Virgin Mobile to release the Motorola MOTOLUXE?


  • Alex Perrier

    i would only consider it if it came pre-loaded with Android 4.x or if the software could be seamlessly downloaded at launch. Carriers and manufacturers need to stop shipping devices with 2.x sooner rather than later, before Q4 2012 at the absolute latest.

  • Mischa Price

    so this phone can have gingerbread but the defy can’t and may never (unless google breaks the barier and takes over the software and updates all the moto phones)

  • More Mah

    $22.99 no contract price for this phone sounds like a pretty good deal. I’ll take one. Amazing how these low-end smartphones have dropped in price since the HTC One series was released.

    • Mike

      That’s the price of the CASE.

  • Justin

    Its the standard price of an Ishield, not a case but a gel screen protector. Just thought I would clarify.

  • Sub-Joker

    so virgin didn’t learn from the way that motorola Pro flopped with bell??