average, which at this time is $6.08. The fifth game, Spirits, is great platform puzzle game. SpaceChem and Uplink! are tablet-only, however, but all games can be played across Windows, OS X, Linux and Android. They can even be redeemed on Steam, but that requires a minimum of $1 payment.

The games themselves are available individually on the Android Market, but SpaceChem alone costs $6.99, so this is a pretty great deal.

Head over to Humble Bundle for all the information.

Source: HumbleBumble
Via: AndroidAuthority