Rogers, TELUS, WIND and Mobilicity Nexus S users can download the official Jelly Bean update


  • MrMastodonFarm

    Boo yah!

  • Alex

    Big 3: How to overprice fu*kin plans with 3 years contract to steal even more money from you, all that without even being able to role out freakin updates on time…..

    • Eluder

      This has nothing to do with the big 3.
      The Nexus S was originally out on T-mobile, which is AWS, which is what Wind and Mobilicty use, which is why the update is out for this version of the first phone.

  • deltatux

    Oddly stock recovery fails on update, you’ll need to use CWM. That’s the only way I was able to update stock Android 4.0.4 to Android 4.1.1.

  • Brandon

    Wow. Fail on the big three.

    • You fail at thinking

      ’cause the Big 3 control the Nexus S updates…

      You tool.

  • Dave

    I can confirm this. I’m now running on Jelly Bean. 🙂

    Received it OTA half hour ago.

    It’s now a miraculous update though from what I see so far for the aging Nexus S. Probably its last big one.

    • Dave

      It’s not a miraculous update.***

      Sorry typo.

    • Dave

      What I meant is that it’s not a full-proof prevention of slow-downs on the phone. Project Butter doesn’t seem to be all-out on this, maybe because of the single core?

  • Sean

    Meanwhile my Galaxy Nexus only just got 4.0.2 because I brought it in for repair and the reflashed the software…

  • Andre

    This should be updated actually!

    Many, including myself have received the OTA for the 9020A.

    There’s instructions on XDA! 🙂

  • JSO

    It is out on the Big 3 also. I am on Koodo and got the OTA update about 2 hours ago, so have others on the Big 3 check the XDA forums.

  • Henaway

    This almost makes me wish I had grabbed a Nexus S instead of an SGS2 last month … buuuuuuuuuut the S2 is a little newer/faster/better and I’ll be shocked, absolutely SHOCKED if Samsung doesn’t give it Jelly Bean. (And if they don’t, I will! C’mon CM10!)

  • Dave

    Robellus (I9020A) version now going out OTA and available at the link, too.

  • jonny

    “put the update file on your SD card”

    umm, nexus S doesnt have an sd card slot.

    • MrMastodonFarm


    • JSKershaw

      The SD card is internal

    • Shawn

      The Nexus S has built in storage which is treated as an SD card. Stop slitting hairs and install your damn update.

  • Joe

    Got the update on my WIND Nexus S today OTA.
    Running pretty smooth!
    Miss the opening animation from ICS =(
    The Siri like voice search works but still not upto par with siri.
    All in all pretty happy with the update

    • deltatux

      Just download any ICS ROM off xda-developers and then just overwrite the in the /system/media folder. This will change the boot animation.

    • billie

      hey did you get the automatic update or manual??? i havent got any update 🙁

  • Tharan

    Nice! Now let’s see their responses to the new 6GB plans…

  • jonny


    hopefully its less buggy than ICS was at first!

  • Justin Credible


  • Roger

    I Can confirm the update on ROGERS Nexus s

  • John

    could someone post the official jellybean download link from google? I haven’t received the ota yet 🙁

    • jonny

      Go to System Settings and then About then System Updates

      make sure your wifi is on cause it says its only available by wifi

      and backup your contacts before just in case. ICS trashed my contacts list (tho JB didnt)

  • jonny

    I used to be able to press and hold on a home screen and a menu would pop up that allowed me to add widgets or links to contacts or anything, now it just lets me add wallpapers.

    how can i add a shortcut to a contact on a home screen now?

    • JSKershaw

      Go to the widgets tab within the app drawer and select the widget you want to add.

      If you install a 3rd party launcher like Apex or Nova you can still ad widgets by holding down on the main screen and selecting widgets.

    • XS

      Open the contact you want to put on home screen, open functions and select “Place on Home Screen”. That simple.

  • RyanOver

    my HTC Incredible S which is «more powerful» is still at 2.3… ICS is available for Incredible S user in the UK since july, 2 but I’m still waiting on Bell, to unleash the power

  • isdfoa

    manually downloading jb update for i9020A right now, but I heard that Koodo’s Nexus S is also receiving the OTA via XDA Forums posts 🙂

  • Dave

    Does anyone know if jelly bean will be coming to Galaxy s2 (or variants)? Or if it can but on them from custom roms. I know diddly squat about roms and the like

    • isdfoa

      i read an article that jb is coming to galaxy s iii soon, and the s ii soon afterwards (probably august/september?).

      if you can’t wait till then, or you wanna try custom roms, visit xda forums and find the forum for your device :). I was hesitant on rooting my phone as well to keep my warranty (didn’t know anything about rooting/modding), but it’s really easy! in a couple months i even started theming haha, and hopefully in the future i’ll start making roms! (i’ve only been using android/a smartphone for 10 months).

  • Sean

    Got it on my wife’s Nexus S with Rogers. Forced it by going to Settings, Apps, All, Google framework, Clear data, Stop, then checked for System Update in settings and it was waiting for me. Make sure you are on Wi-Fi. Enjoy

    • cgully

      The force update trick didn’t work for me the first time, but it did work on the second attempt. So I guess it’s worth trying a few times just in case! Thanks for the hint.

  • Chris

    I’m a Wind user, using Nexus S. Is it supposed to show up on System Updates automatically? Not happening for me yet 🙁

    • isdfoa

      here’s how to check manually for an update 🙂

      1. navigate to settings > apps
      2. find ‘Google Services Framework’ (or might be Google Framework, idk)
      3. Click ‘Force Stop’, then ‘Clear Data’ (won’t delete anything on your phone, just different Google stuff)
      4. Check for system updates in settings > about phone > system update > check now

  • ghostrider

    Just received ota update to 4.1.1 jelly beans.
    On Wind Mobile, Model: I9020T

  • Sean

    @Chris check my post above yours and do what I did. That should force it

  • manchild

    WARNING! I lost all my pictures and videos after the update. Back it up or lose it all. Seriously don’t thumb this down. I really lost them.

    • manchild

      Add music to that.

    • manchild

      OK cancel that, they have returned. Sorry guys.

  • klim

    got it on videotron too.

  • Internalaudit

    Telus has the phone for $149.99 (refurbished with 30-day return / 90-day warranty) but this can be had for $127+ through the Telus Teamstore.

  • Yesa

    What da #@?… My Galaxy Nexus still at 4.0.1 ICS Mobilicity.. Where is my update.. ?#@?$#@ ??


  • Senk

    I don’t even have a SIM in my i9020A and the update is downloading now over WiFi. I just went to check for updates under system settings.

    • bob

      yeah exactly! I don’t think it comes as a notification for the update. Just go to settings, about phone, system updates then it starts downloading

  • the wise one

    i flashed my Galaxy nexus to yakju and I’ve been running 4.1.1 for 4 days now. loving it!!

  • Chris

    Not finding this update yet. Patience i guess..

  • thomas

    Menawhile my galaxy nexus is still on 4.0.2…….

    Google/Samsung is starting to piss me off

  • ToniCipriani

    Wait… I don’t get it. Why Rogers and not Bell and Telus? They all are i9020As.

  • Netachi

    I just did the update from koodo and now I’m on
    ….. 4.0.4 -__- and I’m not even jocking!!!

  • paulo

    Horray 4.1 OTA is out. I am on Mobilicity in Canada and received the update at around 12:30 PM. Follow these instructions to get it pushed to you. I needed to do it at least 5 times (modified from xda) enjoy!

    1. go to System settings
    2. Apps
    3. All (need to scroll the top bar to the left)
    4.scroll down to Google-Service-Framework
    5. Delete Data
    6. Force stop
    7. go to Homescreen
    8. System settings
    9. about Phone
    10. Systemup dates (last time of updatechecking should be 01.01.1970)
    11. Check now
    12. if not work go to point 1.

  • some guy with a nexus

    Im on fido with a nexus s, and i can confirm that i have gotten the 4.1.1 update. no problems so far!

  • GreenManiac

    I’m on Fido with a Nexus S (I9020AUCKJ1) and just did a System Update check when I saw this news and it offered me Jelly Bean! Installed it, it went without a hitch. After the reboot I got worried a little because everything was very sluggish and it rebooted by itself out of the blue. But afterward, playing a bit with it, everything went back to normal and smooth. Weird thing is, yesterday I check for an update, it found one but it was 4.0.4, which I already had, no idea why.

  • Code

    On WIND, just did what paulo said (repeatedly did the manual check – clear google services framework, check, repeat) and got it after 4 tries. Beauty! This is why it’s all about using a Nexus.

  • Tim Cee

    I am downloading the JB 4.1 update on Telus as we speak. Did the steps above. FYI: note on my update says “via wi-fi only until Jul. 21”

  • Jose

    Where is d update galaxy nexus for telus?

  • Biz

    On Telus. Was 2.3.6. First got the ICS update and then Jelly Bean! Follow the steps mentioned above, they worked for me!

  • Ryan

    is there a version yet with root access?!

  • Will Lam

    Cool. Just checked in system settings and I’m getting the update on Fido

  • JVA

    I assume from the Telus store page, that you must actually be a Telus employee to purchase one of these phones?

  • Siddhardha S

    Damn.. I should have bought a Nexus Device. They get all the updates first. 🙁

  • Chris

    Bell never carried the Nexus S. Why are they even mentioned?

  • dVd

    got the JB update about and hour ago, chugged hardcore right at first, but now, “buttery” smooth, and the notification center is pretty sweet. FIDO Victoria

  • Emil Fernandes

    Thanks to paulo’s instructions I also have updated my Nexus S to JB! So far so good. Reception on Wind seems to be a bit weird right now, but hopefully it is a temporary network issue.

  • Anthony E.

    Not sure if anyone has posted this here yet but, for anyone who wants the full Google Now experience:

    1. Open Google Now
    2. Press menu
    3. Go to settings
    4. Select privacy and accounts
    5. Make sure there is a check mark in “search on”

    After this you should have a Google Now experience like the one that was shown in the Google IO keynote.

  • Sanjiro

    Got my Mobilicity Nexus S updated to 4.1.1 at 9PM, took about 4 tries of clearing data and stopping Google Software Framework for update to show up, but afterwards updated without a hitch. So far don’t notice too much of a difference, a bit smoother and imo a little easier to read the notifications but not too many differences I notice compared to ICS.

  • MER1978

    1. I really don’t get why something on my device would be the only thing preventing me from getting an OTA update. What eventually happens on my phone without me doing anything that will allow it?

    2. Could someone running stock ICS please give instructions?

    When I go in to system settings >> apps I can’t find anything called “Google Services Framework” under the 3 tabs (Downloaded, USB Storage or Running)… I can find “Google Services” under the Running tab… and it has Network Location Service, Google Messaging Service and Google Services inside… again still no Google Services Framework.

    • ninja

      you need to learn to read instruction.

      1. go to System settings
      2. Apps
      3. All (need to scroll the top bar to the left)
      4.scroll down to Google-Service-Framework

      read step 3 over.

    • Windy City

      Hi You need to swipe to the left the menu that says Running then you will see ALL. That is hidden in portrat view.

  • MrMastodonFarm

    The framework trick took me 10+ tries but I eventually got it.

  • ken

    On bell, got the update yesterday!
    Everything works perfectly except for bell mobile TV. App crashes every time, most likely just needs an update for JB. Loving it so far, phone feels brand new.

  • Cell Hell

    I’m with mobilicity and my Galaxy Nexus is also on 4.0.2. When do we get the update? I don’t understand why this is always so bloody random and half assed.

  • Nikki

    Has anyone had issues with this?

    I’m on Wind Mobile and tried to check for the update, it says I am up to date but I’m still on 4.0.4, I’ve tried ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Force Stop’ for the Google Framework, but still nothing. Does anyone have a suggestion?


  • Fred

    my nexus S is on Rogers, i did had a update yesterday… but it was ICS 4.0.4, now im on build iMM76M, weird that i got this now, instead on 4.1, jelly will probably follow soon, maybe nexus s needed to be on 4.0.4 in order to update to 4.1 without problem, anybody else got that update ?

    • canuck

      I had the same update on Koodo. 4.0.4 to 4.0.4, with no noticeable benefit, however my news widget/app is now broken.

  • dc2000

    Galaxy Nexus on 4.0.1, last night I was fed up and rooted mg device and installed a custom 4.1 JB rom…screw you Rogers. I miss my BB 9780!

  • Chantal

    I got the OTA update on Mobilicity yesterday and it slowed my phone to a crawl, I would t be in a rush to get it and would revert back to ICS if I could.

  • MER1978

    Anyone else using the Mobi version of the nexus S without wifi? It says connected when I go in to settings but the wifi icon and bars shift to grey after a few seconds of blue now with Jelly Bean.

  • farzad

    I followed paulo’s instructions couple of times but it didn’t work. So after step 6, I changed the date to some future date in 2013 (after I cleared the data for Google Services Framework and stopped the service) to force the OTA.

  • Windy City

    No luck here yet either with the Nexus S on Wind Mobile. I have done all of the steps like clearing policy framework app cache rebooting several times, checking in with dialling the *#*# special code, I even downloaded the ZIP file booted into recovery mode but it gives me error code 7. Don’t want to Root my in warranty device just yet so I guess I will patient.

  • JMB

    Really – educate yourselves instead of whining and complaining! If you want JB 4.1.1/ Build #JRO03E on your Nexus S, look upthe gGoogle services framework method of forcing the update OTA to your phone. I’ve had ICS running since April, and now JB since Friday 7/20. This method works perfectly.

    Good luck and enjoy…

  • JMB

    You need to update to ICS 4.0.4 prior to the JB update to 4.1.1.

    Force close Google services framework afterclclearing data, shut your phone off and restart. It may take a couple of attempts, it is a staged update as noted above. Be patient, it will work…

  • Chad

    Had to repeat the ‘delete framework data’ about 8 times but it worked. Mobilicity.

  • NorthernDrawl

    My wife and I both got OTA updates this week-end for our Nexus S phones through Koodo.(July 21st and 22nd). No complaints, and not a lot of noticeable difference.

  • Dane

    My Nexus S won’t update. I’m wondering if it has to do with the Kernel Version.

    Android Version: 4.0.4
    Baseband Version: I9020XXKI1
    Kernel Version: 3.0.8-g6656123
    android-build@vpbs1 #1
    Thu Feb 2 16:56:02 PST 2012
    Build number: IMM76D



  • MidnightWatcher

    I’m now experiencing poor WiFi connectivity using Jelly Bean 4.1.1 — sometimes my phone won’t connect at all if I’m even one room away from the router. Under ICS 4.0.4 I’ve never had this problem. This Jelly Bean is a little sour.

  • coolman

    I thought with JB we no longer need data/wifi to use speech to text.. when i turn off my data/wifi the speech to text function won’t work.. also i know that it’s for english only. thanks..

  • Wade

    I’m really enjoying jelly bean on the nexus s. All previous version seemed unpolished incl. ICS, but jelly bean is smooth and polished.

  • Raj

    apparently for the galaxy nexus there are 2 version one with Google flash system and one that Samsung flashed software. The ones with google can be updated for people with samsung software(90% of people in canada) have to wait.

  • patent troll

    After all the smoke and mirror rituals that did absolutely nothing the update naturally hit my wind nexus s on July 26. So far so good.

  • Carter Loose

    I still don’t have the update on my Nexus S with telus. 🙁

  • Mystery

    Just got Jelly Bean update through OTA on my Galaxy Nexus Wind

  • Mystery

    just left it to charge and got the notification. At first I thought i was getting the 4.0.4 update when I checked it was 4.1.1. It is smooth and some of the apps that were hanging no longer do that.

  • Ryan P

    I’m with Telus in Montreal and I tried every method since it was first announced and have never received the OTA update. I must’ve done the frameworks trick over 100 times now but still get nothing. This is highly frustrating.