TELUS Q1 2011: Subscriber base now over 7 million

At the end of 2010 TELUS has 6,971,000 subscribers and today they announced their Q1 2011 results where they have crossed the 7 million subscriber milestone and now have over 7,003,000 subs. Postpaid customers are 5,757,000 and Prepaid is 1,246,000, an overall increase of 6.5 % compared to this time last year. Wireless revenue was up $133 million in Q1 to reach 1,317b (increase of 11.2 %). Blended ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) was $57.89 (up $2.09 or 3.7% Q1 2010). By far the most significant jump is the data revenue which increased 44% or by $112 million, this was mainly due to the continued adoption of smartphones and data plans along with new internet sticks. TELUS stated that data revenue now makes up 30% of the network revenue.

Darren Entwistle, TELUS President & CEO said “These quarterly results demonstrate the success of TELUS’ strategy for driving data growth in our wireless and wireline businesses and providing a leading range of services and products for consumers and businesses alike”.

Source: CNW