Bell opens up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III


  • anona

    Do want.

  • 300605

    Will the s3 be unlocked in Canada?

  • Eric

    Does anyone know if the 32GB version will be launched on the 20th as well?

    • Glen G

      I pre ordered a 32gb bell model @ best buy yesterday.

  • Kate

    Like this fantastic phone but will never pay these guys a penny to buy them locked even paying in full price

    • Glen G

      Do you know where to buy an unlocked device?

    • S2556

      I was planning to buy it outright from bell, unlock it, and take it over to telus. would you advise otherwise??

  • ToniCipriani

    Wonder if Bell is going to go their usual route of restricting current clients getting it.

    Need something to put on the market to flip since my contract is ending…

  • andrewa

    Wait what? Their site is stating the 1.5 dual with only 1GB or Ram, wtf is this?

    • gab = math wiz

      I wouldn’t pay much attention to what the specs are on that page…it also says it has 9 days of talk time and 11 hours of standby time. Obviously someone screwed up.

  • matt dizzle

    Can’t buy outright yet

  • johentie

    why is everyone calling the white differently?

    marble white
    artic white
    i think i saw another name of it elsewhere..

  • Lil Joe

    It is really sad how Canadian operators are overpricing this phone. The same phone with AT&T in US is priced at $550 outright for the 16GB model.

  • salem

    So AT&T is selling the gs3 for $550 with no contract, verizon is selling it for $600 with no contract and Canadian providers are pillaging us with the price of $650 with no contract? WOW…

    • Matt

      They also commit themselves to buying more from Samsung and thus are likely to get better pricing. 100 million. Rogers, our largest has a tenth of that. Bell and Telus have less.

    • Matt

      Subscribers to make that clear.

  • mathieu

    I think they made a mistake on the website…

    it says 1Gb RAM ???? I hope we get 2Gb …

  • mathieu

    they also made a mistake at Talk time section…216 hours (9 days) and stand by at 11.09 hours… I guess they didn`t pay attention 😛

  • matt dizzle

    Can’t wait to buy this phone outright and pay the government 14% tax on it. Gonna go smoke bath salts 😉

    • gab = math wiz

      Looks like you’ve already smoked them…there is nowhere in Canada that has a 14% tax.

  • chris

    S2556, Won’t it be locked to bell even if you buy it without a contract?

  • chris

    Anyone know if I can buy it unlocked in Canada? I still have some months left on a rogers contract and want to switch to bell and get the s 3 but if I cancel my contract and sign up for 3 years with bell it ends up costing something like 450 I might as well pay the 650 if thats what I would pay if it would be unlocked so I can stay with rogers until my contract is done and then do the switch., TL;DR: ANYONE KNOW IF I CAN BUY THE S3 UNLOCKED IN CANADA??

  • WC

    I’m pretty sure the good folks at xda will allow us to unlock the S3 oursleves, yes even the N.A. version. So easy even a cave man can do it.

  • Derrick

    Just tried to pre order one as an existing customer for hardware upgrade. New clients only. Bummer, was going to show off my dire phone all over, converting from apple and all.

  • \gIan/

    what about a review and first impression benchmarks of the s4 2gb n/a sgslll

  • Michael

    damnit- that means WIND is gonna sell theirs for $649.99 then…

  • sreno7

    why does Bell not allow existing subscribers to pre-order the phone? You would think they would want to honour their customers