Videotron will start taking Galaxy S III pre-orders on June 13th



    $600 for a plastic phone. Where do I line up? Baaaaaaahh baaaaaaaahh!

  • OgtheDim

    Wind is taking pre-orders?

  • shaggyskunk

    No LTE, same price….. Gimme a Break!

  • Marco

    This will easily be the best phone they will have on their lineup now. Not a Videotron customer, but they seem like they have good plans.

    • Bob

      Good plans if you like the cucumber in your back side.

  • aregularonhofo

    Would you prefer cheap rates like Mobilicity where the company can’t sustain itself and poor service with no expansion since that’s who get the cucumber, VT is on the right track and don’t seem to have any problems…the company is growing and that’s the main thing. A lot better service that Public Mobile in Quebec and solid network from what I hear.

  • sam_1421

    I’m with them, and my plan is pretty cheap. 41.95$/month for unlimited incoming calls, unlimited evenings and weekends after 6PM, unlimited text messages, 150 minutes and 1GB of data. Can’t really get better somewhere else.

    You also get unlimited Videotron – Videotron calls, which is pretty cool given my home phone is with them and a lot of family members are Videotron customers.

    The service is pretty good so far, and the coverage is expanding pretty fast (almost catching up with Rogers network in Quebec in 1.5 years).

    I’m not a Videotron representative or anything,I’m just a satisfied customer with them.

    • Bob

      I am also looking forward to join them. Better than for half of what I pay right now with Fido. And I doubt their coverage is worse.

      On they are rated pretty high.

      Do you happen to have tested the network speed?

  • Jonathan B.


    I’ve been with them since may 2011 and live in Gatineau. I did a lot of traveling to Montréal/Québec and even taking the 417, i was getting 3 and usually 4 bars of signal the whole way. There was ONE dead spot in the middle of nowhere for about 2-3 minutes. I would say in town, the signal is great most of the times. You might see a few deadspots between thick walls or if you live in a basement but for my usage I would rate it 9/10.

    • Jonathan B.

      I forgot to add. When you get 3 or 4 bars, the download on big android phones is pretty much instantaneous. I stream HD content on an Optimus 2X and I do NOT get downtime if i have 3 bars or better.

    • Bob

      @ Jon B.
      Damn That’s exactly what i’ll be doing (Ottawa – Montreal – Qc City). Thanks for the verification.