Sony Ericsson releases Android 4.0 Beta ROM for Xperia Ray

As a follow-up to an Alpha release in December, Sony Ericsson has made available a Beta ROM for the Xperia Ray, arc s and Neo V, though the latter two are not available in Canada. Though the ROMs are only compatible with bootloader-unlocked devices, they show off many of the improvements made since the initial test, including an updated lock screen, quick dial, email client and more. The GSM radio has been enabled in this release, though WiFi and Bluetooth are still awaiting certification. Sony’s new UXP NXT design is in full swing here, and everything looks really smooth.

The promise of Ice Cream Sandwich for the 2011 Xperia devices has been one of the saving graces for the line of devices with came to market with single-core processors at a time when dual-core processors were mainstream. But Sony Ericsson has been very vocal about its intentions to update all its devices to Android 4.0 and has instilled a lot of good grace with the developer community by releasing bootloader unlocking tools for many of its newer devices.

If you have a Xperia Ray and want to test out the new Beta ROM, head on over to Sony Mobile and get flashing. Check out a demo of the updated software after the break.

Via: Xperia Blog