Humble Bundle for Android 3 brings five great games for just over $6 (or four games at PWYC)


  • Albert

    These don’t get updates, correct?

    • Kevin

      Download the Humble Bundle (beta) app. They’ve just recently updated it to 1.3 which allows for an account (likely you’ll have to create a new one which isn’t much of a hassle) that will keep track of all your Humble Bundle purchases.

      From that app, you can do the usual, including downloading the apps in apk format (allowing multiple downloads at once, pause/resume), and will notify you of updates for the games you buy and other Humble Bundles if you wanted.

      All in all, I always look forward to the next one just because of how many goodies they put it.

  • Jebus

    Can anyone explain about the games themselves?

  • Thierry

    Odd, I was sure I’d left a comment here.Anyway, I reeembmr seeing these when I was a kid, but never bothered to get them– any money I had which might have gone towards them seemed better spent on more NES games, or Ninja Turtles figures, or other stuff in general.Still, I’m glad to see what I missed out on at the time. Truth be told, I’d like a copy of the Super Mario Bros. one, if only because it has “official” art of Peach in the same colors as the original game, before she went “all pink, all the time.”