Curve 9320 now available at Koodo


  • SAMB

    WELCOME 2005

    • Gerhardt

      RIM IS BACK IN A BIG WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keiyui

    I feel for the price it’s a perfect koodo device. I hope this helps out RIM in any way possible.

  • Nick

    Fits nicely into their target audience.

    I just wish they’d bring in another good Android phone. When they brought on the Nexus S and iPhone 4 I hoped they would become a carrier where you pay a fair price for the phone and then don’t get gouged on the plan.

  • Mitchell

    Glad to see companies picking up these phones. Hopefully they do well enough to stem the losses for RIM a little bit.

    What I’m really waiting for is janurary, 2013. Blackberry 10

  • Goran

    Ièm surprised to see Koodo charge 200 for it. I forget which other carrier it is, but it’s being sold elsewhere for 150 outright.

    • Virgin150

      Virgin has it for $0 on the tab or $149.99!

      THe phone is an 8530 with twice the RAM and bigger battery, welcome to 2009!

      If Virgin has it at $150, Koodo should sell it at $99, but because Koodo is Telus they sell it at $200???

      You can’t make S@#t like that!

    • 2dfx


      Not quite. The 8500/8530 had the 624mhz Marvell Tavor whereas this has an 800mhz Snapdragon variant.

  • Miknitro

    Good grief, why?

  • juneboy

    $200??? It should be $2.00 instead.

  • jason4

    O look….. more garbage…..

  • Bray

    Honestly if this is the device you want, hook up with Virgin and just buy it for 150 outright. If you ask us reps nice, we can add a promo to just give you 10% off your bill. No tab. No worries.

    For people who only care about texting/calling/BBM (yes there are people like that) this is a fantastic phone. Our store surprisingly cannot keep in stock. It’s price, and really good physical keyboard, and the white availability make it a rather surprisingly hot seller.

  • john

    Hope most canaidan be a man not a pen. Buy it only if u like it stop complain

  • john

    ThIs Is a super cheap land not surprise cheap phone fit well

  • Richard

    Should be like $100 for 2006 tech


    I’m all for choice and the existence of entry level, affordable devices but seriously. I want to see RIM succeed but this phone is a prime example of why Blackberry is struggling in the real world. Android devices at the same pricepoint are better built and offer so much more. While working for Bell, the number of BB curves I saw literally falling apart was horrible.*only the curve. Anyone with any sense would go for a Samsung Galaxy W or an HTC desire C or something over this….