Update: HTC facing criticism for multitasking implementation on One X, company says it works as expected


  • Boojay

    Users will complain about anything, even if it were perfect. I think HTC did the right thing.

  • SAM

    O SAMMIE!!!

  • leobg

    Another confirmation skins, especially HTC Sense, just harm the Android experience.
    But with the One X it won’t be for long. CM9 has already emerged!

  • Dan

    Haha a super phone which can’t even multitask between two apps! All that power with nothing to do.

  • Netguru

    Daniel, if you saw this problem on your own One X, how come you didn’t report it in your extensive review of the phone on April 28th? Why are you only raising it here now…after Android Central reported on it?

  • StEC

    I’m a heavy multitasker I guess hearing about this issue or “feature” as HTC calls it rules this phone out for me… shame! 🙁

  • cybik

    As usual, HTC breaks anything but their apps.

  • mb

    The Note is still a better phone…people dont buy a smartphone for its camera or audio capabilities…I still can’t believe that people like to have their storage on dropbox only. And the white design is just not attractive to me…and now this……

    • jellmoo

      “The Note is still a better phone…”

      I think you misspelled “tablet”.

  • Tom

    Your explanation is good, but I’m not sure about the use of the term ‘visible’ – how are these apps visible.

    • dstruct2k

      That’s Android’s term, not Daniel’s. It’s how Android refers to apps when their actions are “visible” to the end-user, such as updating a notification or outputting audio.

  • Tom

    If a background app (what you refer to as high-priority) goes dormant then there is no cost to leaving it in memory, so long as the foreground task doesn’t need that memory. I think that is the theory behind Android memory management.

    However, some of those background tasks don’t go dormant (often for good reason, such as the alarm clock that is mentioned above) and these consume battery.

    As Daniel has suggested, HTC should allow the user to adjust how aggressive or lax the system is in shutting down apps. Then this ‘bug’ would be a feature. Most users would never touch it, but those who were bothered by the default setting would have a solution at hand.

  • haha

    So this phone doesn’t multitask? What makes it better than the iPhone then?

  • andy c

    it sounds like the same multi tasking system as windows phone.

    the exact same thing happened when i set the timer on my Focus while BBQing, the timer never went off.

  • Pradeep Chandra

    You are getting confused between apps “running” in background and apps “staying” in memory.
    Just because an apps stays in memory doesn’t mean that it is running or it consumes battery.
    The 1gb Dram needs a constant power regardless of how much is used, it is not like the unused memory can be power gaed like the unused cores in some multi core processors.
    I’m guessing the strange behaviour is because of a couple if things

    1. Some of the Sense processes and services are coded to stay in memory all the time
    2. The min mem free in the kernel (which dictate when apps get booted out of memory) is set slightly high

    It is the combination of the two factors above that yield erratic multitasking

    There could be another factor too where apps are notsaving their states properly when they are kicked out of memory

  • Pacoup

    Well, that’s it for HTC in my camp I guess. Was thinking about picking up the One S which just came out on Telus today, but, oh well, guess I’ll wait for the S III, or LG’s 2GB of RAM LTE 2 monster.

  • Stuntman

    I wonder if the memory management system HTC uses is due to the poor performance with the Sense UI. I have an HTC Desire Z running Sense. I find that with the GB update, the battery life improved, but the Sense UI performance has gone down a bit. It’s as though Sense was stopped when using some apps and when I go back to the home screens, it takes a while to load.

  • android fan

    if this makes my phone last 15 to 20 hours rather than 5 to 10 hours in a day good job HTC

  • TheywillbepisSes

    Is this also the case with the one s? One v?

  • Rob

    The new htc phones are like iPhones with an android skin.

    Focused on design.
    Non removable battery
    No sd card slot
    No full implementation if multitasking.