Google engineer says Sony adds more code to Android than any other manufacturer


  • keiyui

    I like the wallpaper.. So pretty.

  • Mark

    Sony should sue Apple for imitating it’s portable music player approach. (walkman vs ipod)

    • Mark

      I am just stupid and I am trying to start a flame war cause I got nothin to do.

  • Alpha

    The Sony Tablet S was released in September 2011 and it’s “aging” already? It must be nice to receive all your devices for free to shelter you from actually paying for “old” products that just hit the shelves.

    /Insert HUGE eye roll here.

  • Tom

    Regarding the operator delays, I would note that here in Canada, even the updates for Wi-Fi tablets get delayed well beyond other countries, e.g. the ICS for the Moto Xoom Wi-Fi, and 3.2 for the Tab 10.1. (And these were purchased at BestBuy, etc., not at carrier stores.)

    This puzzles me – I thought that buying a Wi-Fi only tablet would save me from delays and operator interference. Perhaps the operators here in Canada are asking the manu to delay the Wi-Fi rollout so that they all happen at the same time.

    • DaRazorback

      The problem is, if you look on their website, that those wifi only tablets are still listed as “Rogers” devices. Thus Rogers still intervenes on the updates and makes them be postponed. It is really sad but it is true.

    • Bilal Akhtar

      Only american Wi-Fi Xooms are updated by Google. Everything else is updated by Motorola and/or your carrier.

  • Dimitri.k

    Daniel i wonder if you are actually a writer or just some dumb kid that wants to be a writer. How is the Sony Tablet S aging? :/. Like Alpha said. IT got released on Sept 2011.. That is not even a year old. I would get your facts straight before even making a review or anything from you. Also i have never seen you say ” Aging” On any Apple Products but you say it to Android or Blackberry products….

    Anyways Yes Sony does add more codes then any other manufacturer. This is not new. Sony has been doing this for years.. Even is doing it with the phones. Also Remember the states gets updates way before us & we are stuck with the old updates until we get them.

    • Sub-Joker

      well, the hardware is aging. I mean that Tegra 2 processor (although still a good processor till now).

  • Phyxius

    carriers delay them for a very simple reason. sales. they don’t want it to interfere with their sales. they want you to buy a new phone with the latest OS so that the phone that SHOULD have the new OS, well doesn’t making you want it so you go buy the latest phone and renew your contract.
    there is no other reason. the BS they tell you that we want to confirm it will work on our network, as much as it is true they do test it, its not a major concern for them vs sales.

  • dinmab

    why is this good news ? i prefer vanilla android but i would pick a htc phone if i had to pick a phone with UI customization. i dont understand how “more” lines of code is a good news.

    • reason

      I dont think this has to do with skins and UI customization but software optimization for the OS.

    • andy c

      Sony’s UI is pretty decent, right up there with HTC.

      Sony’s major issue is sticking last year’s cpu in this year’s devices

    • dinmab

      i am an i***t 🙂 i misunderstood this. this is very good. smart move by sony.

  • Mike Neufeld

    All consumers need is a definitive date for new OS releases. It would appease the masses and keep customers happy knowing what to expect….

  • Megahertz

    @Phyxius you hit it right on the head with your statement. That’s exactly why updates are delayed by carriers.

    Funny how the modding community can get their updates out before even Google can.

  • JB

    Look people, all you can do is vote with your $$$$$

    If you don’t want to wait for updates, don’t buy a phone that will force you to wait for updates.

    It really is that simple.

  • Jim R

    Let’s not forget that it took Google about 4 months to rectify the ICS “initial (failed) Nexus S rollout”. So finger pointing by Google, although warranted, should be accompanied by an acknowledgement of Google itself not being blameless here.

  • greenlink

    HA! canadian Xooms DO NOT have ICS. the US xoom has it. the canadian one is not updated by google it is updated by motorola and they couldn’t give two shits about us and want us to buy their new xoom tablets, which by the way have the same hardware and same OS version

    • Dave

      It’s funny that anyone in Canada still buys anything made by Motorola with expectation of ever receiving updates.

  • metoo

    It makes sense that Sony contributes more than the others. While they are a hardware company, they have been doing software for many years.

    Samsung also has some software experience, but the last time they really made a go at it they ended up with Bada. Given Samsung’s complete dominance of the Android market, one might expect them to start contributing to the platform. But it may well be that Samsung does submit more code to Android but that code never makes it in.

  • Vlad D

    I find it hilarious that Google is pointing at the carriers. Yes carriers do shoulder a large part of the blame for update delays for carrier subsidized phones, but the manufacturers need to own up to the delay they cause as well. I have an Xperia X10 phone that I received from my Sony rep directly. It has what they term “international” ROM which isn’t locked to any carrier. So why did I always have to wait for updates that came directly from Sony directly?

    Google needs to fix this by decoupling the custom skins from the OS. This would allow OS upgrades to be flowed through faster and at lower costs since manufacturers wouldn’t have to customize the OS each time a new version comes out.

  • Sonny

    Samsung sells the most Android and isn’t even mentioned. Samsung get off your arse and do something to give back to the customers! Samsung updates are few and far in between… HTC or Sony here I come!

  • Sonny

    Yes Sony a tablet is aging! Is it quad core? 1080p Rez? Nope. Aged when not even 1 year old!

  • Nick

    “I’ll be even happier when I see that program expanded to more countries.”

    YESSSSS Hopefully next year’s Nexus is available online right around the time my Nexus S starts showing its age…

  • rupert

    The sony tablet is aging , really , it hasnt even been realesed to other parts of the world up to now and already its aged .

  • Daniel

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