Video: Android Ice Cream Sandwich statue arrives on Google’s lawn


  • Karthik

    Looks and sounds amazing. Great idea of putting it on there lawn whoever thought about it.

  • BoB


  • tremSr

    haha imagine the workmans comp form if you got injured by a falling ice cream sandwich android robot statue!

  • Andy

    I call Jelly Bean for the next OS release.

    • cellcon

      i call Jesus-Juice

  • Richard

    A few more Android versions and they’re going to run out of space… LOL! Fortunately there’s only one major release every year.

  • Dom

    I love Googs:)

  • googs

    who wants a $hit sandwich?

    • Darryl Livingstone

      Who wants your useless, foul-mouthed opinion? ‘No one’ is the correct answer, loser.

  • Cave Johnson

    Gimme Exynoss 1.5gHz in the Prime and I’ll buy 🙂

  • Al

    i like how they showed the nexus S taking a picture of hte ICS (or is it the new nexus prime used by google employees!)

  • keiYUI

    So if Google makes so much money how come they can’t maintain their lawn? lol..

  • Smitty

    That looks positively delicious…

  • Ben W

    How come they never used Gummy Bear as one of the names! lol

  • monsterduc1000

    @ googs: “who wants a $#!+ sandwich?” About a million people who pre-ordered the iFlop 4s.

  • chall2k5

    MMmmmmmm ICS

  • Derek

    Fandroids play with dolls on the front lawn, Apple users line up to purchase the most advanced phone, with the best user experience on the planet.

    • Cliff

      Then shouldn’t you be in line with the other r*****s who took the day off work…are losing money by doing so…and are about so spend $800 on “the most advanced phone…” ?

  • Derek

    No Cliff I’m far to busy and successful running my own business, I pre-ordered my phone online. (its awesome btw)

    I know you Fandroids will never understand the concept of a line, I mean who wants to rush out and buy those pieces of s**t Android phones?

    Enjoy Fragmentation and watching people play with the lawn furniture.

    • John

      Maybe you should be doing some actual work instead of dicking around on a phone website at 11am…

    • JFrosty

      Fragmentation is normal. Just look at human cultures. What are you, interested in only one superior culture? Sieg heil!

  • Turbo

    Enjoy your new android inspired features.