Update: Samsung Galaxy S III 3-year pricing revealed by Best Buy, starts at $149.99


  • steve

    Hmmm, now i want to wait until the new 5 android devices arrive in novemeber… LOL

    • dave

      im leaning towards the same boat as you.. we can only imagine what’ll be circulating aroudn the rumor mill at that point in time thatll make us want to wait even longer for the next great device.. :p

  • sp

    as much as I want the S3…i think i will wait til the fall/winter time to see how it does. my S2 right now is still working beautifully and now with Googles ICS on it, runs like a dream.

    here’s to hoping the S3 kicks butt!!!

    i still really want the Japanese version though…hmm maybe importing??

    • bellco

      hi sir,
      can you (or anyone else) please tell me how the battery life on your s2 (im guessing its the bell/vigin one) after the ics update?
      im asking this because some people on this site complained that their battery life got much worse with ics and i was hoping of getting an s2 while it lasts from virgin with ics…

  • ace

    google nexus devices ALLLLL THE WAYYYYY… googs will hopefull price them at $400 in nov too

  • Obstacle-Man

    If it’s in that price range after tab on wind then that’ll be my next phone. My original Galaxy S is on its last legs.

    • dave

      screen not as bright/burning in?

  • Troy

    You should point out the listings say “dual core processor”.

  • ToniCipriani

    Public masturbation and exhibitionism is a criminal offense.

  • Francis

    Its says dual core on bestbuy’s website

  • jack

    According to Best Buy specs… It’s not the quad core processor version :

    Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor make it easy to do everything faster and more smoothly – multitasking, notifications, customizing home screens, downloading widgets, and web surfing

  • johentie

    why does the telus version say MBLACK? shouldn;t it be blue?

  • Gotta get the bestest soonest

    How long until “upgraded” 32GB versions are available in Canada, or are they coming with a microSD slot?

  • ExcessDan

    We knew it wasn’t going to be the quadcore for a month now, not shocking.

    I think 159 at Telus is a bit much and now I feel like I should wait ANOTHER month for them to inevitably put it on sale for 99. :\

  • EvanKr

    Funny how arguably the best smartphone on the market with top-end specs, an excellent display, camera and best in class features, costs the same as the iPhone 4s. Yet, Apple still sells them…

    • Rio

      The only thing this phone has on an iPhone is LTE lol.

  • Sobera

    Great device and no thanks getting from these carriers and the phone is locked. I can’t wait to buy it in Asian in full price, unlocked!

  • Derek

    I didnt bother to check on bestbuy website, but if says dual-core does that mean we are getting the 4g lte version? because the first launch of s3 is the quad-core 3g version. I would rather have a 4g lte phone right now, doesnt matter if its a dual-core. Besides the Japanese lte version has 2gb ram, which is even better.

  • Andy

    Links are gone.

  • caribouroader

    just taken off Bestbuy site

  • IAK

    the north american version is dual core…

  • Nitin Gaba

    futureshop also says dual core
    1.5 GHz dual core processor provides fast and smooth browsing, streaming and downloading

  • Jimbo

    Galaxy S3 vs. Galaxy Nexus

    I am debating which one will be the right choice overall for me. I live in Quebec so it will cost about $130 to terminate the 1 year I have left on my Student 40 plan, then I have to pay another $160 for the S3 and at the same time extend my contract another 3 years, and I will probably have to pay more for a plan with less value. Also the phone will be locked to Telus.

    On the other hand, I can buy an unlocked, pentaband Galaxy Nexus for $400. I get to keep my plan and I will be contract-less in a year. This affords me much more freedom.

    From what I read the Galaxy S3 has a better screen and is faster but by how much exactly? I don’t care about benchmarking and just want a lag-free experience so I’m leaning towards the Galaxy Nexus.

    What are some of your thoughts?

    • Claude Leclerc

      I live in Qc too….pas de raisons de terminer ton contrat….tu achètes le cellulaire qui te coutera un peu plus cher et tu extentionne ton contrat actuel de 2 ans en gardant ton plan étudiant…

    • haxor99

      I just bought the Nexus last week because I want to stay contract free from now on. I love it so far, but it is my first android. The SG3 will be better NO DOUBT.
      I’m planning on using this phone till the SG3 or equivilant comes down in price.

  • Claude Leclerc

    finally pre-order my GS3 marble white 32G with Rogers…..can’t wait to change my Iphone 3GS….bye bye Apple.

  • jaydee

    Does anyone know how much more the 32GB version is over the 16GB version? Wondering if it’s worth it to pay a bit more for an extra 16GB on board.

    • Jimbo

      It will cost $50 more for 16gb more storage and is not worth it because you can buy a 64gb microsdxc card for $60.

    • S2556

      on telus it is $50 more for the 16gb bump in storage. Should be same or simmilar else where but I didn’t confirm



  • excessdan

    Telus has the preorder up on their site

  • Amanda

    I think I might go for an unlocked international version and just get telus prepaid 250 megabytes of data and unlimited texting for $20 a month. Anyone who had 3g and an LTE phone is there any significant difference for actual use? I imagine I would only stream videos and other heavy data use over wifi as 3g and lte data coast are still way to high to anything other use than checking emails and view web pages.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Amanda: It’s too bad Telus isn’t offering the Saskatchewan Promo 55+ deal (500 minutes, 5gb of data, and a bunch of other goodies) to all of Canada so us other Canadians wouldn’t have to worry about data…

    • Claude Leclerc

      I’m happy with my plan …6gb for 25$…..

  • monsterduc1000

    Jimbo beat me to it, but why waste $50 on an extra 16 gb of internal storage when you can get a bigger micro sd card for cheaper to make up the storage difference.

  • \gIan/

    $679 16gb $749 32gb

  • Connor

    We definitely get spoiled by TELUS in saskatchewan. 5gb plus 500 mins, 10 fav number, evening and weekends etc for 50 is amazing. Definitely going to keep this plan for a long time. Now the question is just what phone to upgrade to. Leaning towards a pure google device later in the year.

  • ace

    still rocking a GN1, time to upgrade to a galaxy nexus or wait for the new android nexuses in nov…. oh the choices…