TELUS HTC Amaze 4G upgrade to Android OS 4.0 now available!




    • Tell me Rhonda

      Is this a BB10 phone?

  • Alexandre

    And what about the HTC Amaze with videotron?

    • hhero

      call videotron customer service 🙂

  • lol

    why is it taking the update so long for htc raider…

  • Rebellion

    Whoo Hoo!!!!

  • Michael

    Updating my phone now… It seems to be taking forever…

    • Pat

      It took me 2 hours to update my Note, on a slow Wifi.

  • shaggyskunk

    Yeah well, rogers….. Might as well be a fizzy drinks company, for how on top of keeping the technology current for their customers. :-[

  • kenypowa

    ICS absolutely made the Amaze fly. It made the phone so much better.

  • Rebellion

    Just update and have to say they did a beautiful job! I have moved to a GNex but have kept my Amaze to see what ICS would give me. I am going to try it and see if it improves the battery life as it’s the main reason I got the GNex.

  • Shaaqawacka

    Didn’t work for me…? (Montreal)

  • GB

    I have a Wind Amaze 4G. I did the S-Off trick, and changed my carrier to Telus. I then downloaded the leaked Telus RUU so that I can get the ICS update on Telus. After downloading and installing, it took me back to GingerBread, but with everything wiped out. I got mad and did the update again, only this time ICS installed fine!

    I had both T-Mobile and Telus ICS builds and it seems like T-Mobile sucked a lot of battery out of my phone. Telus seems much better. Good job Telus!

    • Jose

      What’s the S-Off trick?

  • naschmid

    Has anyone else noticed with their upgrade that Facebook for HTC sense has gone missing? Was that just something that was pulled out of 3.6 onwards?

  • hduty

    Wind don’t have it yet

  • Mad B

    mmmm me like..

    installed without a hitch so far..

    figured it would have been a fresh install.. but its just updated and left everything intact..

    • Mad B

      30 mins on Wi-Fi..

  • Floyd Low

    30 mins max – went very well – email looks better immediately.

  • Kevin_MP

    Well, I updated to ICS on Friday, and now the “People” app doesn’t work (“android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly”) and the bluetooth doesn’t recognize any nearby devices (not headsets or the car).

  • Matt C

    I updated my amaze for telus through wifi when it was on gingerbread, now with 4.0 i cant find my wifi network,ive tried restarting the router and everything.i can connect to my friends wifi fine but it wont find mine. Is anyone having the same problem or does anyone have an idea how i could fix it.

    • Anonymous

      Same here my wi-fi work super fine before the update took 20 minutes for the update to download and install. Now, Can’t stay connected on my wi-fi network.

  • Ken

    When will we Mobilicity customers receive the HTC Amaze upgrade? I don’t think I can hold my breath much longer.