TELUS releasing the HTC One S on May 17th for an incredible $569.99 no-term


  • Matt Test

    Priced yourself out of competition.

  • Francis

    I always found ridiculous the difference between prices of a phone with a 3 year contract and a 2 year contract…

  • Shawn

    I’d rather pay the extra $60 and get the One X from Rogers. $8 to get it unlocked and on Telus.

  • Dale

    One customer right here!

  • gwydionjhr

    Oh fer cryin’ out loud, when is Fido going to annouce their date for release?

    • Mark

      I wouldn’t hold your breath. It took them forever to announce the Nexus S, even when all other carriers had started selling them. I was asking the customer service quite often, and they kept telling me that they hadn’t heard anything. They lost a customer. I went to Koodo and didn’t look back.

  • trev

    If I were to get the one s I’d probably regret not getting the one x. That’s just me. One is s is still a sick phone.

    • Shelbs

      Not sure if this is accurate or not, but I’ve read somewhere that the One X is only exclusive to Rogers for 90 days, and after that the other carriers will be picking it up. Not sure if this is true, but I hope so, since I want that phone, and I’m with Telus

  • Alex Perrier

    i used to think TELUS was the “best” of the Big 3, but they have done many things which disappointed me and make me think “hey, Big 3 are all birds of a feather!” Non-contract pricing is one of these issues. Even those on a contract are affected if they want to replace an outdated or broken phone. They’ll have to pay more! 🙁

    Now, the HTC One S and Nokia Lumia 800 are two examples of where TELUS messed up pricing. Those who just want to purchase a device outright might as well spend $625 or $525 respectively for a better phone. The worst part is that TELUS charges $5 more for their 800 compared to Rogers’ price for the 900. This is simply ridiculous!

    TELUS, i’m quite disappointed in you.

  • Jason

    I am going to wait for the Galaxy III unless Telus give me the One S for free.

  • Bob

    $570 is not incredible… I think the One X is a better value.
    LTE+720p display is worth more than the price difference. This should have been at most $500.

    • Artax

      Totally agree, this thing should be $500 if the One X is $575 from Rogers…Mobile Syrup is drinkin the Telus Koolaid I think.

  • Corey Owen

    Hands on with one today (PS: Fido is getting it too, why, I’ll NEVER know. )

    Screen is GROSS. Bright but grainier than the Razr. Very sad.

  • android fan

    will telus get the one x later when rogers 90 days exclusive is over lets hope

  • Nathan

    That price for the One S is simply ridiculous.

    For $30 more, I can get the One S version that has frequencies for Rogers, Telus, Bell AND Wind/Mobilicity and it’s already unlocked.

    Still, for $80 more that Telus’ price, I can get the HTC One X (the quad-core version) 32GB, unlocked.

    Fail, Telus and Rogers.

  • Corks

    But do they have it in black?

    • Dalex

      They do not, just like T-Mobile (weird how they always get the same phones). I asked in store and online, they are only getting the grey version.

      I think its either due to the micro-arc oxidation chipping issue the black ones had, or maybe HTC didn’t make the black one with the 1900mhz band…

      A bit sad as the black one is one of the most beautiful looking devices I’ve ever seen.

  • Word

    In this bulletin they’ve posted it says the TELUS version will have the micro arc oxidation but the dummy we got is blue, which isn’t the MAO version released overseas, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that. I’d like to at least have the option.

  • armrob

    Incredible price as in laughable.
    This is a 400$ phone. Lower specs than the htc amaze or sensation. Only the design is changed. And by reading the one s forums on xda, a ton of software bugs(typical of every android phone released). So yeah 569 plus tax is incredible lol

    • COB

      actually this phone has slightly better specs with newer hardware ……….

  • E

    Fido stores already started receiving the Htc One S in Montreal and are selling them. Except an official date soon.

  • DarkisFever

    To those stating that the One X is only $575 outright, that is incorrect. The One X is actually $624.99 outright and $575 on a Month to Month contract. In general this is a decent price for this phone. It matches the One X in all regards except for the screen size and non-pentile screen. Also in regards to armrob, umm what!? No, the Amaze is a wonderful phone(trust me there is one in my household) but the One S does not have lower specs than the Amaze. If anything they are almost identical in most regards, other than the better camera on the One S and the removable battery, and microSD slot on the Amaze. I’ll look forward to owning a One S when they drop in price in the fall.

  • Vito

    A $56 dollar difference in no contract pricing between the S and X is not a “dominating” price. From where I sit, it is a no brainer to get the X – an LTE phone + 720p non-pentile screen is well worth $56. Frankly, I don’t think anyone would buy this phone outright as people likely to do that would just get the One X. The battle for this phone will be fought with on-contract pricing.

    Are we all missing something? Why do you think this is such a great deal?

  • readk

    How is this a good price? You can order an unlocked One X online for the same price.