Jelly Bean source code released in AOSP



    Can it run on RIM?

    • FIRZEN

      lol i just thought for once i had a chance to be that random guy that leaves some off topic comment mocking RIM XD

  • Hub

    And note: no binary drivers for Nexus S and Xoom yet. Translation, you can’t rebuild the OS for these devices.

  • rhys

    why only mention cyanogenmod when there is aokp which has grown in popularity so much over the past year

  • Darren

    So I can haz Jelly Bean on my Nexus S? See you o in a few hours…

  • LeDerp

    Yesssssss, AOKP JB HERE WE COME.

    I tried JB for a whole week, loved it.

    Now i was starting to miss all my root access and tweaks from AOKP…so im back and patiently waiting

  • Senk

    This is probably a dumb question but is it going to be possible to get stock Jellybean on a Galaxy S3 at some point?

    I went from a Nexus S to a Galaxy S3 and I’m really not digging Touchwiz.

    • Bryan Guerrero

      Actually yes you can, check out xda-developers for roms for your phone, a rom is a custom built version of android, theres already a jellybean rom i think

    • alexrobot

      Note, though, that the Jellybean ROM is only working thus far on the INTL S3 (the i9300). The North American ones are not working, far as I know.

      (Bryan, by all means reply if you know of a working one, I’d love to try out JB on my S3. :))