Bell streamlining prepaid monthly rate plans today


  • Alex Perrier

    i’ll say that the BlackBerry Social price drop is welcome, but overall, Bell Prepaid is still pricey. Combined with the $20.75/month unlimited text and 10¢/minute rate, this means that there are 42 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited text and unlimited social networking on a BlackBerry for $35/month (plus taxes).

    But really, why not go with Virgin and get 19h nights and weekends instead of the 42 minutes? Or local talk/text/BBM on postpaid? Nice try, Bell, but i don’t think those prepaid plans will attract a whole lot of customers.

    Those who live in a WIND zone can get unlimited incoming calls, unlimited text and unlimited BlackBerry Social for $10/month anyway. The extra talk time for outgoing calls is probably not a necessity to many people.

  • 3df

    Bell prepaid sucks. Just go with anyone else and you’ll be better off.

  • \gIan/

    for 20.75 i get ulinmited 3-7 text s&r pic vid cd cw cf cc 100mb and the freendom to pay only once every 6 months