Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note to receive Jelly Bean in September-October: Rumour


  • Nik

    Hopefully my Galaxy Nexus receives it some time before then…

    • Bobby

      Is it BB10?

    • AndroidRootGuy

      Galaxy nexus already HAS Jelly Bean for a while now! Look it up on google how to do it, or contact me!

    • Don

      We shouldn’t have to look it up. The reason I got a Nexus was to get the next version of Android with little fuss and stress.

    • Nervously

      Bell’s Version is the i9100M which is the same as the international one.

      The ones that MIGHT get it will be the
      SG2- Koodo/ Telus
      SG2 LTE – Rogers

      SG2 LTE HD – Bell ( This is the most unlikely due to a different screen)

      Having said that AOKP Team will have it by September 23th or sooner and CyanogenMod (CM10) is coming Around Sept 16th

    • Hemmingway

      more samsung junk

  • jb

    My English is a bit weak but does this mean that the bell version will have to wait too our will it be updated with the international version?

    • Joel

      The Bell version is the same as the international version. But you’ll have to wait until Bell rolls it out.

  • Joel

    CyanogenMod 10 (JB) already runs well on the S2.

  • Meow Meow

    Yes. When will we get it for our GNex’s? Samsung Canada is sure dragging their feet!!!

  • ime

    nope, it says bell’s version will come out as soon as europe does (its the i9100, international one)

    also my nexus s already has the update (had it for some time now), i find it hard to believe the nexus doesnt…

    cant wait till there is a final cm10 for the s2 tho!

  • AndroidUserBornInJune

    rIp RiM

  • AndroidRootGuy

    Come on folks! Its not happening for Galaxy Nexus!

    Galaxy nexus already HAS Jelly Bean for a while now! Look it up on google how to do it, or contact me!

    • Shelby

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  • Netguru

    There is no excuse for Samsung Canada not releasing JB for the Galaxy Nexus now! Other Samsung subsidiaries around the world have already done so. Samsung Canada played the same game with the ICS updates.

  • Meow Meow

    Samsung Canada’s GNex is a certain type of build “YUKFART” and won’t receive updates from Google I hear.

  • Meow Meow

    So far I haven’t received one update. Still on 4.0.1. My friend got 4.0.4 for her Optimus LTE this week.

    What gives?

  • me

    what about the galaxy s 2 x

    • Nervously

      Three weeks later.
      They have to port it to the Qualcomm CPU and GPU; To the screen size ( no big deal since it has the same density) and adapt it to function with the Capacitive Buttons.

      The same goes for the S2X, S2X LTE ( adapt to the LTE radio, the rest is pretty much the same; Would take longer for this version since there are less people with the LTE version) and around the same to the LTE HD version.

      It pays to stay with the “international” version !
      But in general it pays to stay with Samsung. Good luck if you are with Sony Moto ( that keep releasing phones with GB!!)

  • Meow Meow

    Pure Google experience is why I bought mine. Samsung Canada feet dragging is what I get!!

  • the wise one

    I already have JB and I’m on a GNex. It’s stupid of Samsung Canada to not release JB but honestly rooting takes all of a half hour and it’s 0 fuss.

  • Chris

    I’ve been running jb on my sgs2 i9100 for a while now so I could careless

  • Peters~

    I have the Google Nexus S – By Samsung (with Mobilicity) and received my Jellybean upgrade ages ago! Stick with Google – your sure to get those nice upgrades quickly.

    Either way, Google, Samung, Asus rock!

  • George R

    I am running the JB on my Telus SGS2x. It is sweet.

    • Piff

      How the hell are you running JB on your GS2x?

    • Oc3LoT

      I am as well, and aside from the odd reboot, it’s pretty awesome for an Alpha build. Issues with the camera have been resolved, and I’m getting easily 24h battery life with moderate usage.

      Tried AOKP and CM10, and for me, CM10 is far more stable on the S2x

  • Sean

    Hey everyone, you guy’s should all write and complain to Samsung Canada about not being updated to JB 4.1 with your GNex (do it on their facebook page or something). Stop complaining here and write your comments to them. If you don’t they will not listen and you will wait forever. I agree you should have the update but they are obviously getting away with it.

    • Piff

      But the Canadian GNex has JB 4.1. I don’t understand what the issue is?

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Wtb jb for my s3

  • ASH

    Can’t wait… Rejoice me and my Note!!!


    Ive been running Jellybean on my 3inch 1080p BB10 developer phone for the last year. It runs great though when BB10 comes out in 2015 it will reign supreme

  • TheOtherSide

    Customers of the Canadian version of the Galaxy Nexus shouldn’t have to sign up for a ****book account in order to complain about why a supposedly pure google experience phone hasn’t received an OTA update.

    • Sean

      Facebook was just a suggestion. You have other options like emailing them, calling them etc… I agree you shouldn’t have to do this but obviously you need to. It sucks but that’s life sometimes. Focus your complaints to them complaining here to the community won’t help.

  • shamu

    @Hemingway.. Your posts are boring and predictable. Go play with your 3.5″ iCrap.. Are you afraid of the competition?

  • Sean

    @ TheOtherSide then don’t do it through Facebook! Email their support our something. You have options to complain to them. Just stop complaining and do something. Yes it sucks I agree.

  • kayn

    This makes me glad that my second phone is an internationally unlocked GT-I9100.

  • Kiri

    S3 will be getting the update on August 31st.

  • XR999

    Nice try Samsung, no way would I wait 2-3 months for your bloated JB ROM when betas of Cyanogenmod 10 are already available for the i9100M and work very well if I might add (no crashes although battery life is less than desirable right now).

  • Tomatoes

    The legend continues. I wonder how the GS2 will be viewed in 10 years. Far ahead of it’s time.