Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S III launching in Canada on June 20th


  • David

    Bring it on baby!

    • SAM

      is it going to be dual core ore quad core?

      RAM 1 gb or 2 gb ?

    • EvanKr

      Dual core Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM (at least assuming that Samsung doesn’t change it last minute).


      International version: Quad Core
      North American Version: Dual Core + LTE ( They had to downgrade the CPU to DUAL because they are pushing the LTE service and the LTE radio sucks battery juice like a smoothie on a hot day)


      Check out this plan: $65 per month FOR THREE YRS!! and only with 1GB?? Serioulsy?

      Voice & Data 65+

      $65 per month
      200 local time minutes1
      Unlimited nationwide family calling2
      Unlimited NATIONWIDE talk and text messaging with your 10 Favourite Numbers7
      Unlimited outgoing and incoming text, picture and video messages3
      Unlimited local nights and weekends starting at 6pm8
      Caller ID, Voice Mail 3, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
      Unlimited local calling for 1 month***
      1 GB of data included (in Canada) with our worry-free Flex Data


      Let’s address the elephant in the room:
      If the big 3 have THREE yr contracts the chances of you being in the month your contract expires is 1 in 72 or 1.3%

      Since your chances are so LOW and almost everybody will have to pay for the REMAINING of the upgrade AND the subsidized phone, why bother announcing something as widely available when in reality almost NO one will be elegible for??

      How about this??
      Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE 16GB
      -$159.99 on a three yr contract with a minimum of $50 per month
      *Must have 0 months remaining left to qualify for this price.

    • finnatti

      According to the official press release by Samsung Canada today the S III will ship with: Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5 GHz, Qualcomm MSM8960 Chipset, ICS 4.0.4.

      SGH-i747 (Bell, Virgin, SaskTel, TELUS, Rogers): LTE, 16/32GB, 2GB RAM.

      SGH-iT999 (Videotron, Wind and Mobilicity): HSPA+ 42, 16GB, 2GB RAM.

    • On the front line

      Thank you TELUS..Thank you TELUS… It is really nice to launch a major product like this at the same time Bell and Rogers are. Nice to see you are showing Sammy some love. xoxo.. or maybe Sammy is showing you the love? Either way, we peeps in the store are one happy bunch. 10 people have already hit our store asking for the phone..giddyup !!

  • MXM4K

    Looking forward to this phone being released. I won’t be buying one anytime soon however (my rooted Sensation is rock solid), but I will keep a keen eye out on this phone for a potential buy second hand in a year or so (it pays to lag the phone market by a year-ish 😉 )

  • Nightcrawler

    Yea. Next thing I would like to see is the pebble blue release date !!!

  • Cam

    That is the pebble blue release date, the whit is speculated to be July

  • timothe

    Do we know what processor this phone will have? exynos or S4?

    • Lawlerballer


  • Mardos

    S4 LTE

  • Kent

    Any word on Bell/Virgin ?

  • Mapple

    Bell/Virgin will be June 20th as well. Simultaneous release across the Big 3!

    I’m wondering if Wind and Mobilicity will have a June 20th release…


      Bell and Rogers are waiting for Telus to overprice it outright, just like the Lumia 800.

      Then Bell will match Rogers and Virgin will price it $50 lower than both, finally Koodo will match Virgin.

      That’s how the ” competition” works in Canada.
      Wind and Mobi $50 less than Virgin. same price as Wind Mobi but it will be the international version (more support Quad core) or something like that.

      Buy the phone outright with a screen protector and case, use it for a year and sell it for $350-400 or more the year after.

  • Josh

    Dual core 1gb ram

  • Apple

    @SAM, its 8 core and 6 gigs of ram

  • Stephie

    I’m super excited about this device… I really loved the white s2 that bell had, but I’m with telus and didn’t want to buy it outright :/
    Now I get a white s3! Even better :3

  • James Robinson

    So is there any compelling reason for me to go from my SGS II LTE to this one if there is no quad core processor in the NA versions? I’m having a little difficulty understanding what’s enough better to bother upgrading… is the s4 processor that much better than the s3 in my current phone? That and the extra 0.15 inches (hardly a big change) I don’t see much else that’s any kind of upgrade… Most of the software goodies will certainly be ported (it’s already happening)

    • Gordy

      Yes, it’s worth it. Ported software features are notoriously buggy, especially with camera stuff, and extra especially when they’re baked right into the firmware like it will be on the S3. I have the same phone as you and I’m definitely upgrading on 6/20. Just the Smartstay, camera features and spec bump are worth it IMO.

    • bob

      No, it’s not worth the upgrade (unless you change phone every 6 month) but yes, the Snapdragon S4 is much better than the S3. New (faster) architecture and lower power consumption.

  • Panda

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  • Jimmy

    I’m moving back to Canada (North of Montreal) after being overseas for a few years. Need a new phone and a new contract. Looking at the S3 on Telus…any thoughtful objections?

  • Xenodice

    @Jimmy go with bell

  • alexrobot

    But Videotron doesn’t support LTE and runs on AWS, so why would they have the LTE model and not the T-Mo/AWS model?

  • Kid.Canada

    I feel like this is androidcentral, too many android fanboys in here. What did androidcentral kick u guys out and had to swarm this site?…

  • Xenodice

    @Kid.Canada, apple forums down trololollol

  • shaggyskunk

    Since Videotron doesn’t have LTE, what are the chances that they’ll get the quad core version, or & more likely Videotron is getting LTE.

  • Gotta get the bestest soonest

    Will the specs be consistent among all the carriers? (16GB or 32GB memory, with 1 or 2GB RAM, S4, anything else???)

  • mcflash

    I’d really like to know when/if we’re getting the 64GB version at any point…

  • Eluder

    Reservations are up on Rogers! Sweet.

  • MikeW

    Anyone know when the quad core version is coming out? I fail to see why anyone that already owns a S2X or Lte would get excited for the S3 dual core model.

    • Eluder

      Cause of the better screen…
      But we’ll have to see how the Exynos Quad does vs the Snapdragon S4, because we have seen that the S4 is faster than the Tegra 3 in most cases.

  • Skazzy

    Will it work with Wind?

  • Jerry

    I think I will wait for the Samsung Galaxy 3 Super HD LTE version with S5 quad core processer. I love my GS2.

  • Jimbo

    Galaxy S3 vs. Galaxy Nexus

    I am debating which one will be the right choice overall for me. I live in Quebec so it will cost about $130 to terminate the 1 year I have left on my Student 40 plan, then I have to pay another $160 for the S3 and at the same time extend my contract another 3 years, and I will probably have to pay more for a plan with less value. Also the phone will be locked to Telus.

    On the other hand, I can buy an unlocked, pentaband Galaxy Nexus for $400. I get to keep my plan and I will be contract-less in a year. This affords me much more freedom.

    From what I read the Galaxy S3 has a better screen and is faster but by how much exactly? I don’t care about benchmarking and just want a lag-free experience so I’m leaning towards the Galaxy Nexus.

    What are some of your thoughts?

    • 69iner

      Nexus is a great device if you dont mind the shitty camera. For me it was a deal breaker. If you have enough of 16 gb of storage, go for it but keep in mind it doesnt have and SD card slot. You’ll be good to go for a year until either next Galaxy S4 comes out or most likely a Galaxy S3 super HD in 6 months of so. The nexus is lag free and it has a removable battery too.

  • trev

    Galaxy nexus is a great phone! I had one but gave it up because my work gave me a bb. Just think near the end of the the nexus will have the latest os when its rolling out and all the s3 and one x owners will be crying for an update. I’d suggest the nexus for 400 if I were you. Than sell the nexus later on and get the s3 for nothing in time.

  • Nope

    Why do people always have something to complain about? It never ends. First, people get pissed when they have to wait a month for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be released in Canada. Then, they start complaining about the Galaxy S3 having a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait processor, which is one of the fastest dual-core processors available. Then, they start complaining about 3 year contracts in Canada. Face it people, 3 year contracts aren’t going anywhere. They are here to stay and there is nothing we can do about it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is such an upgrade from S2 because of the upgrade in performance and the added features. As for contracts, carriers give out the best deals to LOYAL customers who have been with them for several years in exchange for 3 year contracts. Personally, I don’t mind signing a contract if it means I get a better deal. Now, watch all the thumbs go down.

    • Drews

      Actually Nope, I’ve never gotten a deal for being a loyal customer. As soon as they have you signed, you’re just a number. Only new customers gets anything special. As for complaining about the dual vs quad core processor, I think it’s a legitimate beef. With a dual core, it’s not that much better than the S2, especially with an upgrade to ICS for the S2. Especially for that the carriers are charging. Sorry, but a different overlay and a big shiny screen aren’t enough. I think it’s a big shame that we aren’t getting the quad core, 64GB version.

  • Stonedtree

    Telus or Bell which provider should I choose?

  • Glen G

    I have a similar question, Bell or Rogers??

  • Moto

    Biggest Let down of the year, we finally get a fairly recent release of a brand new phone, only to get the weak crippled useless version compared to the proper samsung version.

    why do we get gimped with retarded hardware variants of wonderful phones in their natural form.

    I wanted this phone because it was supposed to have the beautiful new samsung quad core chip, not a lame a*s generation behind dual core for LTE, i mean seriously who the hell needs LTE speeds. no one needs LTE speeds in Canada, and if they think otherwise they need a good swift kick. Data plans in canada are Archaic at best, and leave much to be desired.

    Well I’ll have to either wait for the next amazing android phone, or get an international version.

    Way to f**k up a great thing Samsung, should have told the cellular providers they take what they get, not make a tailored version with gimped out specs for them.

  • Moto

    Way to go worthless canadian cell providers.
    By the way folks, The phone Canada is getting as the Galaxy S III is not in fact the galaxy S III, it’s a gimped down version. I was looking forward to the nex Exynos quad core, but instead If i get it through my carrier i have an old gen krait proc.

    The fact that we’re getting LTE at the cost of the true Galaxy S III is a clear example of howmuch our carriers dont care about us. Anyone who thinks they actually need the increased speed of LTE over the standard HSDPA of 42mbps. Canadian data plans are archaic at best. I was looking forward to this fantastic handset instead I have to either cash buy out an international handset. or settle for a gimped out north american version.

    Question for samsung, WHY DO you ruin such beautiful devices by allowing carriers to place specifications for stupid changes. such as an older gen processor just to have lte, WE DONT NEED LTE.

  • BDD

    Any ideas where in the GTA (or metro Toronto) we can buy the international quad-core version?

  • Zephyr

    You say we don’t need LTE, whilst I would argue that we don’t need quad core phones. It’s a fuggin’ phone, how much do we need here?

    I got to try out the North American SIII yesterday, and it’s pretty incredible. I will be switching from my iPhone on it’s release.

  • Moto

    For those of us who are absolutely against getting an LTE enabled phone, Samsung has officially announced that Wind/Videotron/Mobilicity will be getting the SGH-iT999 which includes the Exynos, and 2 gb of ram.

  • Shhsar

    It’s going to have a dual core with 2gb of RAM.

  • scorpion202

    @Moto – i agree with Zephyr, if you don’t think the avg consumer will notice the diff between LTE and HSPDA, they sure as heck won’t notice the diff between the quad-core and dual-core performance.

  • Jesus

    +1LG’s lack of support is whats laigngg them in sales . They have very good displays but it doesn’t matter what you put in your devices if you don’t support it!! The LG overlay is bad too . If LG wants to become a player in this market they should stick to stock android and try to get a tegra 3 device with 720p NOVA display and provide support and timely updates.

  • Baseman

    Dual Core or Quad Core, that is the question.

    We know now it is being released on the Bell network with a dual core 1.5 gig CPU. This was done to allow the battery sucking LTE function to work without your cell going dead in 1/2 hour.

    Personally, I feel LTE is over rated! 4G by itself does me just fine and I have an LTE phone.

    What Bell should do is offer the option of either a dual core with LTE, or a quad core without!

    We’ve been teased by the specs for such a long time by Samsung about the quad core. This is a real disappointment Bell decided with dual core 🙁

  • human

    Hm! Why would someone buy another duo core phone to replace his current duo core phone for a couple hz increase on speed? Telus is out of out freaking mind?