New iPad price dropped by $20 at Future Shop


  • kad

    who gives ?

    are you going to report gas price fluctuations ?

    • Theywillbepissed

      $20!!!!!!! How is apple going to stay in business with these crazy price cuts?!!!!

    • NothingNew

      That’s TWO shares of RIMM.. wait took me too long to type this, make that 3; wait for Thursday…..

      Those prices are obscene, but it shows DESIRABILITY and how much people want it!!

      Compare that to the Playbook at $150 that’s everywhere in stock!, once they drop it to $99 ( or 10 shares of RIMM) it will fly off the shelves and it will be thend of the biggest FLOP in Lazaridis history.

  • TestMe

    If its not Android, why would I want it??

    • John

      Perhaps because you want a device that actually works?

    • ??

      Do they make android tablets?

    • Tminus

      Lol buy an android tablet you’ll be impressed. /sarcasm. Say you want about android phones vs the iphone chances are it’s true, but the iPad kills any android tablet. Android tablets imho are a total fail.

  • David

    Wow..a whole $20!

  • bb

    what a steal i guess people aren’t buying them like they used too!

  • Bob

    It’s ridiculous 20$ off.

  • Kid.Canada

    Yup, people finally woke up from Apple’s hypnosis. Now it’s Playbook or an Android Tab. iPad = A massive ripoff.

  • SAM

    wow this is a huge save

    i pass

  • Matt

    Playbook? Really?

    • bb

      i know right, but funny thing is one of our sales reps has the ipad and just went out and bought the playbook he said it is more convenient to carry around.

  • jack

    that $20 off really helped me change my mind about buying an ipad3.

  • Mark Landry

    iPAiD too much

  • jeorge

    lets go wait in line at futureshop!!

  • MB

    No wonder, most iPads there got between 3.0/5 and 3.5/5! Not very good!

  • Tomatoes

    Apple actually letting retailers decide the prices? Eh? Steve jobs would be throwing a fit right now. I wonder if you can price match Apple products right now.

    Looks like Apple isn’t totally invincible. Some chinks in the armor that Windows 8 might target.

  • Alex

    Not the best deal around …. At least if you buy an iPad at “regular” price on, they throw in a $50 gift card with their back to school promo.

  • rookie

    Wow.. How long is Line….

  • EmperumanV

    Use Staples $50 off any tablet over $299 coupon tomorrow plus price match this at Staples and you’re good to go.

  • ah ha

    What is interesting here is not the drop in prices. Apple fan or not, the fact is there is not a lack of demand for Ipads. I think Bestbuy is making room for another product…perhaps the Google tablet?

  • Porilaisten

    Well $hit the bed

  • EvanKr

    What? It’s not boxing day yet! What’s Apple doing with these crazy rock-bottom prices? How are they going to stay in business now with only a 300% markup?

  • lordkang

    Great tablet but sooooooooooo overpriced. Take another $150 off that and I would consider it. Closed eco system and all.

  • LeafsFan77

    FIRE SALE!!!!!

  • apple blows

    this is almost as silly as the 100 dollars off a macbook pro on boxing day

  • Darren

    A whole $20!! Apple is going to sue Futureshop for this ridiculous price drop!

  • Ali

    I thought its gonna Be $350 and now i have only 50 bucks i was about to Get $350 but im gonna get it and im gonna buy An iphone5!

  • Ali

    I say we should go and buy it when The sun is going up on 9 o clock. Becues it can Be sold.